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– Good morning guys, and get ready for an
epic waterpark adventure. – Yeah.
– We are at Raging Waters. – [Bryan] Ollie, where are we at? – We are at waterpark. – Waterpark. This is also Fin’s first waterpark. – Yep. He has no idea what’s about to happen. – [Bryan] You are gonna
get trapped. (Missy laughs) Let me tell you. Spoiler alert. He’s probably gonna get
trapped. (Missy laughs) (“This is Home” by Bryan Lanning) ♫ Wherever you are ♫ That’s where I wanna be ♫ All it took was a
laugh in that soft sunset ♫ Big blue eyes looked up and said ♫ This is home ♫ Just running around
you’ve never looked so cute ♫ Hugging you tight ♫ Cuddlin’ all I could saying ♫ I am home ♫ Home’s wherever you’re with me – It takes a village you guys. It really does take a village. Lookit, all of our hands are full. I’ve got a duffel bag,
I’ve got the diaper bag. I think we have enough stuff. We even brought a Pack ‘n Play for Fin ’cause we were watching the first waterpark vlog with Ollie. We noticed that we had
a Pack ‘n Play there and it helped a lot. (cool lounge music) (toddler yells) – [Bryan] Hey, buddy. – I’m just gonna put it like now. (baby cries) (cool lounge music) – All right, Ollie. What are we gonna go do? – I’m gonna go swimming. – Let’s go swimming. – Yeah. (climactic electronic music) – That one scared him a bit. (laughs) Did you see that big old bucket? (electronic music) (moves into happy electronic music) The infamous waterfall, you guys. Remember two years ago, I went under there and I bonked my head so hard. It hurt so bad. This year, I’m not gonna do it. I’m gonna go in with style. Here we go. (happy electronic music) (cheering) – [Bryan] Ollie, lookit. – Dad bonked his head. – You did it? I told you. (happy electronic music) – [Missy] Wee. (Finley chortles) (Bryan laughs) – [Bryan] Good job, mister. (Finley cries) (Bryan laughs) (happy electronic music) – All right, Missy and I
are going on this new ride here at Raging Waters
called the Aqua Rocket and it literally looks
like a rollercoaster. – Yeah, like a water rollercoaster. I’m excited. (emotional pop music) ♫ You better believe ♫ I’m on the train ♫ I’ll be the rain and
may change to get home ♫ Make this my stone – This is so cool, Missy. This is unlike any water
ride we’ve been on, huh? – I know. It’s literally a rollercoaster. (Bryan laughs) – We are headed up. ♫ I’ll be a melody in the night ♫ Be like a rhapsody Woo. ♫ Give me a cue to start the show (screaming) ♫ Let me just reminisce before I change ♫ You be the genesis of my range (screaming) ♫ I’ll be the one risin’ up standing tall ♫ They got me like uh-oh, uh-oh ♫ They got me like uh-oh, uh-oh ♫ They got me like uh-oh, uh-oh (cheering) ♫ They got me like uh-oh, uh-oh ♫ You … – Oh my God. Did you get wet? – That was crazy. Yes. (both laugh) – That was awesome.
– That was so fun. ♫ I’ll be the rain and
may change to get home – [Bryan] All right,
we’ve been taking a break at our cabana. Ollie, what are you eatin’? – Starfish. – What are you eating? Chicken stars. – I … I …
– Enjoying and relaxing. – I’m watching the water. – You’re watching the water? – Yeah. – Yeah. He’s just been taking a little break. Such a beautiful day out, huh? – Mm-hmm.
