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Top 10 BEST Disney’s Animal Kingdom Secrets! | Walt Disney World

Welcome to TPM vid’s Disney Beat Where we talk about all things Disney if you’re new to the channel hit that subscribe button and click the Bell icon to be notified When we upload a new video we also have Instagram and Twitter you can find us at TPM videos Disney’s Animal Kingdom you enter a world where you can explore Asia Africa take a ride into the Himalayas explore the mythical world of Pandora and get up close with some prehistoric dinosaurs All while you’re still in Florida at the Walt Disney World Resort Disney’s Animal Kingdom opened on Earth Day on April 22nd 1998 it costs nearly 1 billion dollars to build and is Disney’s largest theme park in the world Now across the parks 500 plus acres of land It’s home to about 2,000 animals representing 300 different species, but Disney’s Animal Kingdom is not a zoo It’s much more The park celebrates animals with a focus on conservation While placing you in immersive lands that will entertain you through live stage shows thrill rides water rides and a one-of-a-kind African safari that takes up a whopping 110 acres all by itself Kilimanjaro safaris is actually bigger than the entire Magic Kingdom theme park that’s only 107 acres when building Disneyland Walt Disney himself wanted to include live animals on the Jungle Cruise But didn’t do to how unpredictable live animals could be Well fast-forward 40 years and Walt’s idea of live animals at a Disney theme park plus so much more Became a reality right in Florida There’s a lot of unseen Disney magic that goes into making Animal Kingdom the theme park. It is so today We’re gonna be looking through the parks history and counting down the top 10 best secrets and facts of Disney’s and kingdom number 10 out on a limb at the center of animal kingdom sits the iconic park Centerpiece you see the Tree of Life, and you instantly think of Disney’s Animal Kingdom it stands 144 feet tall and 50 feet wide at the base it Features thousands of artificial branches with some that even sway in the wind and a hundred and three thousand two foot long Artificial leaves it’s no ordinary tree so the Imagineers needed something enormous to support the giant branches Well what they came up with was a massive upside-down? offshore oil rig that formed the base of the Tree of Life and Speaking of the base of the tree if you look closely you’ll notice Animals carved into the tree trunk it took three Imagineers and ten artists a year and a half to carve 325 animals out of cement and plaster right into the tree next time you walk by Take an extra second to check out just how detailed all the carvings really are Number nine no plastic Safety always comes first and next to the guest safety Disney wants to make sure all of its animals at the park are also safe Well as a preventative measure Animal Kingdom doesn’t have classic lids for the cups and serves the drinks with a biodegradable paper straw the no plastic rule at Animal Kingdom Ensures that none of the animals would come into contact with plastic since it could cause health risks and even though It’s a staple to be able to buy a balloon at a Disney theme park You won’t find these either at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the same reason as the plastic lids and straws And if you bring a balloon into the park from another park you’ll have to check it at guest services Before entering and then pick it up once you leave Number eight divine now you could say animal kingdom is divine Or you could say divine is divine well it’s a very easy thing to miss but divine is a very talented still performer completely covered with leaves and Blends right into the dense foliage of animal kingdom. She made her debut with the park in 1998 and you can usually find her along the oasis paths in the mornings or on the pathway between Africa Asia during the day The performances last 20 minutes and during her set she roams around the area posing for pictures But she’ll never actually make eye contact with you if you ask a cast member They’ll be able to tell you exactly when and where you can find her at the park number seven three of a kind Pandora the world of Avatar opened in May of 2017 and is completely Breathtaking the queue for Avatar flight of passage is probably one of the most detailed cues You’ve ever seen in a Disney park as you head into the first cave there’s a lot of Navi paintings on the walls depicting banshees Symbolic drawings and even some handprints well as you’re exiting the ride through the bottom. Level corridor You’ll find three more handprints and these are no Navi prints they’re actually the handprints of Disney Imagineer Joe rody who worked on designing pandora avatar director James Cameron and avatar producer John Lando since they all had been working on this project since 2011 They decided that they wanted to leave their permanent mark right in Pandora number six It’s a beast have you ever looked at the animal kingdom logo, and noticed anything strange about it anything that stands out I’ll give you a second Well each animal in the logo was used to represent a different area of the park But one species of animals that doesn’t appear in the park are dragons During the initial development and construction of animal kingdom the park was designed to be built with an area called Beasley Kingdom The land would have been a mythical world that focused on mythical creatures like unicorns dragons and sea monsters But while they were building the park Disney was severely over budget So beastly Kingdom was put on hold and they created camp Minnie Mickey as what was supposed to be a temporary placeholder Well beastly Kingdom was never built and now that plot of land is home to Pandora Which in a sense is based on mythical creatures so the banshees are probably the closest thing to Dragons will ever get to see in the park now Do you think that Disney will ever change the logo of animal kingdom let us know down below? number-5 safari sets Kilimanjaro safaris is probably the most authentic Safari ride you’ll experience without going to Africa but the safari adventure is Sprinkled with a lot of Disney magic giving the illusion that everything has always been there It starts as soon as you enter the oversized Jeep well actually
