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[Music] [Music] [Music] today guys we’re gonna have a recap on our top 10 worst bales of all the time top 10 worst bales ever caught on camera Josh turn away from anyway we know you just saw the warmup yeah six thousand twelve so seven years ago this was in Lisbon primp record this marriage is like during a divert all kind of near spot and I guess what I finally went through that technique was still there my head I didn’t keep my hips low enough like so big as well it’s fair enough like putting a bit too much power into that river looking at it thinking like I remember kneeling in the middle of the road thinking like am I the so calm here which is which is really good I remember not feeling any pain yeah nothing at all and it was only literally that hand real of all the cameras like Esther’s built up some kind of pressure that matters much now and it didn’t pay off yeah only recently someone has come back and done it a guy could Remmy dial seven or eight years after known even thinking about attempting it does it with a car like in front of like the run-up and everything so this mate said the captain had everything looks like he’s gonna do exactly the same as Tony does and just pulls it around like it makes catching an a all night huge props to you no matter how gnarly I know that one is degrees compared to most of these yeah this was this time last year this is the double boat jump fail we had done a couple of jumps to the boat before this one test yeah this was the one we wanted to get really big and like the money shot okay because the boat had to like drift in and it was coming in and like the awkward speed with waves yes really hard to judge seeing him in the air kinda bail out and in my sights this is Verizon I’ve gotta go for it full power I’m in the air it might be out and rip okay really uncomfortable Jenniskens we got we have Chloe I don’t feel anything lucky came out feeling kind of right and continue today they took your clothes that dried them on the airplane you shoot and get after the third I go back from England there whose co-workers calm there’s athlete jokes counted any psych crap and Joker’s kind of funny and I remember laughing one of his jokes and my richest dislodges of like so that bail kind of quality laughter and I was out for like a month with like a cracked rib but I had a mess that ankle from it for a while just from the impact in that compressed position yeah I knew on the step before takeoff that I wasn’t gonna make it on takeoff as I gotta go from bounce off I knew I was open water so I could do like just get through it I want him at my knees my ribs or my arms my head my feet per se and I just slammed into the water a compression of about landing my angle yeah messed up got my chair got my little bucket got my coat in my hat and just about to get my fishing rod weirdly enough I’m actually pretty much fine I’ve got their Bruce a couple of by bleeding elbows or a precaution but and a crazy experience open that great next up we have this is dislocated toe Parris oh I think it’s so lucky that you didn’t break anything maybe even a CL like real Lydia put all that weight on that one landing foot the other one baby misses the roof it was like the perfect like slow takeoff yeah for this roof gap and it wasn’t like massive and we were we were jumping it so many times and I’ve previously done one side flip gap before II made it fine and I was just too relaxed just running up and I didn’t put enough effort I didn’t even know I’m landing my back foot missed my foam compress my toe into the ground and that’s where it pops when I was like punching the grounds I knew that like something had gone I got a dislocated toe so this was eight months ago and I can still feel it walking down the street you guys lifted me into the hospital room and for some reason they were treating must really like yeah weird I still have my shoe on I did want to check the doctor came over didn’t say anything and just try to wrench it off and then I grope him he was like stop stop stop and then he was like don’t touch me don’t touch what do you Mike are you drunk I was like president they had just had gas in there and had some woman just pull it back into place all the circulation just started coming back and my foot went ultra red it was out flat you are moving on our home is school this has to be the oldest fail that we have in this collection Real Madrid Stora and eleven years ago in 2008 as thing stride from batch to rail and then war over the drop to the final wall next to the road today like quite a few times and then one time it took me by surprise and slips like not even my toga on the rail and then just like fell forward head by the wall in front I think you can’t really tell that a clip I know I hit my head though because I don’t remember anything I was like flopping about drooling all around the eyes disappear gone interview that was like the day like you can’t miss your feet on things since I explained your training and you’re like did camera 20 seconds you’ll never just recycle in the hospital got a CT scan me and suchlike went home and it took me like maybe like an hour to walk back to what the train station that’s when I find out my back was like fucked and that was like the lasting injury from that like my spine probably not next next available [Music] [Music] the thing was is that we did it two or three times before we jumped from one season to another one landed at the same time we like you’re sick let’s just what happened ice landed in the middle thinking that I haven’t made it but no big deal it was just like and then it was like reality again whoa I didn’t know what it hit again like no pain nothing no no I’ve lost a tooth realized not one it was not two not three I’ve lost all four front teeth one was in my hand one was forward out of my face the other two they must learn the next one this is double gain along compression water is a bitch sucks so bad you can’t be over rotating off that height in your water especially like skinny 18 year old kid 2013 so please hit the water I felt like I’ve been hit by a bus I was still in the water like that it’s really really