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Top 10 Pokemon Creepypastas You Can Play

Pokemon creepy pastas are some of the most
intense gaming themed creepy pastas (and scariest) out there. Often, these online urban legends takes the
concept of the game and twists it, leading to nostalgic players experiencing horrific
consequences when something goes wrong in their game, or they stumble upon a nefarious
copy of one of the original titles. So today, we’re taking a closer look at
a few of those, but with a slight twist; all of the ones we’ve included on this list
are Pokemon creepy pastas that have been adapted into actual video games that you can download
and play (typically for free, too). We only have 5 for you today (since the creepy
pastas can get quite long). So with that in mind, let’s get to our list
of the top pokemon creepy pastas you can play! 5 Pokemon Cursed Forever
Cursed Forever’s creepy pasta is as follows: the narrator begins their tale by stating
that they’ve always loved Pokemon, specifically the first three gameboy titles, Red Blue and
Yellow. Hating emulators, they managed to find a copy
of Pokemon yellow and an old gameboy colour. After he bought them and returned home, he
attempted to play the game. Immediately, he realized the title lacked
sound. Assuming the cartridge was a little glitchy,
he wasn’t surprised when the music kicked in at the main title screen, and that Pikachu,
who appears on the title screen, was missing his eyes. When Professor Oak appeared, his head and
arms were missing. When our narrator decided to test out the
previous game saved on the cartridge, it got even weirder. Pikachu’s special emotion window appeared,
the electric Pokemon looked incredibly solemn. Then the game continued in Professor Oak’s
lab. Pallet Town wasn’t like how our narrator
remembered. It was entirely deserted, with only himself
and the lab remaining. Walking north of the town in the tall grass
brought forth more surprises; the grass was populated by Pokemon who shouldn’t have
been there, like Gengars and Alakazams and Cubones. The only option that appeared when he’d
get into a battle was run. Eventually the player got to Viridian city,
which was severely glitched. The only building they could enter was the
pokecenter, which looked demented on the inside. Nurse Joy had been replaced by a Chansey who
let our a deranged cry, and a battle between the Chansey and the player began. The only option available yet again was run,
but this time, they couldn’t escape. The Chansey then used anattack called Uhcakip. Pikachu backwards. Chansey then fainted. All of a sudden, another pokemon, an evil
looking Pikachu spirte appeared, and a new battle began. Now, the player’s spirte had an HP bar,
and a battle ensued. Long story short, Uhcakip wins the battle,
they returned to Viridian city, everything was even more demented, and a text boxes appeared
declaring the player had caught Uhcakip. And eventually, a screen appears on the player’s
gameboy that reads ‘cursed forever’, and no matter what he did, what button he pressed,
that screen wouldn’t go away, except for when he turned the gameboy off. Sounds intruging to you? Well its been adapted into a game you can
download online at and play! 4 The Original Pokemon Red and Blue – Lavender
Town Syndrome So this one is a bit of an exception on our
list. It’s the reverse – a creepy pasta spawned
from the game that you can in fact play, although, you likely won’t find yourself getting deathly
ill. So let’s back track for a sec. One of the most prominent Pokemon creepy pastas
is Lavender Town Syndrome. It’s an urban legend that tells of how kids
in Japan after playing the initial Pokemon Red and Green games (it came out as Blue in
North America, fyi), a bunch of them got really ill, to the point where there was allegedly
reported suicides. This was caused by a specific high pitch that
can be heard only by the years of younger individuals; the Lavender Town theme was said
to have this pitch, and, depending on the version of the tale you’re reading, it was
added in maliciously by a member of the design team working on the games, later taken out
in releases of the titles afterwards. Whether or not you believe the tale to be
true, you can actually test it out yourself if you’re able to get a copy of the Japanese
Red or Green cartridges (which might cost you a pretty penny nowadays.) 3 Pokemon Black
This fictional version of Pokemon black is said to turn it’s players into cold blooded
killers. Fun! Not to be mistaken with the actual 2010 Pokemon
Black, this one, spawned from a creepy pasta and said to be salvaged from a flea market
in 2005, begins as Pokemon Red and Blue do, but instead of choosing between three starter
pokemon, you choose between four, with the fourth being a pokemon called GHOST. If you select Ghost, it starts at level one,
and only has one move titled ‘curse’. Not that that matters though, because almost
every pokemon who faces Ghost is, I quote, “too scared to move”. When Curse is used, the screen cuts to black,
you hear the cry of the opposing Pokemon, and then the screen would reappear, with the
pokemon having disappeared entirely. After defeating the Elite 4, the game would
go askew again, with text appearing on the screen that read “many years later….”
