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(Sick Flips! People almost drowning yeah What is going on fellow members of the joogsquad I am out here in santa cruz california Staying in Garrett Jenners house on a beautiful cliff side And umm we have been having fun there was a skim competition last weekend Turner and I competed it was uhh pretty awesome the waves weren’t amazing but we have been catching these amazing waves outside of the contest which is great! I have been filming a lot of crazy stuff as well Including what we did yesderday then put it on the side of a cliff this
is actually two days ago and I am feeling it i slam super hard right off
the bat and my entire back is completely shot so cut me some slack because i’m
kinda dying over here it was pretty gnarly it went well this
spot that we’re doing that is actually pretty gnarly because nine people have
died there since nineteen sixty-five and one of those was two weeks ago and we
weren’t really aware of that until afterwards but luckily nobody died so
that’s positive should be a fun week if you want to
subscribe to get it i’ll put his link in the description because we’re gonna be
filming some videos together this whole week with that being said i’m also going
to be at the oktoberfest game contest at balboa pier next weekend i will have
more info for that on my Instagram and Twitter so if you guys want to follow me
do that also you guys want to follow me on twitter
i’m doing a bunch of questions and surveys on Twitter soon so if you guys
want to get down and help us figure out some video ideas that would be dope yeah i’m gonna roll the clips of us
taking apart the trampoline bringing it to the cliff and going ham like this
video if you enjoyed it because people definitely hurt themselves so please you’re going to give just it’ll be fine timelapse assembling this you guys after
I put money that photos videos about the me here yeah but you’re bleeding the god of all these pages into my thank you for using you to do you have
this in together literally five minutes 14 the growth yeah adopting yeah yeah this particular yeah yeah yeah yeah ok let’s bring this voice is like right
there going good luck not losing that GoPro Jack
somebody out 3 3 2 1 yeah fuck are you good does not get much worse Aria ready to go again that was insane oh my god definitely not haha my
confidence just went down so that slam yeah yeah this is a tricky production and if you can see that do not jump in
front of this walk i’m still shook up i gotta just take a second look like
you’re not you when your skin yeah did I just do but there’s a live trusted
but not to this is this is the lie do you doc feels crossed it is I think I’m
done did I don’t like this thing yeah I’m scared us jump off the cliff they’re
gonna double front of the champion I’m scared to jump off alright and leaving you know real grass yeah yeah yeah yeah ok yeah here we go yeah yeah oh my god yeah that’s right I love you here we go yeah on 147 the scale is what I ride nobody
for the money but again remember when I did not to work walking through the
woods i was covering you don’t know job no bills for some time to kill and not
to do is skate and surf different kind of taking up my time my comes to mind let’s never give up just and time to
ride no fucking money for my game back on staying right no fucking money for it
over till it’s over never let got cut because you chose the
ready so I so can’t sew down chat about job that’s right bro got a baby so don’t
play shop 13 matt got big WOW no backup

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