strong current so I’m like the other side of the bridge I’m in the water with Drew and I might help coughing up blood in the water like no I think it’s the rotation and the width of the flip I’m pretty sure Steve and drew saved my life in the water there because that current is hard the gal and then Steve came in and sees a strong swimmer and a big swimmer and those who help me out the water yes 30 minutes ready and yeah I went to hospital and there was air bubbles in my lungs that meant I couldn’t fly on the air for a month for a month lummix whistling well sodas in the hospital to get a weird message on my phone max have been shot this is like the word sweet for my mom pretty much people women listening right now that you can shop yeah it’s like some some pellet guns is there any use your critical pigeons our friends got shot while rolling away climbing down coming back down and running wait like I serve beer in a holiday calling different parts of a half rate that will fire out in this video we don’t get a drink I’ve more rolling it next up we’ve got car power so I broke my wrist on this one only six months ago so I’m still kind of recovering from yeah and you can see on the slow-mo clip like my right hand misses the top of the wall and my foot slips out as well and just land on my pass and my outstretched wrist break the scaphoid bone in my wrist it’s not a move that you normally put a lot of thought into had to treat everything like is dangerous yeah it’s so quick and I’m defective I have a CT scan two weeks ago and I’m still waiting on the results for that so the next one just abroad the branches and hang upwards and away from me miss my thumb if anyone who has done that before in parkour everything just tightened up and I couldn’t like couldn’t move just line the floor do it Mayfield and Danny with a ton of the free bales that we see which is the world that’s the most pain I’ve ever been in from a people bit to avoid work been in videos recently I landed up higher and I slipped a disc on impact nothing went wrong I’ve watched got the clip above nothing wrong six five six months ago right yeah and I wonder if it was off the package yeah next bale who I am this is for me is one of the worst I’ve ever seen this actually has never been seen on the internet before but I thought I’d bring it up for this video series is not nice to what was nice to watch if you don’t want to see we were actually shooting a little project for hyeondo where they challenged us to do parkour the dark wet and barefoot and this was part of the parkour in the rain video this is a jump that we does before really easy that we flipped it as well and when I test it but before it felt absolutely fine on the run up with that extra bit of speed my foot just completely slipped landing on a slanted roof this year now we’ve got my head in yeah what happened you were blacked out for maybe like 30 seconds and it’s just mini maps and these two drunk people the same thing that happened to Kalin patents and maps and matters like what happened where am i over and over again not on the phone for the aliens to be birthed from the big thanks to back there and as people per se ever so talking me through it you remember like being airlifted to hospital if that sauce with them putting and in juice woke up the next day and that’s where my memory started from again as training within like the next month with Mensa teachers I think it just changed me forever yeah the grocery store don’t try and rank me learn from like so many mistakes and everything now we’re all like more cautious than we ever were and is definitely like the best players going you don’t want to just be going on pure like belief and it’s not right off like certain possibilities from happening just because you hope they won’t happen yeah moving on to the next panel this is the last yeah I’m more watching boy this is Drew’s broken leg better we’re saying this may be turned out of the body with it because that’s not wood yeah orange I’m a block amazing closing my eyes he did this line of previously but obviously wanted to make it smoother because he’s being a perfectionist but he did this side loads of times cool album testing knowing a friend is experiencing so like so I look like filming and when I saw happen you see calm he was in like hell I was just like just breathe just breathe this is a really random estate in the middle of nowhere so it’s not a bit of a ghetto is staying it’s like glass and like rubble on the floor we call the ambulance and they go no there’s no elements and we’re like what you can’t say that yeah keep reading count is it we got the right three one of the most traumatic bits for true was again in the hospital when yeah going to this room and suddenly this surrounding the bed loads of us it’s all talking okay no nice day no pain relief they grab this ship and we’re just like having me at this one one of the dots looks at me sees what I’m doing on Belleci like he looked at me in just like you out just because obviously I’m not a lot of alien wrote they said that’s the worst bit like moments how we probably his worst paint yourself in life the only time I’ve ever heard anyone say 10 out of 10 pain yeah and you see that you started to like smile again past that point yeah he’s back on it again like pretty much 100% the ACE the rehab bike or the physiotherapy stuff if you’re watching this and you have broken bone and you want to get back into parkour it can’t happen I think people who watch this should take away that like parkour is just this adrenaline junkie thing in Penny’s injuries obviously you could have mistakes and we’ve got that point now we can show people on mistakes and things that we maybe I never learned from we’ve grown they can learn from it and yeah we have been training if you’re still here just watch sort worse if you’re still here you are sick you’re powerful we’re gonna number these clips one to ten leave a comment which ones you thinks the worst yeah you guys decide you guys decide as week on good luck choice videos every Monday tuned we’ve got pretty wicked project coming up we’re gonna try should we say are we going we’re gonna be his room you got it Matt no [Music]

