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3 2 1 O-ohhh! [laughter] Oh shit! Jesus! [water splashes] [hard coughing] [spitting] What is going on fellow members of the Joog Squad? We’re out here beside some cliffs. Adrenaline Addiction collaboration. Wassup guys? We have a super sketchy zip line that I think we’re gonna get set up. He blew out his eardrum already. We got trampolines and some big slabs in the background, too. So it’s going down. If you want to see the video we’re doing on his channel, link is in the top of the description, or you can wait until the end of this video to check it out. Yeah, it’s gonna be dope, guys. So check out both videos, and be ready for some crazy stuff off that 67 foot slab over there. Meanwhile, he just had the best intro of all time. It was a’ight. And you wanna see it, then you gotta go over to his channel and check it out. Beginner’s luck, beginner’s luck. [whispers] Oh my God. [water splashes] Woah hahaaa!! Now your intro’s better! Oh, he’s still under the water. That is just the beginning of what you guys are about to see. Just a tip. Just the tip. [laughter] Woah hohooo, oh my… Yo, gainer. Gainer, gainer, gainer, gainer. Oh no, dude. This is the intro, you got to. Duuude. Oh my God, I have no idea how to get in on that. I think you got this. Can I just throw another backflip? Yeah, throw a backie quick. Okay. Peace. [water splashes] Dude, it’s 6:30 in the morning. Airhorns. Oh, we’re going. [tiny air horn noise] [loud airhorn noise] Good morning, Chase! Hello. It’s too early for me, dude, I went to bed like an hour ago… You had it upside down! Is that the trampoline!? Whaaat. [disorted audio] The trampoline will be set up on that rock and we are going to do giant flips off of it. [music] Looks so much more fun. Alright, so that is the 67 footer we were jumping off of yesterday. We’ll probably do that more today. Yeah, we gotta get some shots from down here, too. We made the party rock. We were camping on top of that rock up there. This is about 22, 25 foot I believe. We got a trampoline. Yeah! [water splashes] That was perfect, dude! [music] [indistinct chatter] Yo, send like a big backflip. Yeah, hit a backflip. Lay it out, lay it out. Heck yeah. Ooooooh, okay, okay, okay. I’m just not gonna do that. Trampoline. 22 foot cliff. We’re ready, boy. Alright. Yeah, this thing looks fun, dude. We could probably do some doubles and sh* Action! Boom! Ready to go. So we got the trampoline set up. On the side of the party rock. Just did some jumps off that slab. Gotta get practice runs in first. Yeah, now we’re gonna get crazy, though, I think. From this point on it’s just gonna get gnarlier and gnarlier. I think you’re up, Jack, I think it’s your turn. I think I am up. [water splashes] O-Ohhhh!!! Oooooh!! Oooh noooo!! Auugh! You a’ight? Augh, that hurt so bad.. Oh my God. You good? Auugh.. He knocked the wind out of himself. Breathe… I got you, I got you. Augh, I slipped off the.. Off to a good start, guys! You gotta jump from the middle. Ah man. Hey, yeah, jump a few times before you do anything crazy if you haven’t gone off the trampoline. This is just like an easy step off. You gonna flip it? No, I’m not flipping. Just do a front flip. Oh, shit! Oh my Jesus. You alright? [music] 2, 1… [cheering] [water splashes] [music] 3, 2, 1.. Yeaaaah! [music] 2, 1 Ohhh, sick. So sick. [music] [whistles] Yes! Yeaaah! [music] You alright? [music] 5 4 3 2 1 Send it! Oh, shit. Oooh! Perfect! [cheering] [water splashes] Higher than I’ve ever done by far. Times like five. Alright, so you can count me down. 5 4 3 2 1 Send it! Yeaaaah! That was ******* clean! Yeah, that was perfect! Ayyyhaaay!! 4 3 2 1 Send it! Send it! Dude, you got it man. 2, 1 Send it. Yeees!! How was that? Not bad. How’s the water, cold? No, I thought it was gonna be colder. You said that I was lying. I know I did. [laughs] Jay came here all the way from Florida to stand on the side of a 10 foot ledge. For 45 minutes. [laughter] 5 4 3 2 1 HE’S A B**** WE’RE LEAVING, GET OUTTA HERE Give me a countdown. 5 4 3 2 1 Nice. Yeah! Damn, that was clean. Yeah. Send it! [water splashes] 3 2 1 [water splashes] [water splashes] [water splashes] [gasping breaths] Oh, he knocked the wind out of himself. You alright? You need us to come down? He’s got it. Who’s hurt? Who, him? Wind knocked out of him. Bellyflop or back? Is it is his tongue or… It’s from his tongue, it’s not from his lungs. Thank God. Are you sure? Yeah, let me see. Yeah, you bit it right there. Stick your tongue out. [spitting] I think it’s from my lung. You think it’s from your lungs? Yeah. [coughing] [coughing] [spitting] It’s your nose, Turner, your nose is bloody, too. Is it your nose or your mouth? He’s got a bloody nose. Lift your head up. Dude, I feel like that was my fault. [coughing and spitting] That’s probably just from your nose. It is. After that accidental tsukahara, I’m in pain, my chest hurts. I’ve been coughing up blood out of my head. Didn’t feel good. I was going for a double front flip. Ended up doing a front 180 to backflip and I fell and slammed pretty hard. I might take it easy most of the trip now. [clears throat] Come on, let’s go jump off the other side. Ohh! Jesus! [water splashes] I think he broke his ankle! Oh my God! Oh my God. Is your ankle broken!? Are you alright, man? Is your ankle broken? Did you fall? Oh my God, dude. Did he hit the wall? Holy **** he hit the ******* rock. That scared me. Alright, Turner, I’m jumping and swimming. Do you want me to cross? Yep. See you guys over there. Later. [music] 1 [water splashes] [music] [water splashes] [music] 5 4 3 2 1 Woooo! [water splashes] [music] 1 Send it [water splashes] Cleaaaan! [music] Flop for us. [short scream] [laughter] She’s fine, man. You good? [music] [water splashes] That hurt. You aight? That was a good flop. Ouch. Oh! [water splashes] [music] [water splashes] Ohhhhh! [music] Awww! Nice! [music] Yeaaaah! [water splashes] Yeheeew! 2 1 Holy shi- [water splashes] Wohoohoo! Yeah! Send it! [water splashes] [music] [music]

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  1. WOW!! Turner/tfue looks so diffrent from this video and now.. Personally think that turner should have continued to be in vids like this

  2. Why are people in the comments complaining "that isn't too high" like you guys wouldn't probably jump 1 meter so who tf are yall to say that? Go ahead and do it yourself first oof.

  3. This was extremely cringe compared to an adrenaline addiction video, chase is always in control, you lot définit aren’t

  4. I made a badass video cliff jumping bout 20 yrs ago with shitty camera but it b great idea for u guys to re do hit me back I'll give u great idea for video

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