and then the screen cutting to Lavender town. Your sprite becomes an old man looking at
tombstones in lavender town, no longer having any pokemon in your roster, not even Ghost. The game is now empty of people, with only
tombstones remaining scattered throughout the land. It’s then revealed to you that everyone
you cursed with Ghost’s curse move was killed by you and your pokemon. You then come across Ghost once more, in a
battle, with your only move being ‘struggle’, which chips down your own health until its
almost entirely depleted. Ghost then uses curse on you, and your screen
fades to black. If you reboot the gameboy, your saved game
is gone. But you can play it! Often referred to as Pokemon Creepy Black,
you can download mods to play on emulators that allow you to experience this unsettling
version. 2 Snow on Mount Silver
The Snow on Mount Silver creepy pasta follows a sister and brother, narrated by the former,
who grew up together collecting Pokemon games. As they got older, they decided to dabble
with hacking some of those games using a GameShark, but when it failed, the sister, our faitfhul
narrator, gave up on hacking games for the most part. Her brother, on the other hand, became obsessed. One day, after returning from a sleep over
at a friends, the sister came home looking for her brother, wanting to trade pokemon
with him after having a particularly hard time with the Elite 4 in Pokemon Gold. When she found her brother, she discovered
all of his pokemon cartridges smashed and damaged on the living room floor, and him
sitting on the edge of his bed, his face pale, a hammer in hand, and his GBA destroyed. When she went over to give him a hug, he saw
her GBA in her pocket and screamed, hurtling it over into the nearby wall. The sister went over and turned it on to see
if it still worked. It did, and when the Pokemon theme began to
play, her brother screamed once more, picking up the hammer. He ended up in the hispital for two days. During his stay, he asked his sister to get
rid of whatever games were left in his room. But when she arrived back home, curiousity
got the best of her; she had to see what he had seen, what had made him go manic in this
way. She found a gameshark code in his notes, a
string of uintelligable numbers and letters with the phrase ‘easter egg- snow on mt
silver’ written next to it. So she tossed in the cheat code into his GBA
with Pokemon Silver, It’s another title you can download from, so definitely head on over there and check it out. The opening titles were perfectly normal. It wasn’t until she saw the time on the
saved game (999:99) that she knew something was off. Eventually a dim map appeared and it looked
like static, but turns out, it was the Mt Silver map, that static being heavy falling
snow. She began to explore. Her spirite hit an invisible wall, and the
text “I can’t turn back now” appeared. Even after using an escape rope, she still
couldn’t leave the area. More strange dialogue continued to appear
over the next several minutes, including the sprite announcing that he was cold, and her
brother’s Pokemon in his roster dying off. At the submit of the mountain, Red was no
longer there. Instead, it was Celebi, whose spirte looked
mangled. It used a move called Perish Song, and a screech
came out of her GBA. She was teleported to a cave rather than a
pokemon center, and all of the Pokemon were mauled. The trainer on the trainer card was missing
a leg. All the pokemon looked frost bitten. Eventually she came across Red’s spirte. A battle began. Each of their pokemon were barely alive, their
sprites mangled, and every time they fainted, rather than the text box stating as such,
it said the pokemon had died. Eventually, our narrator had come to the conclusion
that this sub level of the mountain was some type of hellscape where all of these deceased
Pokemon, her sprite, and Red’s spirte now lived. Eventually, after the battle ended, a now
mangled looking Red said the words “it’s over”. Texted appeatred that read “used destiny
bond!” and our narrator’s screen went white, followed by a painful screech emitting
from her game boy’s speakers. Then the screen went black. She tossed out the game, the gameboy and the
gameshark. And her and her brother have never been able
to play a pokemon game since. But you still can! Including an adapted version of this creepy
pasta. 1 Hypno’s Lullaby
Hypno’s Lullaby is one of the more interesting and unique creepy pastas on our list. It began as a creepy pasta poemin the vein
of the pied piper, in which the psychic Pokemon Hypno lures children away from their homes
using his hypnotism abilities and then feeds on their dreams for all of eternity. Here’s a taste of the poem for you. I quote, “Come little children, come with
me/ safe and happy you will be/ away from your homes, now let us run/ with Hypno, you’ll
have so much fun./ Oh little children, please don’t cry/ Hypno wouldn’t hurt a fly/
Be free, be free be free to play/come down in my cave with me to stay.” It gets darker from there, too. The poem began circulating around 2010, and
then, the same year, a youtuber uploaded an actual song using the poem, which was creepy
AF anbd scored itself 3 million views. Now, you can actually download a fan made
version of the game, which began circulating online around 2013. It’s a rom hack of Pokemon Fire Red and
you encounter an evil hypno who kidnaps children. If you guys have any recommendations for creepy
pastas adapted into games you can play, be sure to give us a shout in those comments
below and let us know about them! If you dug this video, you know what to do! Spread that love, hit that thumbs up, and
be sure to subscribe to top 10 gaming for more lists just like this one. In the meantime though, thanks for watching! I’ll catch you all in the next video!

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