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  1. I mean watching this i was kind of like, yikes, but it probably wont deter parkour people much. But then the last clip came and when I saw his leg literally backwards, i was so disgusted. Almost made me puke a little at the thought of all that pain. I mean even when they lifted him his leg just kinda hung there and it just made me feel sick. Idk who would risk it all for a few videos (that i admittedly watch sometimes).

  2. Can't you guys wear safety gear,without safety gears you guys look terrific and amazing but we don't wanna lose you guys.

  3. Glad to see y'all are still growing strong and keeping doing what you love. Fractured my femur a year ago falling off a two story building. Didn't want to give up freerunning, so fully recovered and invested in a camera. Let's get it!! 🤙

  4. I'm just sad as to what the future holds for these talented but extremely risk-taking individuals. Not trying to put a further downer (even tho this video was extremely brutal to watch in itself), but these guys are most likely prone to conditions like arthritis considering the sort of damage they've endured very early on their lives AND combined with the accelerated wear and tear (unless they have some sort of procedure that otherwise mitigates that)…

    I think long-term, this is something that's going to come back and bite their ass and I'd genuinely want to know how they might or will prepare for it?

  5. I landed from a higher roof to lower roof feet fell through somebody's toilet extension. Oh yeah, my elbow caught the outside of the hole I made and I was hanging from there. Would of been funny if somebody was on the toilet would have added to the story but yeah. Surprised this doesn't happen more often in Parkour

  6. I thought It would be a good idea to actually design a Parkour Park complete with trampolines and crash mats from large drops. Maybe we will see it made one day

  7. Mano, vcs são loucos, mesmo assim ainda torço para que nada de pior do que esses fails aconteçam com vocês. Boa sorte brothers.

  8. O foda é que analisando cada fail, todos os erros se pensados com um pouco mais de estratégia poderiam ter sido evitados.

  9. You guys are awesome, brave and very passionate about parkour ! Oh the worst was the tooth one….actually all of them had a lot of pain so I'll won't pick haha

    Now let's go to the wins ♡

  10. Usually I have like no emotional attachment when a YouTuber says like “You’re awesome!” Or something like that, referring to the viewers, but for once I actually felt special lol

  11. I think bail 5 is the worst, because I just hate hurting my teeth and I would've probably passed out if that was me

  12. Let me share a story of mine

    I was on my bike on semi valley , it’s all rocks and sand so I slipped while going up and fell with the bike down and it was steep as fuck , my ankle was sending waves of ultra pain and I was shocked and little tearing cuz the pain tho and then I went to the doctor and he let sit on the bed and kept starring n me like for 5 minutes , he left me on the bed for 30 min till I went to sleep and just sat calm , the bad thing the pain is still on but when I move it all comes back again ; so , I was laying normally till the doctor came in silence and turned my foot 90 degrees I fainted really did

  13. Doing parkour is hard trust me i know, im 13 and was doing parkour with my mate on a school but bailed out mid air after a jump, i broke a rib dislocated my ankle and broke 3 of my fingers i also had a lot of bruises, im still recovering now but try my hardest to do parkour

  14. Speaking of vaults and jumps and stuff like that, I tried to do a double Kong over a wood table in my backyard and smacked my shin on the corner then head-butted the ground. Hahah

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