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Top 10 Disney World Rides – Virtual Park Hopping with Disney Ride POVs

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the transportation and Ticket Center and it’s another beautiful day here at Walt
Disney World today we’re gonna be virtually Park
hoppin the Walt Disney World theme parks while heading on 10 different Disney
rides now normally I’d like to take the monorail to Magic Kingdom but since the
weather is so nice I write on the fairy will be a perfect way to start the day
so let’s get on this boat and head to Magic Kingdom and I hear we are the magic kingdom the
sound of the train going across the station is just like music to my ears
but we need to hurry up and get to front to your land for our Splash Mountain
Fast Pass so up the middle of Main Street USA we go the mornings on Main
Street are always a great time to see the citizens of Main Street or catch a
glimpse of the trolley show I always make a point to stop and enjoy some of
the entertainment even if it’s just for a couple minutes so at number 10 we’re ready for a
zippity-doo-dah day on Splash Mountain I always head on Splash Mountain as
early as I can so I give myself enough time to dry off during the day because
as you know you may get wet and sometimes you actually get soaked so
let’s enjoy a ride on Splash Mountain sometimes you can get even more wet than
the big drop with that splash right there this parts always so stressful oh my god
range just last is three tickets yep from this view here you can see the
contemporary hotel the tip of the Tiki Room and the clock tower from the
Pirates of the Caribbean now with magic ingdom Splash Mountain
you’re almost guaranteed to get soaked in the front so wish me luck I mean it’s not a true ride on Splash
Mountain unless some animatronics are malfunctioning and what do you know
there’s a few more these geese look kind of creepy don’t they so jumping Brer Rabbit in the back is
known as the million dollar bunny because it’s said that Disney has spent
over a million dollars trying to fix him when he just always continues to break
down more times than not he’s not working so it’s kind of rare to see him
hopping on this trip level should be momentarily you might not be able to hear it but try
and listen for the Gophers saying F SEO for Florida State University we cover
this little secret in the previous video where well now that I’m drenched I think a
great ride to go on would be Big Thunder Mountain so I can go and dry off let’s
go do that well it’s a 60-minute wait for a big thunder but good thing we have
a fast pass for this one too so let’s go on in I know zippity-doo-dah is a song
associated with Splash Mountain but Thunder Mountain always reminds me
of the song because of that Disneyland fun sing-along video I washed it all the
time growing up and I’m sure a lot of you probably know what I’m talking about
you know that baby dude does it baby game my oh my what a wonderful day
many of sunshine idiot whoops yet no face reveal oh just yet my femur drops coming up right here it’s always a fun coaster and I’m a
little more dry now as well so I do think we should change the pace of
things a little bit because I really want to go on the people mover don’t you
I mean it’s iconic so let’s head across the park through the hub and into
Tomorrowland now you should know that if you’re coming with me to the parks just
be aware that we stopped to watch any show or parade even if it’s already
started almost every time I cross the hub
Mickey’s royal Friendship Fair is performing on the castle stage but if
you want a big show person don’t worry because it’s the finale like tell me that isn’t magical and now
we walk briskly towards Tomorrowland before everyone else does I really like
how they’re slowly reverting back to the aesthetic of the original Tomorrowland
like the monsters ain’t glass floor sign and the beams on the people mover it
looks much cleaner without the metal fins don’t you think okay it looks like
we aren’t going on the people mover since it’s still down I mean it’s been
down for the last four days thought it would be back up but I guess it’s not so
let’s try and get on a fantasy land ride before heading to Epcot I’ll cool some
water art did you know that certain custodial cast members are actually
trained in water art so they can draw all your favorite Disney characters on
the pavement it’s always a fun surprise bumping into these canvases have a magical day come back and see
there thank you very much okay the line for me the Pooh is in two
Long’s let’s head into the Hundred Acre Woods you’ll never reach that the best hidden secret in the ride is
mr. toad handing the deed over to owl it’s another detail that’s been
discussed in a previous video come with me oh there I am hey you can’t really see
me though does it bother anyone else that piglet