they aren’t even jeeps Disney specially designed and retrofitted GMC trucks into vehicles that look like jeeps and They don’t run the vehicles on gasoline or diesel either. They actually use propane gas Which is a much safer alternative for the animals also? most of the tire tracks you see along your Safari ride have been molded into cement to make them look like Authentic tracks in the dirt now at first glance on your Safari ride you may have noticed a lot of fallen tree stumps and rocks Well though serve a purpose as well to encourage the animals to stay near the vehicles Imagineers design fake tree stumps and rocks that are actually feeders to keep the animals in viewing distance And you know those enormous upside down bail BAP trees Well, those are props as well all these trees found in Africa would have physically been impossible to relocate and replant in Florida So Imagineers created very convincing replicas out of cement and plaster, and you might also hear your driver Talk about the ostrich eggs that can be found on the ground also on the right side underneath the tree Those are indeed ostrich egg Well Disney actually uses fake eggs for a lot of their older bird species to sit on When the birds know they already have younglings on the way, they’re less compelled to lay more eggs so this controls the overpopulation of the birds at the park it still allows the younger birds to learn how to keep a nest and also allows for Guests to see some ostrich eggs on their Safari adventure number 4 our record setter Did you know that Expedition Everest is a record setter well after three years of construction? 5,000 pounds of structural steel and 10,000 pounds of concrete the attraction officially opened on April 7 2006 the ride cost the Walt Disney Company 100 million dollars and that price makes Expedition Everest the most expensive roller coaster ever built to date in the entire world a portion of the cost does include the rides extensive theming but the mountain is part of the coaster and at a height of 199 feet it also holds the record for being the tallest mountain and the tallest structure in all of the Walt Disney World Resort number 3 Dino land detail when it comes to Disney theme parks Everything has a back story So the story behind Dino land USA is that it originally started as a small highway town where some dinosaur bones were discovered in 1947 When you’re in Dino land you’ll see a highway sign with the route number 498 well Animal Kingdom opened in April of 1998 So the route number stands for the 4th month being April and the year 98 Also as you make your way through Dino land USA Hill approached Chester, and hester’s Dino Rama That’s placed in the old parking. Lot nearby the asphalt is faded with cracks and even has the parking spot lines It’s totally convincing that it’s ashphalt, but with the really hot, Florida Sun Asphalt can get very soft and could stick to guests fee So instead Disney use concrete and made it look like asphalt faux, Jew then it Number to extinct attractions Although animal kingdom is the newest theme park at Walt Disney World the park does contain some history of the past one of the opening day attractions was the discovery river boats the boats main purpose was to transport guests from the dock at what used to be Safari village all the way to the dock and Asia while giving guests a view of the surrounding area guests weren’t too Happy with the ride because it didn’t offer anything exclusive. That couldn’t be seen on the walking paths around the Tree of Life So due to low guest satisfaction scores Disney closed the boat attraction on August 21st 1999 just less than a year and a half after opening well if he visit Animal Kingdom today You’re still able to see both docks around the river the old Safari Village Dock is located on the right as soon as you cross the first bridge onto Discovery Island and is now a place for guests to relax and the other dock in Asia is used for the King Louie and Baloo Meet-and-greet also the boats still docked in the maintenance Bay behind theater in the wild and are occasionally used as floating stages along the water number one degrees of Separation ever wonder how some of the animals on the Safari like the elephants or Lions never get too close to the ride vehicle well Disney has secretly designed Barriers that include water features moats and natural barriers to keep the animals completely separate from the guests Take for instance the elephants they have a six acre area Surrounded by hidden moats that they wouldn’t be able to cross over and the lions. Well. They’ll stay on Pride Rock for two reasons one Because there’s an 18 foot deep and 21 foot wide moat that separates them and two the rocks have built-in air conditioning tubes Disney brought these lines to Florida from Oregon They had a difficult time adjusting to the heat and didn’t want to be outside so to solve this problem Imagineers installed many air conditioning tubes into Pride Rock to cool the Lions down and to encourage them to stay out for guests to see Animal Kingdom is definitely a park that shouldn’t be missed on your next trip to Walt Disney World So what’s your favorite thing about Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Do you have any other secrets or facts that weren’t covered in the video leave a comment down below and start a conversation? If you have any videos from the Disney parks that you’d like to share with us to be used in future videos Follow the link in the description below Thanks so much for watching click the T p.m. Icon on the screen to subscribe to this channel and check out some of these other videos, which we’re sure you’ll like

