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Top 4 Home Bodyweight Workout Mistakes!!

If you workout at home and aren’t seeing consistent
steady gains from those workouts then you’re going to want to see this video. We’re going to cover the top 4 biggest home
workout mistakes. What’s up guys, Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM Today we’re going to talk about the top 4
biggest mistakes you could be making if you’re training at home. Now first and foremost, I think one of the
things we have to point out right away is working out at home does not mean that you
can’t be working out with equipment. Right, matter of fact with the ATHLEANX program
I made sure that you could do the workouts entirely at a gym or at home. It was up to you to decide where you were
going to train and where you were going to be most consistent with them. However most people do associate home workouts
with complete bodyweight only workouts. And I’m a big fan of those as well as you
know. Our ATHLEAN XERO program completely 100% bodyweight. That being said, the biggest mistake guys
will make when they are looking at home workouts as bodyweight workouts is overlooking their
surroundings. And what I mean by that is if you look at
some of these clips I’m showing you here, you can take ordinary exercises that give
you ordinary results, and make them extraordinary exercises that
give you extraordinary results. Because we’re able to create overload by actually
utilizing our surroundings. Even here, I’m utilizing a staircase to intensify
a push up well beyond what it would normally do and tax me on a regular push up on the
ground, right. We know we need overload and to overload muscles
we need to introduce new stimulus and to do that guys a lot of times we want to utilize
the things around us to do that. So start looking at ways you can intensify
your exercises with the things you have around your house to make these ordinary exercises
deliver extraordinary results. Number 2 on our list of the top 4 biggest
mistakes that you could be making working out at home is Ignoring your back. Now this is a problem that we see even when
we go to the gym and look at the guys that are training there. Most of the time guys are favoring those show
muscles, you know what I’m talking about, chest, abs, arms. In favor of developing their back. And that imbalance my friend is going to lead
to a lot of problems. Not just from an esthetic standpoint of how
imbalanced you look’d if you had a well developed front side and a poorly developed back side. But as a physical therapist I can tell you
that not paying attention to your back is going to lead to a lot of problems down the
line. As you get this anterior, posterior big time
imbalance set up. So, what you want to do is, realize that even
if you’re training at home, that importance is just as high and you don’t need equipment,
right. Because the first thing I’ll hear is, Well,
I want to workout at home and I don’t have a pullup bar? Guys, first of all that is just an excuse
because you know it is a very easy problem to solve. One quick trip to Walmart and you’ve got yourself
a pull up bar, probably less than 20 bucks. But if that’s the case and you don’t have
anywhere to anchor it let’s say, there still are plenty of options. And I’m showing you some right here. Again, doing what we said in number one, utilizing
your surroundings, you’re going to unlock a whole lot of exercise potential and possibility
just by opening your eyes. But beyond that in our ATHLEAN XERO program
that I referenced before I wanted to make sure that you have bodyweight options too. No excuses, the ability to actually train
your entire body, front to back, top to bottom, utilizing nothing but your own body. So as you see, it’s extremely important guys
and you don’t want to slip that imbalance but make sure that no matter what you have
at your disposal, equipment or non, you’re never overlooking the back. Number 3, picking the wrong room to workout
in. We know that one of the biggest things and
challenges that we can have when we’re working out at home is finding the right intensity. And I think that one of the issues there is
guys are choosing the wrong room. Right, they think that pushing the coffee
table aside and standing up in your living room is the perfect workout environment. Now I’m not saying, if that ‘s all you’ve
got, then that’s what you’ve got to do. But if you have the opportunity to head down
into a nice dingy basement where you can create your own, sort of workout room and aura. Then that’s what you should do because you
want to make it feel disassociated from where you feel most comfortable, right. We’re not talking about doing the commercial
break workout, alright. Where I’m going to just stand up and do a
couple pushup or a couple sit ups in between every commercial, and feel like I’m getting a great workout. Guys, that’s not going to generate, I feel,
the intensity that’s needed to produce serious results. And I think if you’re watching this video
and you’re working out at home, you’re looking for serious results. So don’t think that in between commercial
breaks of Modern Family you’re going to get this really kickass workout in, most likely
you’re not. So try if you can, to produce a room in your
house that feels a little bit uncomfortable, in the sense that I don’t want you to feel
like it’s just one step away from you sitting on your sofa. alright. Make it feel like it’s time for you to go
to work and you’re going to increase the intensity of those workouts immediately I can almost
guarantee it. Number 4, the final one on our list here,
is repeating the same workouts over and over again. This is what I call the DVD phenomenon. Now most of the popular home workout options
that we have are on DVD’s. And that makes guys feel as if it’s the best
option. But I can tell you there’s some major flaws
with that. As I’ve covered even before in some of our
other videos. The problem with DVD workouts are, they’re
basically serving up the same workouts to you over and over and over again. You quickly accommodate to this guys, your
body is pretty damn smart. . Your muscles are going to accommodate to the
loads in those DVD’s and a lot of times the programming in the DVD does not allow you
built in ways to continually progress. So what you’re left with is a plateau, after
maybe even the first time through the program. And that’s when guys stop seeing any kind
of results. Certainly not getting muscle building results
because that progressive overload is absent. So, what’s most important here guys, is you
want to have your workouts continue to be different. Continue to challenge you, continue to increase
the intensity. To continue to increase the options for the
exercises that you could be doing, ok. Because, if you think about it, it’s like
the guy that says, I do a 100 push ups and 200 sit ups everyday. Alright,at some point that 100 push ups and
200 sit ups he’s accommodated to that. There’s nothing that’s going to challenge
him anymore. So you want to make sure guys, first and foremost
that when you are working out at home, you’re constantly providing your body with something
new and different. And that’s not doing the same workouts over
and over again. And that’s not following the same DVD over
and over again. You’re going to plateau, you’re going quickly
become unsatisfied with the muscle that you’re building. And I’m telling you that’s the exact reason
why. So with that being said guys, those are the
top 4 home workout mistakes that you could be making, I feel that could be holding you
back from building muscle. Because there’s no reason, absolutely no reason
why you shouldn’t be building muscle at home either if you’re working out with equipment
or not, ok. You could be doing and getting substantial
results training in either environment with or without weights. So that being said guys, as you know here
at ATHLEANX, I try to cover all the bases for you, provide you with those options. Depending upon what’s most convenient for
you and what you’re certain circumstances are that you’re going to train in. So if you decide you’re going to train at
home with absolutely no equipment at all, then I would definitely recommend the ATHLEAN
XERO program to you. Because I’ve got over 160 exercises in there,
6 weeks intense training, no two workouts the same to make sure it continues to push
you each and every time, exactly as I’ve stated here. And of course for you guys following ATHLEANX,
we do require limited equipment. there. But it’s equipment that anybody can have access
to. They can do them in the gym, they can do it
at home. If you prefer to workout at home, for schedule
or whatever reasons, you can do that there as well. Alright guys, that’s it. If you want to tell me what some of the challenges
that you’re still facing at home, I’ll cover them in another video. If there’s something that I haven’t mentioned
here, let me know below and I can cover that. In the meantime, if you’ve found this helpful,
let me know, leave me a thumbs up below. And again, we’ll keep trying to make some
videos to address your biggest needs. Alright guys, I’ll be back here in just a
few days. Meantime, enjoy the superbowl. Have a good weekend. Let’s go Denver.

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    Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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