is the only three-dimensional figure in the scene and everyone else is a cutout you know the right short but it’s sweet
I like it okay that’s enough Magic Kingdom for today since we still have to
get to three parks so we’re gonna take the monorail over to Epcot I actually
just went ahead to Epcot to check out the construction progress through the
monorail there’s a lot of construction going on so this isn’t my favorite part
to visit right now but I mean while we’re here we might as well head on a
couple rides it’s not a unit to create
and that’s just the ride we’re gonna head on next even though it’s not the
best Disney ride I still like coming to see Figment and
the line usually isn’t too long which is always good we love a short line so
let’s take a trip into the imagination Institute this video wouldn’t be bad if
they just reanimated figment the animation just looks really bad don’t
you think first stop is the sound that will begin
by testing your hearing but a series of tones don’t thank you you want to interfere
but you got it wrong doc it’s not about listening with your ears it’s about
listening with your imagination no I completely lost my train your ears are here different things my dad wins continuing now if I’m ready in a car
scientific figment frame and the things we see with our eyes can control the
eyes with your eyes you that effect it’s not just me but that skunk scent
really smells like coffee right you know I’m sorry but after that big
stink in the spell upside-down inspiration I made my house and just because we can magic now both magics box from me and you item Thank You frequent and so as you can
plainly see imagination works the best when it’s set when you sell it back
imagination the other laugh that’s honestly one of the most
terrifying things in a Disney ride but why why now invites the secure imagination
okay good news so there are some fast passes for frozen ever after that just
opened up so I grabbed one and we’re gonna head over to Norway in World
Showcase it’s actually nice now that the rides getting old enough where fast
passes open up day of now I know a lot of people were mad that frozen ever
after replaced Maelstrom but I gotta say I really do love frozen ever after it’s
a lot of fun and the animatronics are impressive so let’s head off into
arendelle the one thing I do hate about this ride
is how bumpy this lift Hill is I mean it is the same lift Hill from Maelstrom but
they really should have replaced it the fluidity of that Elsa animatronic
always blows my mind honestly it looks like animation I mean
it is animation just animatronic animation Oh together it’s a beautiful country
as think about yeah the great thing about World Showcase now is the fact
that the International gateway is home to the Disney skyliner which makes
getting to Disney’s Hollywood Studios just that much easier it only takes
about 20 minutes it’s the same amount of time it takes to get there with the
friendship boats but you usually need to wait in line for those and the boats
stop a lot well not a lot but a few times which can get kind of annoying so
the beauty with the sky liner is that they run continuously so we’re gonna hop
on a gondola and head to Hollywood studios if I’m being completely honest
with you guys Hollywood Studios is now my favorite
park it went from being what many said was a half-day park a couple years ago
to a full-day park with 2d lands which also brought along many new rides five
out of the nine rides at the park have been added within the last two years and
he might be thinking nine rides really isn’t a lot and you’re right it’s not
but when you take into account the amount of other attractions and shows
there’s a lot to do and you can spend an entire day here and speaking of shows it
looks like some of the citizens of Hollywood are out for the afternoon they
always crack me up alright time to tackle some of these
newer rides at the park starting with slinky dog – in Toy Story
land it isn’t the most thrilling coaster but it still reaches top speeds of up to
64 kilometers or 40 miles per hour so let’s go ride slinky dog principal you’re gonna see now what you guys don’t know is that I
actually came to Hollywood Studios right at Park opened this morning before
heading to Magic Kingdom so I can get a boarding group for a rest of the
resistance and guess what they’re calling our boarding group right now so
let’s go and ride probably one of the best attractions Walt Disney
Imagineering has ever developed let’s go preflight secrets on tip 3 from power so if you’re curious how the ship works
there’s actually three separate interiors of the ship that rotate on a
turntable that’s how you eventually get into the hangar bay through the same
doors you entered it yes hyper drive also good air speed sensor Thank You
Knight now black leader are you ready have you heard from Ray I have been
