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Top 10 Scary Games That Will Make You Question Reality

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10 Scary Video Games That Will Make You Question Reality. #10 Slender: The Arrival
After the first game of this slenderman series titled The Eight Pages became such a smash
hit with fans of not only scary games, but Slenderman as well, a sequel only made sense. The Arrival though steps things up when it
comes to the psychological terror you face. Just like the last game, this one will mess
with your brain. Every detail down to the sound design is engineered
to have you constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure the Slenderman isnt right behind
you. Everything from creaky floor boards to children
whispering all add to the terrifying environment. IGN described the game by saying – Its like
being asked to finish a Wheres Waldo book while your house burns down around you. #9 Inside Much like the game Limbo, Inside utilizes
as simple yet impactful gameplay with absolutely no dialogue or cut scenes. It takes your classic side-scrolling game
and flips it on its head while you move throughout the remarkable and sometimes scary background
scenery. Without dialogue, your brain starts to build
the narrative of what this kid is running from exactly. Which is where the whole questioning reality
portion comes in to play. Theres no explanation which leads many to
just watch in awe as you move from minimalist surroundings to a dystopian future. Perhaps the games developers are trying to
tell us something about our own reality. #8 Cart Life
This game doesnt need monsters to scare you, just the impending doom of not being able
to feed yourself or provide for your family As barbaric as the graphics and mechanics
are for this game, without a doubt it will break you and your ideas of reality. The game is rather simple really, you are
thrown into the role of a cart vendor and your villain is the pressures of life. How real did that get. Nothing in the game is otherworldly or unrealistic
either, in fact the pressures you face are reflected in our own society. Anyone who has experienced real poverty can
attest to this. The real head spinner is that this game is
impossible to win, no matter what you try to do the world will remain broken. Ouuuff there goes my depression. #7 System Shock 2
This game is a first-person action role-playing survival horror video game designed by Ken
Levine. The game takes place on a starship in the
very cyberpunk style depiction of the year 2114. In classic Levine style this game reflects
the feeling of the initial installment that things aren’t always the way they appear to
be. While the game doesn’t exactly have a storyline
that grabs you, its the multiple shocking reveals by the games antagonist SHODAN turned
ally in this one and the feeling of an imminent threat that gets to you. Everything from the degrading weapons to enemies
pleading with you that they’re on your side will certainly send your mind for a tail spin. #6 Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly
If the cover for this game doesnt make you want to cry into a pizza, playing it certainly
will. Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly is a Japanese
survival horror video game. This game is definitely not for the faint
at heart. Its packed full of terrifying imagery, scary
moments and game mechanics that will throw you for a loop. The game perfectly capitalizes on the intriguing
ideas proposed and expressed in the original, but really steps them up to a different level
on this one. A lot of the cutscenes appear to be inspired
by the videotape scenes in the movie The Ring. Their hauntingly black and white clips are
beautiful and horrifying all at the same time. #5 Half Life 2
Half-Life 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed and published by the Valve
Corporation. The game is the follow-up to the first in
this series and actually had a five year 40 million dollar development so you know for
sure that there were plenty of resources at their disposal. Much like Fatal Frame 2, Half-life 2 takes
everything from the previous installment and vastly expands upon it. The game does a terrific job of engaging your
mind with intelligent dialogue and mysterious occurrences throughout. Theres so many twists and turns in the game
that will throw you for a loop and combined with the incredible scenery this game is a
must play. Even if it makes you question your own reality. #4 Amnesia: The Dark Descent Amnesia the dark descent is a survival horror
video game by Frictional Games released in 2010. The mechanics in this game are beyond intense
and using them correctly will make or break you. For example, to open a door you have to hold
down your mouse and either push or pull the mouse to open the door slowly. It really adds an extra fear factor that is
pure fuel for your increased feeling of helplessness. Theres a ton of environmental manipulation
thats thrown into the mix as you either face the games terrifying creatures or run for
the shadows. As you explore your surroundings and follow
the stories in the flashbacks, its the feeling of something chasing you and the probability
that all of this will lead to a horrific ending that makes this game just so scary. #3 Visage
This independent survival horror video game is developed by SadSquare Studio. Visage takes place inside of a large home
where its evident that terrifying events have occurred there. This psychological horror game really gets
to you with its slow-paced world that combines the comfort of a home with the horrifying
realistic environments changing for no apparent reason. Overall its a guaranteed terrifying experience
playing this game that will leave you second guessing the nature of your own home. #2 The Stanley Parable
This game is a truly interactive storytelling simulator presented from the players first
person perspective. You can move around and interact with your
environments, but youll learn that as you progress the narrator who is explaining things
suddenly changes his tune when you go off the beaten path Its usually easy for gamers to ignore the
narration unless they really want to learn more about the storyline, but in this game
its the battle with the narrators story for you that makes things interesting. You see the story can split into a variety
of different outcomes based on the choices you make. This idea of following what that little voice
is telling you to do versus carving your own path has often become a debate over the nature
of our own existence. Are we making decisions based on our own free
will or is every event predetermined by some mysterious force. #1 – Observer This psychological horror video game developed
by Bloober Team is without a shadow of a doubt the pinnacle of messing with your mind. In the age of the internet fears of hackers
taking over government facilities or messing with your bank accounts have become a real
threat. The game Observer poses the question of, what
if your fears were hacked. If you are scared of all things dark and dystopian
you should avoid this game at all costs. In the game, you play as whats called a neural
detective who hacks the minds of police suspects and relive their darkest fears. Watching through these fears will actually
make you question your reality. And that has been the Top 10 Scary Video Games
That Will Make You Question Reality. Thank you so much for watching and if you
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