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  1. Kicking off 2018 with a brand new Disney secrets video! Lets try and get on the trending page in 2018 TPM crew…think we can do it? If you enjoyed the video don't forget to smash the like button and share the video! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for providing me with all these facts so I can start conversations with people I meet in Disney. 🤩😁

  3. When I used to go to the park I never got on to expedition Everest. It was a game changer when I went on. Also after experiencing pandora, it made the park 10 times better

  4. omg they shud of added the fantesy place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no hate but realy they shud of added it a lot more ppl would coomeeeeeeeeee

  5. I mean Animal Kingdom is amazing and has a lot of stuff to do and see! And I am sure they are going to change there logo very soon!

  6. Great video! Thank you for all the info as we are returning to Disney soon with my son's family and I didn't realize there was so much more to Animal Kingdom!  We will take it all in.

  7. 8:15 "Five-thousand pounds of structural steel and ten-thousand pounds of concrete…"

    Pretty sure you meant to say tons rather than pounds. A single one of those steel beams weighs close to five-thousand pounds.

  8. The most baffling thing I've learned from this video is that it actually gets so hot in many states of the U.S. that asphalt would melt, which is why there's so many impractical, maintenance-heavy concrete roads in the U.S. as opposed to the relatively low-maintenance asphalt roads we have in most of northwestern Europe.

  9. I don’t think they gonna change the sign. Because I Believe that they might build the mythical creature/Dragons Land.

  10. When posing in front of the entrance for a photo.. block the “IM” in the name and it will read “anal kingdom” it really amplifies the photo with a touch of immaturity to enjoy for years to come

  11. Sorry to steel ur thunder but experdtion eversit isn’t the tallest it shares place with tower of terror

  12. let’s all agree, animal kingdom is the best park in WDW, reasons why:

    -the rides, especially pandora, everest, safari, dinosaur, and more
    -the events, like the african trek, and others? idk any more
    -the shows, like finding nemo, lion king, rivers of light, and more
    -the areas, like africa, asia, dinoland u.s.a, and pandora
    -the food? nvm every park has the best foods.

  13. 5,000 pounds of steel? 10,000 pounds of concrete? Can’t build much of a mountain with that!! Plus what is ash fault??

  14. When I went to Animal Kingdom, I noticed that the trees printed on the bins had loads of animal heads hidden on it. There were animals heads disguised as:
    The trees roots
    The spaces in between the trees branches
    And the ruffled leaves at the top of the tree.

  15. Top 5 rides in animal kingdom

    5 Kilimanjaro safaris
    4 Kali river rapids
    3 Flight of passage
    2 Expedition Everest

    My #1 pick is WAY overlooked by people
    Primeval whirl

  16. Yeah, I would've loved to see a land that enters around mythical creatures at Animal Kingdom. Oh well, maybe they could make more room for more lands at Animal Kingdom, and maybe include an attraction based on The Good Dinosaur at Dinoland USA (I know, the film isn't really the most popular film in terms of Pixar's lineup of films, but it could happen someday) and not only bring Beastly Kingdom to life with an attraction based on Onward (One of Pixar's upcoming films by the way) for Beastly Kingdom, but also a whole new land based on a film I'm hoping to make called The Last Link, which is about this fictional mammal creature I had created back in like 2012 who lives in a frozen and rocky planet with his only shelter being an old, but still living tree called the Link Tree.

  17. Fun fact for Animal Kingdom: if you sit in the front of Everest, you can see both the Epcot ball AND the Tower of Terror— this is at the spot where everyone throws their hair ties. (I’ve seen it twice)

  18. Also at night the tree of life's animals come to life and light projections make them look like they move

  19. another fun fact about pandora land is that the cast menbers of the land actually talk the navy language

  20. On Discovery River Boats you saw a stone dragon fountian, a model of a unicorn, and a cave with fire coming from inside. The stone dragon, cave, and a rock were the unicorn once stood can still be found today on the Discovery Island bridge to Pandora.

  21. I'm still mad about not getting Beastly Kingdom. Closest to what could've been was at Islands of Adventure before Harry Potter came. Maybe one day they'll add it so the logo makes sense.

  22. Fun fact about the Tree of Life animals, they asked zoologists to help with the sculpting process and make sure the animals looked authentic. One of them was Jane Goodall, who noticed there wasn't a chimpanzee and convinced Disney to add one onto the tree. They decided to dedicate that specific chimp to her. I forget where on the tree it's located though.

  23. I have one secret: There are two fake waterfalls on the Pandora mountain, that are actually spinning wheels covered with a water-looking texture, that one can’t judge since they look distant!

  24. Ive heard that Disney spent $1 billion on Pandora. That's interesting that Animal Kingdom cost as much to build as Pandora alone.

  25. I spent all Thanksgiving Day in Pandora, It is that awesome. The drummers and the flowers at night, wow. I have an annual pass and go every week to a different park. Also awesome. My favorite thing at all the Parks is still "Finding Nemo the Musical" the absolute BEST. (I also never miss seeing the meercats, too. baby ones that cant stay upright yet are hilarious! )also the gorilla with new baby. Then there's Flight of Passage and the safari and the Lion King and…crap… too much to love.

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