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True Facts: The Bolas Spider

This is Nancy, although her friends call her
nugget. There are roughly 60 species of bolas spider
in the family aranidae and she is in the species Ordgarius magnificus, or the Magnificent spider. It’s a bit much if you ask me. Nancy is technically an orb weaver spider
like this one. And by technically I mean that Nancy could
give a silkenwhat other orb weaver spiders do. She can make rope with her butt and what she
choose to do with that butt rope it is nobody’s business. Nancy enjoys the taste of moth. Moths though can often escape the glue on
orb webs because their wings are covered by tiny modified hairs that can come off easily,
like the feathers of a live chicken might if you tried to bite one for a good time. Instead of a web Nancy makes a bolas. A kind of a sticky ball. But this isn’t some ordinary drip loogie
you might dangle over your squirming pinned down younger sibling. This come from her butt. These bolases sometimes referred to as snot
yo-yos by me, are beautifully constructed. They are liquidy enough to soak through the
moths powdery scales but strong enough to hold on in a struggle. To attract moths Nancy emits a chemical cocktail
that resembles the pheromones that female moths give off when they are ready to mate
. Chemical mimicry and common sense. If you want to catch a chicken smell like
a horny chicken. If you want to catch me smell like doritoes
and a nap. Using vibration sensitive hairs on her legs
called trichobahthria Nancy can feel the approach of the horny male moths with their erections
approach. And just then she… Wooooooooooo. Not all species twirl their bolas like they
just caught their first mardi gras beads from the float though. Nancy’s cousin Ellen in the genus mastophora
lets it dangle. But either way… the moth is. Once caught, a quick bite from venous fangs
immobilizes the moth who is just beginning to realize he is on a verydate. Nancy then makes the moth a nice pair of silk
pajamas, from her butt, which is perhaps the most comfortable horrible way to die in the
animal kingdom. The hunt is over and Nancy packs it up for
the evening, reeling in her bolas and ingesting it. Kind of like eating a booger, from your butt. It’s been a long night for her cousin Ellen
too, and as day breaks she looks like.. Literally. She disguises herself as bird poop. She even mimics the splatter which is genius
because very few things are actively looking for bird poop. Except as it turns out those tiny little male
bolas spiders. Which are very excited to find a female, especially
after chatting up a piece of pidgeonfor two hours. Which is embarrassing. For comparisons sake I found some stock footage
entitled bird poop on a table. And keep thinking of the videographer going
to his mothers house with the check, saying “See, I told you someone would want this”
In any case if you don’t want to make the same old web as anyone else, don’t be afraid
to use your head, and your butt, to do it your way. That is how the bolas spider do. Achoo. Mom, you didn’t tyell me you had weiners. Actually, mom, bring me your heart medicine
and an orange. Strike that, half a magic orange. We’re going to be rich.

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