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Top 10 PATRIOTIC VIDEO GAMES To Play On Independence Day / Fourth Of July

Independence day. The proudest holiday that’s
always associate with fireworks, parades, barbecues, picnics, and baseball games. But
there’s actually a lot of video games that represent America too. Some games are a tribute,
while others seem like they are reaching too hard. Many countries have designated days
to celebrate their Independence, but as an American I can only tell you about the patriotic
games that represent the US. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 Patriotic Games To Play
on The Fourth Of July. Battlefield 4 Independence Day Easter Egg
Battlefield 4 knows how to celebrate Independence day with a nice barbecue, fireworks, and a
few explosions. There’s a hidden little easter egg that you’ve got to see. Celebrate the
fourth of July with by blowing stuff up with a fireworks modded rocket. And don’t forget
about the aerial show. Metal Wolf Chaos
Metal Wolf Chaos. I bet you’ve never heard of this game. Bet you’ve heard of Dark Souls
haven’t you? Japanese developer From Software created both of these games, but Metal Wolf
Chaos was actually never released in the US. That’s ironic. But it definitely fits the
profile of a patriotic game. The cover is a huge mech with a chain machine gun in front
of an exploding American Flag. Cool. In the year 20XX, America has plunged into a state
of civil and economic unrest and several states attempt to secede from the US to protect their
own interests. And the only man that can save it? The fictional president, Michael Wilson,
in a giant armored Mech Suit. He liberates cities and outposts one by one and ultimately
saves the United States from nuclear destruction. NBA Jam Democrats vs Republicans Unlockable
You wouldn’t expect a basketball game to be on the list, but there’s one unlockable that
makes it happen. The Democrats vs The Republicans in NBA Jam. You play as many of the current
political leaders in the ultimate face off. GTA V Independence Day DLC
Grand Theft Auto V celebrates Independence Day the traditional way. Monster trucks, fireworks
rockets, and MULLETS. I mean motorcycles. There’s a ton of stuff to do in the GTA V
Independence Day DLC. Broforce
There’s only one group that can save the country from evil and that’s the Broforce. An underfunded,
over powered paramilitary organization dealing exclusively in excessive force. Every character
is a bro version of classic American action heroes. Patriotic Pinball
Dust Off your Playstation 1 and pop in Patriotic Pinball. It’s like an American road trip that
represents all the classic trademarks. The White House, The Hollywood Sign, The Spaceneedle,
and the good old Statue Of Liberty. Ok this one’s not too exciting, but at least they
tried! America’s Army: Proving Grounds
There’s nothing more patriotic than being in the Army, but most of us can’t make that
level of commitment. Well, why not play the game that’s actually programmed and designed
by the Army? America’s Army: Proving Grounds. Teamwork, tactics, and gunplay. It’s even
mocapped by real soldiers. American Gladiators
Remember American Gladiators? Not the one that they tried to restart in 2008. That Rockin’
show from the 90s where American athletes duked it out to win a made up competition.
The show is super intense, but can you even imagine what the game would be like? Damn,
she’s buffer than you, brah. Let’s see what they’ve got. Player One Out Of Time. Ok, I
guess it’s not that great, but it’s a nice way to remember the show. Duke Nukem Forever
Video game’s most patriotic tough guy American hero is… Duke Nukem. Always seen in front
of the American Flag, the defender of the country from Aliens. Duke knows where his
allegiance lies. The most patriotic thing you could do for the country is to defend
it. Saints Row IV
Surprisingly Saints Row IV is at the top of our list for patriotic games. As the leader
of the Saints street gang, you become elected President and have to save the world from
Aliens. But the best part is the Commander in Chief DLC which gives you the Uncle Sam
Costume and… the ‘Merica gun. A huge machine gun that shoots explosive fireworks everywhere.
You can’t top that! What are your favorite patriotic games to
play on the fourth of July? Let us know in the comments and subscribe to the skilled
channel for more top games lists.

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