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Top 5 Animals That NEED To Become Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon

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being said let’s get started. With New pokemon sun and moon information
being released to the public so frequently it has gotten fans like me very excited for
the upcoming games. The most exciting out of all information we
have gotten of course has to be the new pokemon. My favorite of them being palossand, mimikyu,
rowlet and of course Drampa. (I love you so much) But with information
comes more speculation and there still quite a few more new pokemon to come. And even though the current number of pokemon
is getting close to the 800 mark there are still quite a few animals that have not become
pokemon yet. So today I’m going to be counting down the
Top 5 Animals that NEED to become pokemon in pokemon sun and moon. These aren’t necessarily animals that are
from hawaii, but they’re animals that I would love to see become pokemon. And since pokemon sun and moon are the newest
games to come out I would love to see these animals float around the alola region. Speaking of which as you guys know this video
is entirely my opinion so if you guys disagree with my list be sure to let me know what animals
you want to see become pokemon in the comment section below. Also I do not own any of the art used in this
video all artists that made these fakemon will credited in the video as well as in the
description below. If you guys enjoy the video be sure to leave
a like subscribe and share this video with a friend and with that being said let’s
get started. 5
I don’t know about you guys but as a kid I always was a big fan of Disney’s Kim Possible. And one of my favorite characters from that
show has to be rufus the naked mole rat. This adorable little mole rat one of the most
charming and loving characters of the story. And since then I have become fascinated with
the naked mole rat. But oh my god are the real life naked mole
rat frickin ugly. Just look at it man it’s frickin ewww. Anyways looking at all the pokemon we haven’t
gotten a naked mole rat pokemon yet. Yes Drilbur and Excadrill are moles, but moles
and naked mole rats aren’t the same thing. I mean clearly look at them they’re not
the same. And as for a design this art made by kipimwolf
would be a great choice to go with or just make it look like rufus I don’t care as long
as it’s cute. I could definitely see this pokemon being
a normal ground type with access to moves like dig and Crunch. As for stats I can see this pokemon being
a fast physical attacker with the rest of its stats being kind of mediocre. Honestly I cant see this pokemon being great
in terms of battle but I dont care its frickin rufus man. 4
One of my favorite sea creatures to roam the ocean waters has to be the sharks. And seriously we need more shark pokemon. All we have is sharpedo and kind of garchomp
but not really because it’s a landshark so that really doesn’t count. In this case there is no specific shark I’d
like to choose because they’re are various types of sharks I would like to see. Frilled sharks, Sawsharks, whale sharks, and
of course the hammerhead which I did mention in another video. I think if I had to choose my favorite of
the bunch, it would have to be the goblin shark. I mean just look at this thing, it’s already
a pokemon. And with it’s very scary appearance I could
this shark becoming a water/ghost type which is very uncommon within the pokemon games. In terms of stats I could see it being a bulky
mixed attacker. As for moves this pokemon should get access
to aqua jet crunch shadow ball and surf. The goblin sharks have been around for millions
years, so a cool gimmick for them could be that it’s a cursed soul roaming the ocean
forever. Imagine creepy the pokedex entry would be. 3
One of the most surprising animals to not be a pokemon is a porcupine. And before you type in the comment section
PORCUPINES YOU IDIOT. Sandslash is actually based on the pangolin,
cyndaquil is most likely a baby honey badger considering typhlosion is based on a honey
badger, Nidorino is frickin all over the place and if you think nidoking and nidoqueen are
porcupines… what is wrong with you. And chespin is a hedgehog. Now all of that out of the way a pure porcupine
pokemon could be one of the cutest pokemon of all time. This design made by tk36477 does the cuteness
and adds a bit of fierceness to the pokemon. Just imagine running into this thing in the
wild just get in my team please. Stat wise this pokemon could be a decent defensive
wall with alright physical attack. For moves this pokemon should learn spiky
shield, pin missile, sharpen, and rollout. A porcupine pokemon would be a great addition
to the games and I would love to see it happen in pokemon sun and moon. 2
This next animal has been partly portrayed as a pokemon, but not fully. Yaks have been animals that I’ve really
wanted to see get a pokemon counterpart. It was not till recently that I’ve found
out that Piloswine is actually partly based on a yak. But since it evolves into a mammoth and its
name and looks make it look more like a bore, this pokemon really just distances itself
from a yak. So for a new pokemon I would love to see a
pure yak pokemon. This design made by steveo126 is a very interesting
take on a yak. I love how this pokemon brings a hawaiian
kind of look to it, it really looks like it would fit in the alola region. And with a design like this it would definitely
be a pure fire type. Stat wise this pokemon could be a bulky physical
attacker with a very decent physical defense. In terms of moves this pokemon should get
access to heat crash, flare blitz, head smash, and rock slide. I think a Yak pokemon would be a great addition
to the games and hey it could be another pokemon you could ride on. 1
The number 1 animal that needs to become a pokemon has to be a swordfish. Its really surprising to me that gamefreak
hasn’t made a swordfish pokemon. And no gorebyss is not a swordfish it is actually
based on a snipe eel. And I think now with a region that is surrounded
by a ton of water would be the perfect time to introduce a swordfish pokemon. There are so many ideas that gamefreak could
go with. My personal favorite out of the bunch has
to be this design made by neliorra. I love how this design looks very similar
to a ken sugimori style of art and does a swordfish pokemon justice. I could see this pokemon being a water steel
type because of the obvious features it has. Stat wise this pokemon looks to be a fast
physical attacker. As for moves this pokemon could learn aqua
jet iron head surf and slash. A Swordfish pokemon is something fans have
been clamoring for so gamefreak why not just give it to us. Thank you guys so much for watching if you
guys enjoyed the video be sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section
below. Is there an animal that you want to see become
a pokemon? Let me know in the comment section below. If you haven’t already, subscribe to the
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Reader Comments

