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Top 10 Best Android Games of 2018 | whatoplay

hi guys it’s Pia 620 Android games have
released in 2018 from their 44 games have received their play score and today
we give you the top 10 android games of 2018 arranged by playscore the playscore
is an average of gamer and critic ratings starting off at number 10 is
burger shop – a follow-up to gobut games casual management game burger shop –
that she started from literal scratch as you rebuild your unjustly repo’d burger
empire your goal is to rise to the top and find out what really happened in
your last business in this sequel there’s over a hundred new story levels
and a few more game modes all giving you more time to serve customers in your
assembly line of 1 however what isn’t much of an improvement is their basic
cartoony visuals that don’t stray too far from their free PC online game like
original what sets the game apart from the hundreds of other diner – clones is
the way it tells it’s surreal storyline over 120 exciting levels its gameplay
also shows off a surprising depth despite its simplistic look whether you
want to invest in its riches to rags to riches story line or challenge yourself
in feverish 1 minute rounds burger shop – is your one-stop shop it has a
playscore of 8.5 8th at number 9 spit kiss cuteness can win anyone over but
cuteness with a purpose wins you a spot in the top Android rankings from triple
topping a game company whose entire vision is we make cute games for your
smartphone achieves all that in this latest game a one-finger platformer all
about spitting kisses and boundless love spit kiss will draw you in with its art
style that perfectly balances its themes about what makes you stay is it’s
effective platforming mechanics that anyone with a finger can just pick up
and play and all throughout its cutesy stages are various challenges players
must overcome as a central dribble that’s fighting its way from one lover
to the next underneath the familiar gameplay is adept the challenges three
times and spatial abilities a weird but working platformer with a lot of heart
it has a playscore of 8.6 3 at number 8 is shadow gun legends madfinger games
futuristic shooter packs the thrills of co-op and online multiplayer into a
pocket friendly package getting plenty of time to bacon it’s long development
period the wait was all worth it taking mobile shooting to a whole new level
it’s not just the detailed graphics that look straight out of consoles shadow gun
legends also offers smartphone users a place for destructive relaxation in
their persistent role within its narrative based campaigns put yourself
in the shoes of the eponymous Task Force struggling to rid itself of a deadly
alien threat in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter but it
serves as a great backdrops with enthralling action contributing to that
is its array of customizations and intricate gear system that make you feel
fully in control still far from the dream of a fully realized smartphone FPS
it’s a step in the right direction with a playscore of 8.6 six spawning into
number seven is one hour one life-form mobile probably one of the most
thought-provoking 1-hour experiences you ever get on the mobile it’s an Android
port of Jason Norris independently crafted survival game of the same name
while it explores the same tropes of exploration resource collection and
management much like any survival game players spawned into randomly selected
families in a persistent world who already have their lot decided for them
in their 60-minute existence whether you’ll be born into thriving helpful
communities or abandoned into a life of solo struggles will be determined by RNG
how you live is all up to you despite the simple stick figure visuals
it’s these kinds of arrangements that open players up to rich rolls of
emergent gameplay if you want the less romantic mood and also falls into the
trap of wonky controls and occasional server problems but letting you answer
life’s biggest questions while having a laugh it has a playscore of 8.6 6
ruling at number six is rain’s Game of Thrones there is no twist of love to
take you out of royal living in this one a spin-off of devolver digital masterful
range games Game of Thrones dives into the deep lore of the ever popular a song
of Fire and Ice series known as a tender like game of choices the stakes are
stacked even higher as you attempt to balance out battles and alliances in an
attempt to claim the iron throne making use of already familiar characters it’s
very easy to get into the feel of the game as enjoyable as it is though it’s
not a replayable experience but the variety of cards that let you decide
your adventure through fast-paced black and white decision-making the lack of
actual story and progression often leads to a repetition of events but it makes
up for it with a wide array of objectives to achieve as well as a high
score function that challenges you to do better every time adding a whole new
dimension to the reins gameplay it has a playscore of 8.7 six hey what about you
what was your favorite Android game this year tell us all about them in the
comments section you can also get the games on this list by using the links in
our description box if you want more of what to play a check out our gameplay
channel what’s to play live to watch us play the latest and greatest games link
in the top right corner number 5 is super cat tails – there’s nothing more
adorable than this sequel to the best cat former on the Android Alex the cat
and his friends return to embark on a cat-tastic quest to rid the feline
kingdom of catland from an army of tin soldiers with over a hundred levels of
cat Chi retro music and handcrafted visuals it’s a perfect adventure game
Thirteen’s its familiar charm and improving some of its concerns from the
original as usual the game aims for the ultra cute experience where every danger
scenario looks cute despite the cats clinging for their life exploration is
the best thing about the game the more cats the players have the more chances
they have to unlock more secrets and uncover the deeper mysteries of this
