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Top 10 Android & iOS Games ‘Under 100MB’ [OFFLINE]

Hey Gamers! Welcome back to IsItThatGame? Your one stop destination for the best smartphone
games out there! Are you Looking for some supercool games that
wont be a burden on your phone storage? Dont worry we got you covered! I am your friend ‘Big Smoke’ and this is the
2nd part of our latest series ‘Finally! Best android and ios games under 100MB’ that
can be played completely offline! So No Internet? No problem! Make sure to Leave a BIG FAT LIKE if enjoy
this video and now without wasting any time… Let’s get started! [PAUSE]
First up on our list we have Zombie Offroad Safari, an over-the-top racing game that lets
you turn your vehicle into a zombie’s worst nightmare! This 66 MB title developed by DogByte Games,
offers six open-world world regions to explore and a dozen different vehicles to unlock. Each vehicle comes with its own unique set
of abilities and can be further improved by equipping it with various types of weapons. The game mainly focuses on exploration but
shooting hordes of googly-eyed zombies is just as important! [PAUSE]
Next up we have Hero Hunters, an awesome 95 MB squad-based Hero Shooter developed by HotHead
Games. This title combines elements from multiple
genres including RPG, third-person shooter, and Battle Royale! Hero Hunters lets you put together squads
of up to five heroes as you engage in tactical cover-based combat a la XCOM 2! This game will keep you busy for days thanks
to its lengthy campaign, challenging boss battles, and 50+ heroes to unlock. [PAUSE]
Next up we have Mars Mars, a 77 MB title developed by Pomelo Games. Mars Mars is all about exploring the Red Planet
and uncovering its many secrets. The gameplay revolves around jumping from
location to location with the help of your trusty jetpack. You start off as a fairly generic astronaut
but get to unlock more characters as you progress. These include a couple of aliens and what
seems to be the space version of Cleopatra! [PAUSE]
And next up on our list we have a hilarious aim-and-shoot game known as Bowmasters. This 67 MB title was developed by none other
than Miniclip and features the studio’s signature art style. Bowmasters includes multiple game modes as
well as dozens of different weapons and characters to choose from. The character roster is quite creative as
it includes everything from mimes and sharks to pop culture icons like Thor and Walter
White! [PAUSE]
Put on your brave face because this next title brings the legendary horror icon Jason Voorhees
to your phone! Luckily, in Friday the 13: Killer Puzzle you
get to play as Jason instead of having to run from him. This 89 MB title developed by Blue Wizard
Digital features over 100 levels and tons of gruesome weapons to unlock. You can also play as various versions of the
masked killer, including Frozen Jason and Apocalypse Jason! [PAUSE]
Coming up next we have a very cute 78 MB adventure game known as The Little Fox. The title comes courtesy of ZPlay Games and
brings some pretty innovative features to the table. An endless runner at its core, The Little
Fox is the first of its kind to use hexagonal fields. A couple of other things that immediately
stand out here are the minimalistic graphics and the beautiful low-poly art style. [PAUSE]
Hungry Shark Evolution is a popular arcade game developed by Ubisoft that will eat up
99 MB of your storage space. Don’t worry, though, because it’s worth
it! This open-world adventure game comes filled
to the gills with beautiful environments to explore and enemies to chow down on. There are more than a dozen playable sharks
to unlock, including Hammerheads and Megalodons. The best part? You can strap lasers and jetpacks to all of
them! [PAUSE]
This next title combines elements of racing and rhythm games while also adding a pinch
of 80’s inspired retro aesthetic for good measure. I’m talking of course about the aptly named
Music Racer, a trippy looking 97 MB game developed by AbstractArt. Music Racer features many customizable vehicles
and plenty of levels to blaze through. More importantly, though, the game lets you
use your own music to race and the levels will even adapt to it! [PAUSE]
Coming up next on our list is a very impressive looking 99 MB arcade game called Vector 2. The action-packed title comes courtesy of
developer Nekki and takes place in a grim dystopian world. Vector 2 features procedurally generated environments
and extremely lifelike animations for your playable character. Add to this a robust upgrade system, fancy
parkour moves, and cool high tech gear, and you’ve got yourself a pretty unique game
on your hands! [PAUSE]
We’re wrapping things up with one of the most beloved tower defense games of all time. I’m talking of course about Plants vs Zombies! This 68 MB title comes courtesy of EA and
its basic gist is simple – put together an army of plants to stop a slowly approaching
army of zombies. If you’ve never played PvZ before, you’ve
been missing out! There’s a good reason why this game remains
popular more than a decade since its initial release! [PAUSE]
So thats all for this video guys…to watch 10 more awesome games under 100mb click the
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such awesome ‘ios and android’ games! See you in the next video! Till then, this is your friend ‘Big Smoke’,
Signing Offfff

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