  1. I love to see an orca poke'mon!!! Orcas are so frickn' cute!!!!! It would be an water dark type!! Gamefreak, please!!!!!

  2. Im always scared to see someone picking a blobfish and showing it on the video
    I would want to cry, so goddamn ugly

  3. We technically don’t have a spider pokemon because all of the spider based Pokémon have 6 legs

  4. There needs to be a snow leopard pokemon that needs to be a Ghost/Dark or Dark/Ice, Ghost because snow leopards are known as "Ghost of the Mountains" and having it be a rare legendary or suito legendary would be great!

  5. Hey dude you sort of forgot that all the moves to give the yak Pokemon that you want are mostly special attack and you made it a physical attacker so flare Blitz and rockslide are the two that I could really I think that were actually special attack and fire types are flipping special attackers

  6. More moths and water bears.
    Another thing.
    I want a pokemon based of servant.
    Also I want one based of a cambrian creature like they look like actual pokemon.

  7. I think a Tartigrade Pokemon could be amazing and cute (who wouldn't want an adorable little water bear) due to the real life creatures amazing durability I could see it being a tank and with the ability for them to survive in the vacuum of space it could also be another extraterrestrial type Pokemon. I think it would definitely be a water type but I could also see steel or rock as its secondary typing due to its real life ability to survive harsh conditions.

  8. Inanimate objects that I want to be Pokemon

    5.jellybean machine
    1.palm tree


    5. Steel/ghost
    2.steel/flying cause why not

  9. CYNDAQUIL IS BASED ON A RAT. All fire type starters are from the Chinese zodiac so no more making me rage Cyndaquil is MY SPECIAL LITTLE RAT

  10. I have a quiz for you what Pokémon type combination has no weaknesses

    Normal ghost

    Because normal types only weakness is fighting and ghost resist fighting.
    Like if you got it right.


  12. I'd like to see a Nidoran deal with a Rooster and a Hen. Also how about the mythical Jackalope (antlered rabbit) doesn't have to be a legendary Pokemon but a that's a perfect design for a Pokemon. Or a jackal, Coyote. Roadrunner, did they do a Flamingo? Ostrich, Turkey, Goose (gettin a little overboard with the poultry here). Badger

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