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Trampoline Park Franchise Testimonials – Urban Air

My name’s Derek and I’m the proud, new business owner of Urban Air franchise in Houston, Texas. I am Tad Duncan with Urban Air Homewood, Alabama And I am his wife, Glynda Duncan. Hey guys this Cody Herndon and LeAnn Herndon. here with Urban Air at Waxahachie. I just really wanted to share our experience working with Urban Air. I can’t say enough about Michael and his team Abby and Nicole Keaton and all the other people out there so many wonderful people at Urban Air who just make the experience really a family or anything. the resources that were thrown our way provided by urban dare bring along your communications marketing firm man just couldn’t have asked for a better core group of individuals to help us get this phenomenal facility to walk the hatch in the community just really need something like this so a couple of steps for process finding girls it’s very very difficult michael has complete process with ways with real estate specialist to help you find property we looked at number four problems before we settled on this one he also helped negotiate leases and attorneys on board everything that’s going to come up in this whole process is available at your fingertips know what shooting training was not the corporate offices in grapevine texas and it was over three days fantastic all the staff and different role the trains can meet them face-to-face build a relationship with these folks because we’re going to your family right have to share a meal with a couple times then went to a park to see how it operated I actually are two managers my part actually brought in the town so the three of us with the train together and will I wouldn’t do it any other way if I was it again the next step of the process which was simply once we got all the rain we had to really get the bar completed and all I can tell you is be prepared but the absolute final product so worth it it’s gonna be a lot of hard work last month and a half or so in the process but based on the feedback on the parents showed up today this is the best trading partner hopefully you guys if you’re interested in joining the urban air family will come on board and anytime there’s any questions feel free to reach out to myself really and as well we’ll give you all their place to name is out and we might give you something to you don’t you never know like to reach out to be my emails parent urban area here off happy to speak with you love for you to become part of our seminary

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