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Trampoline Champion Turned into Broadway Star | Athlete to Artist | Paramour | Cirque du Soleil

My name is Lee Brearley and I’m a trampolinist
with PARAMOUR on Broadway. I went to Sydney in 2000. I was so surprised at
how well-run it was and how special you
were made to feel. Everything was
just made for you. There was people making sure
everything was going according to plan, making sure things were
moving in the right direction. And it’s the same
here on PARAMOUR. We have all these
sets that are moving, people being there on time,
making sure they’re in the right spot. Everybody needs to
be on their game and you need to be
fast and focused. But also, behind the scenes, there’s an array of people that you
don’t see that are creating the scene, creating the show.

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