cute platformer well-designed and intelligent without taking itself to sea
it receives a playscore of 8.7 7 zoom in to number 4 is asphalt 9 legends there
is no denying game lofts asphalt series is the best of the best red comes
through the mobile racing genre it’s taking over our lists of racers and it’s
not stopping anytime soon in this latest asphalt entry driving
feels smoother than ever it almost feels like you’re playing on the console
instead of an Android device especially with its controversial touch drive
feature that easiest acceleration but that’s just the tip of the iceberg
Legends has a massive amount of content at its disposal racing with friends and
online opponents gives players a reasonable progression Ward and more
customization options it’s a true racing experience on the Android and it
receives a playscore of 8.7 7 at number 3 is Altos Odyssey snowman sand boarding
journey is a tale of its own it boasts majestic backdrops emotional sand tracks
and a graceful grinding experience a follow-up to Altos adventure also
returns with his friends in an endless adventure to discover secrets as dreamy
as it could be players – down desert dunes rock formations and explore
ancient ruins in simple and less run or fun no longer our players bound to
snow-capped mountains this time by tapping the game to start the first few
seconds will fill your entire screen in a zen-like atmosphere with original
ambient music and limitless potential with its procedurally generated elements
every playthrough feels unique one thing’s for sure this game is a
fantastic one tap endless runner that retains their core gameplay with added
depth and more rewards oh it’s also free to play on the Android it receives a
playscore of 8.8 zero climbing into second spot is motorsport manager mobile
3 when it comes to micromanaging a motorsport event at the palm of your
hand play sports racing strategy game is the perfect choice with a promising
premise at its disposal develop a motorsport team from scratch and make
every huge decision to hire drivers and develop cars
huge upgrade from its predecessor mmm three manages to break new grounds by
improving its visuals and adding more content among those is its augmented
reality feature where it provides an exhilarating realistic experience to
players however one of the best enhancements in this entry is its
technical feats play sport adds more depth to the career mode experience
where players get to climb the racing ladder even the AI is smarter than usual
its new system called influence lets players build up their reputation which
brings more importance to driver progression
aside from acquiring new drivers sponsorship deals and cars there’s just
so much to do in this game and even new players can get right into the action
due to its helpful tutorial mode find it all out yourselves as it receives a
playscore of 8.9 3 here are the runners-up before we reveal the number
one pop G mobile the Trailblazers of battle royale this free Android port
lets you take the multiplayer 1 vs. 100 action wherever you go it has a
playscore of 8.5 – old school runescape runescape in all its old-school glory
relive the good old days of Jay X’s popular sandbox MMO and fight battles
with the return of its PvP system it has a playscore of 8.5 1 major mayhem – a
sequel that ups the shooting ante with new levels and a 3d makeover make like
John Rambo with another explosive tale of man against evil corporation it has a
playscore of 8.4 7 hexa logic putting a twist on regular Sudoku rules test your
logic skills in over 90 levels of their hexagonal Briggs it has a playscore of
8.4 for Monster Hunters stories mh’s most kid-friendly title instead of
taking down colossal beasts it immerses you in a fantasy world of fun friendship
and taking care of the environment it has a playscore of 8.4 2
Assassin’s Creed rebellion Achebe fight version of Ubisoft ec-series it brings
together their famous Assassin’s into one mobile strategy RPG build your own
Assassin’s Brotherhood and fight against Templars in exciting battles it has a
playscore of 8.4 1 Star Trek fleet command an open role strategy and the
mole based on Roddenberry Star Trek universe featuring a kelvin timeline
story filled with their iconic races and officers it has a playscore of 8.4 1
pocket city a simulation game that boasts sim
city light construction and management it’s one of today’s most impressive
free-to-play builders build your ultimate metropolis and answer to each
of your citizens needs it has a playscore of 8.3 9 epic 7 a new
challenger in the world of mobile rpgs smile gape mega port plays on
traditional JRPG tropes like turn-based combat and captivating storylines
it has a playscore of 8.3 7 caravan’ war heroes and tower defense a tower defense
game from hiker games that lets you show off your strategic skills in player vs.
player battles it has a playscore of 8.3 6 and the best Android game of 2018 is
Kingdom rushed vengeance tower defense isn’t a dying genre and Ironhide Studios
latest iteration of their critically acclaimed work is back for more TD
mayhem vengeance offers a flurry of new content where players stop more desman
from taking over the world once again much like its predecessors the best part
of ironhide’s Kingdom rush series is its high arsenal of destruction and monster
variety the game offers a selection of mighty towers to easily decimate an
entire horde of orcs goblins demons dark knights zombies and so much more
additionally its new maps and heroes bring about a fresh new take on the
Kingdom rush experience from icy glaciers desolate gold mines or
abandoned villages vengeance never stops to give players a relentless
defense experience that goes increasingly challenging after every
level picking the proper heroes and the right defenses is necessary to get that
juicy three stars and just like three stars this game deserves our number1
spot with a playscore of 8.9 9 and those are the top 10 android games of 2018 if
you loved this video don’t forget to like share and subscribe to become a
certified Watsa player thanks guys see you next time

