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TOP 5 | High Graphic Games for android & iOS (FREE) | January 2018

Game links in the description gone your feet soldier the enemy is
advancing and it’s you who must bring the battle back to them
revenge is waiting boot camp starts now move freely to claim strategic locations
or attack the enemy head-on take cover to dodge strong attacks and
prepare to strike back I’ll also give you command of a squad of
12 brothers each has a unique ability you can call on in the heat of battle
claim your mission with skill and select the most appropriate brother for the job the enemy you’re facing is both smart
and powerful you’ll have to adapt and improve to survive combat isn’t just
about charging ahead besides she result missions you’ll also be assigned to
defense stealth and snapping operations besides the weapons you’re accustomed to
you’ll also have access to a range of highly destructive experimental firearms
get to it soldier what’s a Mormon I thought all along it was me who was
crazy what is everything this whole thing is
nuts they’ve played us like fools Roux but if they think they’re gonna get away
with this they must be crazier than I am you

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