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Top 10 AWESOME Water Slides for Kids! Water Park EXTRAVAGANZA!

#1 Giant Banana Water Slide! You ready? Here we go! Whoooo! (Laughing) (More laughing) #2 Blue Torpedo Water Slide You Ready? Ya! It feels like we’re going upside down! We’re upside down! #3 Mountain Race Water Slides Do you need any help? Huh? Do you need any help? No. You can go. #4 Yellow Tube Water Slide For Kids #5 Mini Racer Water Slides Right here. Right here. Good job!! #6 Indoor Pirate Ship Water Slide #7 Tropical Clear Blue Water Slide That was scary! #8 Big Blue Water Slide For Kids #9 Small Yellow Water Slides #10 Awesome Indoor Water Park Water Slide I’ll meet you down there! Go! Okay!

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