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Top 10 Best New Zombie Games for Android & iOS 2017

Hello Guys, welcome to the gamers point, Today
we are gonna show you the list of 10 new zombie games for your android and ios devices. but before we dig in, make sure to hit that
subscribe button, and click on the bell icon, so you dont miss any future updates. First on our list is, Last hope Sniper: Zombie war. This is a first person shooter game, where
you will clear a small city out of horrible zombies terrorizing peaceful citizens. Shoot accurately while completing hard missions. Demonstrate incredible shooting skills and
destroy zombies with the help of a gun, a machinegun or a sniper rifle. Aim well before you pull the trigger and try
to make headshots or hit other vulnerable places of zombies. Upgrade your weapons and become the hero of
this city. This game is available for free Crit zombie 2017. Crit zombie is a 2 D zombie shooter game,
where you must kill every single zombie waiting for you on you path. There are 4 different characters to select,
and many weapons to choose in the game. Stop zombie apocalypse and clear the world
out of walking dead. Use jump and other skills to dodge enemy attacks. Complete different missions and eliminate
all the enemies and bosses standing on your path. This game has received rating of 4.1 stars
and can be downloaded for free. Dead plague: Zombie outbreak. Dead Plague is a top down 3D shooter game,
where you have been assigned into a strike team, which must defend mankind, from a killer
virus. There are different character each with unique
abilty. Game also has both single player and multiplayer
game modes. In the game, your task is to penetrate the
infection zone, destroy monsters and collect DNA samples needed to make anit dotes. Game has different types of zombies and bosses,
a story campaign, and Vast arsenal of powerful weapons. Dead Plague is a free game and has rating
of 4.2 stars. The walking zombie: Dead city. This is another first person shooter game,
which takes place in the scary near future. . Fight various zombies, such as zombie prisoners,
zombie dogs, or zombie cheerleaders, with more than 10 different weapons. Enjoy great cartoon graphics and try to survive
zombie apocalypse with your reliable 3D pixel gun, that can be upgraded to inflict more
damage, be more accurate, reload faster or have more ammo. Your mission is to kill every single undead
zombie, for the survival of human race. This game is free and has rating of 4.6 stars. Zombie shooter:
In this game, you will help the player to cope with hordes of horrible zombies using
powerful weapons. Control you character while shooting and avoiding
zombies attacks. Game has different characters to select and
various types of weapons to choose. Take the hero across the level, use coverings,
shoot non-stop from heavy machinegun or other efficient weapon, and complete different missions. Zombie shooter has received rating of 4.6
stars and is available for free. Zombie offroad safari. This is a 3 d car game, where you will leave
the urban area behind, and explore a dangerous world packed with zombies, challenges and
loot. Take the wheel of off-roaders, Monster Trucks,
Six Wheeled Gas-Guzzlers, and climb the highest mountains where no man has gone before. Rush across deserts, cities, and even the
Moon, where you will meet hordes of zombies. You can crush them under your car or kill
them from different weapons like cannon, missile launcher and so on. This game has received ratings of 4.6 stars
and can be downloaded for free. City survival shooter. This is another first person shooter game,
where you will fight against endless hordes of zombies and rescue innocent citizens. Destroy monsters with the help of various
weapons such as guns or assult rifle. Complete missions in different districts of
the city suffering from the plague of zombie virus. Take a convenient shooting position on the
roof, or break into the hordes of enemies. Rescue the survived citizens and complete
missions. City survival shooter has received rating
of 4.1 star and can be downloaded for free. Kill shot virus. In this game you will shoot at horrible zombies
in the city streets, using modern small weapons and other munitions. In the game you are going to fight against
a zombie virus plague, which was escaped from a secret laboratory ,and turned city population
into monsters. Find the people who survived, and rescue them
before they get infected too. Get through different city districts and destroy
zombies on the way, with the help of shotguns, sniper rifles, machinegun ,and other weapons. Kill shot virus has raitng of 4.3 stars and
can be downloaded for free. Into the dead 2 The sequel of superb game is back. In this game you start a journey through the
zombie apocalypse in a race to save your family. Arm yourself with an arsenal of powerful weapons
and do whatever it takes to survive. Fight for your life and destroy walking dead
in this superb zombie game. Run forward, and shoot zombies coming your
way, from a gun, assault rifle, shotgun and other weapons. Into the dead 2 has received rating of 4.4
stars and can be downloaded for free. City of the Undead. This is a doomsday survival RPG with realistic
scenes, thrilling plots, and various characters. People see the warmness and ugliness in humanity
through City of the Undead. To survive the doomsday, our main character
will lead survivors, through thick and thin for a deserted hotel. This hotel will be the stronghold from where
players can explore unknown territory, accept stronger companions, expand regions, search
for lost relatives and find out the truth of the doomsday. This game is free to play and has received
ratings of 3.8 stars. So guys these were some new zombie games that
you should definitely try on your android and ios devices . If you liked this video
then hit the like and if you dont, then hit the dislike button. Also subscribe to our channel so you dont
miss any future updates. We will be back with another video soon. Untill then, keep Gaming and have a great

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