– Yeah? – It’s not hot. – It’s not very hot, no. It’s really not. Yeah. – It’s really nice. – It’s really nice, yeah. (laughs) All right, so Missy and I
are goin’ on the Drop Out. There’s a very short line. (Missy laughs) Probably ’cause it’s scary AF. (ominous battle music) – Missy and Bryan are gonna
go down the big slide. That thing looks huge. So we’re just down here waiting. Waiting for them to go down. Are you nervous? Do you think they’re gonna do okay? – Yeah. – Fin, you nervous? – You gotta look. He’s nervous. He’s bitin’ his thumb. He’s a little nervous for his mom. She carries all the food, so he really needs to take care of her. All right. Don’t be too nervous, okay? It’s okay. And there she goes. (ominous battle music) – Yeah, so I don’t need
to ride that ride anymore. That was enough. – Yeah. One time you’re good. – Ollie, what are we doin’? – We’re swimming water. – We’re swimmin’ in the water. – I jump. – [Bryan] Yeah. We’re
now in the little river. You havin’ fun? – Yeah, having fun. – [Bryan] Ha ha, gotcha. (both laugh) Hi, Finnie. Hey. Hey, dude. – Hi. (Bryan laughs) (underwater sounds) – No fishies. – [Bryan] No fishies? – Yeah. – [Bryan] There’s no fishies. – Good to know. Wow. (laughs) Ooh. ♫ I’ll be the one risin’ up standing tall ♫ They got me like uh-oh, uh-oh ♫ They got me like uh-oh, uh-oh – That look fun? – Mm-hmm. ♫ They got me like uh-oh, uh-oh ♫ You better believe ♫ I’m on the train ♫ I’ll be the rain and
may change to get home ♫ Make this my stone – [Bryan] Stay right there, buddy. Here we go, Ollie. – Okay. – You excited? Yeah. – Woo. ♫ Yeah. – [Bryan] Woo. (Missy screams) Yay. (laughs) ♫ Yeah. ♫ Yeah. You got a little wet, dude. (Missy cheers) ♫ Yeah. Yeah. ♫ I’m like a hurricane in the base ♫ I’m sonic like an airplane far away (Missy cheers) ♫ Everybody knock, knockin’ me some more ♫ Let me just improvise a couple lines ♫ Break it down, symbolize Good job, Ollie. Clap your hands. – Yay. – [Bryan] Yay. ♫ Gotta be a reason why I’m here – Good job. (Oliver whines) – [Bryan] Ollie, how
was that? Was that fun? Yeah. You did it. I don’t think he knew what
he was getting himself into. – Yeah. – Ollie is standing in line
right now for this little slide. We’re teaching him about
standing in a line. He’s actually … Oh,
no, he’s not doing it. He’s going outside the line. (laughs) This is gonna help him again. He doesn’t quite understand
the concept of lines. ♫ Make this my stone He’s growing up so fast, Missy. – Oh, he’s so cute.
– He stands in the line. (Bryan laughs) That’s pretty awesome. – Yeah. ♫ Yeah. Out of spite. ♫ Give me a cue to start the show ♫ Give me a one, two, three, let’s go ♫ Let me just reminisce before I change ♫ You be the genesis of my range ♫ When the whole world starts to fall ♫ I’ll be the one rising up, standing tall ♫ You … – Hey, Ollie. Guess what time it is. – Hmm? – It’s time to get ice cream. Can’t come to Raging Waters
without getting ice cream. All right, Ollie. Go and eat your giant ice cream. Go get it. (laughs) He’s been trying to
eat this thing all day. There you go, buddy. Your own chocolate ice cream. How is it? – Good. – [Bryan] Good. ♫ I see the sun drop the beat down low ♫ Everybody knock, knockin’ me some more All right, we all got our ice cream. Cheers. Boom. Ollie. Show me your … Oh, hi. – Hi. – [Bryan] Cheers. (laughs) Go cheers Mama. (laughs) Did you enjoy that ice cream? – I wanna eat that. – [Bryan] You wanna eat that? Okay. Go ahead and eat it. He’s eating the cone now. (laughs) You are a filthy mess.
– You. – [Bryan] But that’s what
days like this are all about. – I guess so. – [Bryan] Having fun and making a mess. Oh, lookit. It’s right there but
you’re eating it also, huh? – Oh. (Bryan laughs) – All right, that is a wrap on another successful year at a waterpark. We had so much fun today.
– Woo. We might actually go again this year. – I know, I actually do
wanna go a couple times. The Johnson’s really wanted to come. My sister wanted to come
and then her car broke down and so we definitely plan to go again. But I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. We had so much fun. Ollie, did you have so much fun? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I got ice cream all on me. – [Bryan] Oh, he’s talking about when he got ice cream all over. – [Missy] Oh, yes. You got ice cream all over you, huh? – Yeah. – Yeah. If you guys wanna see all the other times we’ve been at the waterpark, we’re gonna put it down in the link below so you guys can check it out. Also, we wanna give you guys
a big thank you once again for nominating us for Streamies. That is so nice and cool of you guys. You guys are so awesome. If you wanna nominate us for Streamies under the Kids and Family category, we’ll have a link down
below so you can do that. So we love you guys. Make sure you give
today’s video a thumbs up. (gibberish) That too. Make sure you guys have
subscribed if you haven’t already and we’ll see you guys tomorrow. Bye. What do you say, Ollie? – [Oliver] Bye. (drum music)

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