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Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, Nov. 18, 2019

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  1. Smackdown completely lost last yrs survival serious . They have to win this year . Now Nxt involved . What's bet Next wins

  2. Its like you can kick out of anything nowadays, back then it was rare to see you kick out from 1 finisher. WWE really does suck now, I literally look at a top 10 at least once a month and see the only thing thats entertaining is the divas and yes for the plot

  3. Got goosebumps at 6:49
    It would be amazing if during this battle if John Cena and the Rock show up outta nowhere and take out all of NXT chumps.

  4. Lashley with the Masterlock…… didn't he break the Masterlock challenge like 10 years ago? Amazing someone remembered that in creative

  5. Love how they split up Brock and Bray in separate matches cause they know Adam Cole wouldn't stand a chance against those two.

  6. Looking forward this ppv , hope they dont rush through survivor series match, with mass eliminations, give them time an hour match . all this buildup, and then we get a rushed match. Nope. Good luck Rey Mysterio, Nakamura, and Shayna ,,hope Pete Dunne gets in there, and KO turns on Raw team.

  7. No Way Jose should go to AEW if he gonna just show up once every few weeks and just lose. He hasn't even won the the 24/7 Title.

  8. This is probably the best raw of 2019
    Seth vs andrade
    Murphy vs tozawa
    Owens vs McIntyre
    All were lit
    And not to forget the brawl at the end

  9. So the Bobby Lashley story is dumb, I didnt know Rowan wrestled MGK. Also didnt know MGK wrestled lol. Shayna Bazler is starting to make the women's division on NXT stagnant and the girls that's always with her when are they going to wrestle? BUT!!!! this invasion storyline is the best I've seen!!!

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