tasked with getting you to protaras feedback leader we’re picking up an
unusual signal are you spotting anything yeah I see there appear to be a number
of small craft heading our way raise the shields so we can make they come we can work all in fact me identify yourselves prepare to be
boarded if you are one for one we are a civilian vessel by whose authority are
we being detained by the authority of the first water resistance come now
bring down your fuels are apparently audit the location of our secret base tell the
nine the future of the resistance is at stake the first floor
the barber chair right here on has clearly chosen the wrong
Eggman just want just one weekend alone yeah
you think you’re brave leave us yes general enemies of the vast
water we will see the snow out for media resistance you chose the wrong side and
now you will pay the secret base and the party for
Christmas here I will return to finish this personally okay see this over to this request then
head down to this game Pompeii see those droids are programmed to return it’s
about you Marie and boiled eggs Disney seated with seat belt securely fastened
to keep hands arms feet and legs inside the transport and supervise your
children tell them it’s a prisoner transfer did it work good now give him one
there’s a clear path to the turbo S at the end of the hallway turn right you’re lucky I didn’t spot you
take those tower lifts and stay out of trouble this does not look good try to find
another way down to the escape pods resistance
and neither the resources nor the county’s teenagers you underestimate
their conviction Reitsma shields shields I see no evidence Oh leave us there’s no stick tell me the location of the secret base okay you’re clear your skate pots came in a little off
target ground crews will meet you outside the wreck all right nice job recruits not we
should sign on for it but hey you resistance out I think I have that
authority to attend I need eyes on bet I should hope oh good chop recruits
thanks to your heroism the location of the resistance base is secure oh this writes so good if it had a
standby line I gladly wait two plus hours to be able to ride this multiple
times in one day but since the attraction fully is an
operating at max capacity yet the boarding groups do make sense now
speaking of waiting in lines I’m always willing to wait longer for new rides and
the newest ride right now at Hollywood Studios is Mickey and Minnie’s a runaway
railway I’ve done this ride through standby before and the line actually
moves pretty quick even though it says it’s over a hundred minute wait right
now so let’s get ready to travel into a Mickey Mouse short folks able to take a ride on the train
Stevie do they light up these good people in this you should be back in
again I really do love the interior of this Q since it looks like you’re
actually in a cartoon just all the art style used it’s perfect now there are a lot of hidden details
and references in this ride so our next video will be talking all about these
secrets and details one two three together now my god I gotta say I love the new theme song
for this ride it’s super catchy and it goes back to the attraction formula of
older rides with songs like Pirates mansion Tiki Room country bears they all
have songs and they’re all super catchy as well all right so we have one more
part to get to and that’s Disney’s Animal Kingdom I’ll be driving to that
park so let’s get ready for a wild time there’s something so peaceful about
walking into Discovery Island at Animal Kingdom and seeing the Tree of Life
maybe not a lot of you know this but that dock right there on the right used
to be home to the old discovery riverboat attraction
this was perfect time catching the service boat but seeing it passing on
through this kind of kinetic energy is exactly what the river needs again I
mean you can always count on Kevin to bring a little kinetic energy into this
area okay stop the head over to Asia to take
a journey into the Himalayas on Expedition Everest if you’re traveling
to the park solo this is a great ride to get on with a minimal weight since it
offers a single rider line so let’s do this bird on the stick didn’t show up Disko yeti year the last ride we’re gonna visit today is
Navi river journey in Pandora it’s a relaxing ride not really one of my
favorites but I honestly just go on it to see the Navi Shemin animatronic so
let’s go and enjoy the sights and sounds of the bioluminescent forest some lady why Oh well there you have it I hope you
enjoyed this virtual park hopping journey through Walt Disney World now
what are your favourite Disney rides I’d love to know leave a comment down below
to start a conversation and don’t forget to hit that like button if you enjoyed
the video

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