Reader Comments

    This is a link to the complete and UPDATED* list of the BEST ANDROID games of 2018.

    *The Playscore is dynamic, and it gets updated every hour. When the gamer/critic ratings change, so will the Playscore.

  2. My favorite android game is "Bouncy Bird: The cute & happy friend". It should really have made this list, according to me it's one of the best games ever!

  3. hate to break it down for you but your goddamn play score is faaar from accurate wtf are those games ? why i never heard of em ?
    and most importantly why they look like game boy color games?

  4. RIP tag goes to…
    1. Brawl Stars
    2. Fortnite mobile
    4. Granny
    and many more beautiful games..!
    cuz a shitty Tower defence game is better than all of the games that are supposed to be included in the list..!儭

  5. I only heard of like 2-3 games on the entire list including ones outside top 10. Like identity V wasn't even on this list this is just garbage

  6. I recommend Identity V. If you like Dead By Daylight you'll love Identity V. The creators of Dead by Daylight helped make it infact. It's still being updated to.

  7. Your playscores seem pretty… Useless? They're all 8.-something. The variances are hardly noticeable to make me really have an opinion over one game versus another.

  8. Also try my game, it's called Ant Evolution and is available on Play Store for free. It's really fun and simple strategy about ants and their life. Check it out, thanks!

  9. Im happy you put in the MM2 here. It deserves more players, its totally worth its money. But Asphalt 9 WTF. The Asphalt 8 is the only one in the series that worth the download, but 9?????? Omfg. Btw not a bad list.

  10. I like spit kiss type of games and i found these games pretty fun
    Little Kitten Adventure: Kitty-thon
    &Color Snake : Snakey

  11. Hello whatoplay! Have you heard of Leapy Frog? I am a game developer in the UK, and created a game which will be the next Flappy Bird. It is absolutely free on the Google play store and you can find it by searching Leapy Frog. There is also find a video on my channel. There is a major update coming this week, including IOS compatability and lots of new major features!

  12. Can someone recommend me some great mobile games like lonewolf 17 +, the walking dead series , life is strange; games that have rich story and action ?

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