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transforming myself into SPRING BREAK ME

Hey guys, so spring break is coming up soon and I’d look like hippy Longstocking. There’s just a few things that I Would like to do to get myself ready to be the best I can be on spring break. This is where we thrive This is where we brought it it’s been cloudy and Boring at least where I live for a long time and it’s just starting to warm up and it just hit the 50s today But my family irr to that my family and I are going on vacation to Florida. I’m thinking about doing a full house So stay tuned for that. But anyways, I think I need to transform myself from this winter Yeah to ideal Spring Break version of where I would like to be I would like to be working out eating healthy my eyelashes done is I haven’t had eyelash extensions in the longest time and I want to get my skin clean it up a little bit. I’ve been having some cystic acne. It’s not fun There’s just a couple of other things that I want to do to get ready So I thought it would be a fun video to make right now. I am about to put on my workout clothes Put on my workout clothes head to the gym right after the gym. I have an eyelash appointment so in fact whenever you get your eyelash extensions filled or you’re getting them done you have to tip on top of that and they’re pretty expensive as they are so like because I Haven’t had my eyelashes on for a while It’s not like I have any left over on that they can work with they’re completely starting over So it’s gonna be like two hours probably to get them on so I feel like I’m very crunched on time But um God now, I’m on my way at 2:00 on my last appointment. I brought my earpods I look at my ear pods from over and I might just like listen to music just cuz it’s gonna be two hours Get a little nap maybe but for the most part I just feel laying there and listening to music Whoa, did I get burnt already? All right, so it’s now time to get my nails done they look like this They have quite a bit like grown I kind of just want to get the dip removed and then get a new layer on. So let’s go On my way to go get a facial there she is urban you Okay, I always do this Always like this last-minute thing. Why is my big this? I don’t know guys. I am so tired. It’s 2:30 in the morning. Oh I have more stuff. I want to film and edit we leave tomorrow. So Tonight I’m going to sleep my flights in the morning cool Okay, so, oh my gosh, why do I look so bad? It’s the morning that we’re supposed to leave her So sleep in like two hours am I stay up till? Three for god knows what reason But I am very excited. I’m so excited to be and the warm weather and get my Swimsuit on a little story time. Um My dad is a lyft driver No dad. Why is he face having me? Oh god Yes Okay, so really quick let me just say that for I was gonna try and explain the story time So my dad’s a lyft driver and I had just woken up and he FaceTime me as soon as I woke up and I answered it because I was just like Okay Dad’s face not meeting me and all of these girls were like screaming and saying I love you and I had just woken up and I was caught so off-guard and my dad was just like they Wanted to say hi to you And then I talked to them for like five minutes and then I was getting to tell the story and then my dad FaceTime me I guess so that’s where we are No, you’re okay, how do they know you know Oh my god, take a selfie with you And then I thought if I called you on FaceTime They’d freak out which they did and then they answer if I’m taking a selfie with me before they got out of the car Oh my god, I think it’s good that you’re approachable. They’re like, oh my god. She’s so pretty. Oh They’re like you’re so nice, oh my god Okay Dad for a while. Oh, yeah He’s a lyft driver and that was just I wake up and he like kept pace. I am me So I was like what is wrong so I answered and there’s she’s a girl like oh my god. I love you It’s like this is like right as I woke up. I was like, oh my god, just love you, too my dad was like Wow, I gotta finish packing this is what we’ve got So far people I have I feel like a lot more stuff to put in there Okay, so I’m finally packed The last step we have here is showering and I’m doing a little bit of tanning then we’re good to go We’ve got a couple minutes to self tan my phone I’m using loving jams deluxe gradual Tim This is the light shade. They just sent me it and then this is the medium shade. I think I’m gonna do rhenium shit Just because I’m only applying it today. And and that’s it. I’ll just get like a natural tan This will be good for like a base I’m also gonna phone all tomorrow desk you Okay, so does reread it brief I don’t Actually don’t think I look good I’m a pretty anxious person and I I don’t like to waste my time

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  1. You are always soooo beautiful. No matter how ugly you think you are while your filming and not filming- remember!!!…YOU ACTAULLY ARENT UGLY!! please don’t think I’m just saying it like other people, please take this personally!! You are gorgeous- beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and beautiful.

  2. At first i thought u were transforming yourself into Hannah meloche and then i realized you are her lmao

  3. ( I’m American, but my whole family is Brazilian so I count myself as Brazilian + I lived in Brazil for 5 year anyyywayss) Can I just say how happy I am that Hannah put Brazilian music on <33 2:34

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