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Top 10 Amusement Park Disasters

10 Amusement Park Disasters 10) Scalping A birthday treat at an amusement park went
painfully wrong when 8-year-old Danielle Foti’s hair got caught in the ride. As the 14-cart sled moved along the tracks,
Danielle’s hair slipped through a gap in her seat and wrapped around a motor on the
ride. The motor attached to her hair and caused
Danielle’s head to smash into the back of her fiberglass seat, and the force tore the
right side of her scalp off. Source: South Coast Today 9) Severed Feet The Superman ride at Six Flags in Kentucky
was closed down after the free-fall ride malfunctioned, leaving 16-year-old Kaitlyn Lasitter with
life-changing injuries. During the ride, passengers are lifted 54
meters into the air, before being suspended momentarily and then dropped at speeds of
87 km an hour. But on one fateful ride, a cable on the ride
snapped and became wrapped around Kaitlyn’s neck and feet. Kaitlyn managed to free the cable from her
neck as the ride climbed, but as the ride dropped the cable tightened around her legs,
severing her feet at the ankles. Source: CNN 8) Smiler In 2015 visitors left British amusement park
Alton Towers with life-changing injuries when human error caused two rollercoaster cars
to collide. The Smiler [smy-ler], a world record breaking,
14-loop rollercoaster, malfunctioned while 16 passengers were riding it. A test car was sent to test the track. However,
staff working on the ride mistakenly restarted the ride before the test car had made it around
the rollercoaster. The cart full of 16 passengers slammed into
the stationary test car, shattering the legs of those in the front of the carriage, resulting
in two guests needing a leg amputation. Source: BBC 7) Derailed In Japan’s worst amusement park disaster,
a woman was killed and 19 were injured when roller coaster The Fujin [foo-jeen] Raijin
[ray-jeen] derailed. The rollercoaster in Japan’s Expoland amusement
park suffered from a faulty wheel axel, which caused the ride to swing wildly on the tracks
as it hurtled 75kph on the 1km long track. As the ride sped to the end of the track,
19-year-old student Yoshino Kogawara’s head was smashed into a guardrail and she was killed
instantly. Source: Japan Times 6) Double amputee An Iraqi War veteran’s family outing turned
to tragedy when his war injuries prevented him from being safely seated in a rollercoaster. Double leg amputee Sergeant James Hackemer
[hack-ah-mur] was riding in the front carriage of the Ride of Steel roller coaster at Darien
Lake Theme Park, in New York. But disaster struck when the carriage descended
112kph down a steep incline. Because of Hackemer’s disability, his body slipped through the ride’s
restraining bar, and he was ejected onto the grass below, and the impact of the fall killed
him. Source: Mail Online 5) Decapitation 17-year-old Asia Leeshawn Ferguson was tragically
killed after he entered a restricted area at amusement park Six Flags Over Georgia. After losing his hat while riding the Batman
rollercoaster, Ferguson jumped the fences in an attempt to retrieve it. But unfortunately he stumbled into the path
of the rollercoaster, as it hurtled at a speed of 80 km an hour. The rollercoaster struck Ferguson, decapitating
him on impact. Source: Fox News 4) Scream In 2015 two guests were killed when a new
ride, named Scream, was opened up to the public in the Longshan Amusement Park in China. Tragedy struck soon after the ride started,
as staff hadn’t given the guests enough time to put on their safety belts. Two guests were taken 20 meters into the air
before being flung out of the ride, fatally plunging to the ground below. Source: Mail Online, Mirror 3) The Mindbender Tragedy struck the Galaxyland Amusement Park
in Canada when missing bolts caused a cart to derail on the world’s largest indoor
triple loop rollercoaster, The Mindbender. The rollercoaster cars were traveling at 97
kph when the last cart detached from the rail. This caused the safety bars to disengage and
park guests to be thrown from the ride. The derailing meant that the cart failed to
complete the final loop of the rollercoaster, causing it to slide backwards and smash into
a concrete pillar. 3 passengers were tragically killed, while 19 were seriously injured. Source: LA Times 2) Lift Off A simulation at the Ecoventure Valley theme
park in China went horribly wrong when mechanical problems cause the ride to lose balance. During the ride, which aimed to simulate a
rocket launch, one of the cars came loose, causing it to ricochet around the simulation’s
chamber. This in turn caused an electrical fire, and the car plunged 10 meters to the
ground. Six people were killed, while ten more were
seriously injured. Source: Wall Street Journal 1) Haunted Castle In 1984 a Haunted Castle at the Six Flags
Great Adventure park turned into a real life horror story when it caught fire, trapping
8 guests inside its walls. Temperatures in the castle quickly soared
to more than 1000°C, melting the walls and turning the building into a raging inferno. Park visitors fought through thick smoke to
find their way out of the dimly lit maze of aluminum trailers. When firemen were finally able to enter the
Castle, they found 8 bodies, burned beyond recognition. Source: NY Times

Reader Comments

  1. The title picture remind me of Phineas and ferb the they built a roller coaster and the part when they where standing on the front of the roller coaster and they were upside down in the subway tunnel and they did not fall but it was dangerous

  2. I'm worried for Alton Towers, never mind the tragic Smiler incident of 2015, the Air/Galactica ride (Galactia It's new name) commonly derails. While I was there recently the non-VR part of the rollercoaster derailed slightly as it was going up the hill to the rest of the ride, thankfully they were able to stop it and get everyone off before fixing it.

  3. One time I was at seaside heights nj and there’s this green rollercoaster and they say you can be 48 inches to go on it so I went on it when I was younger this was like 3 years ago and I got on at 44 inches I learned the hard way because on that ride there’s no thing covering your shoulder which there should be because you go upside down. It’s just on your waist. And I almost fell of because my legs were very skinny and I could easily slide out. But I managed to stay on because I held on tight. Never going on that again

  4. I never understand why regular people are so scared of roller coasters, they are thousand times safer then driving! 9/10 times that an accident happens is because of humans, they don't know how to operate a rollercoaster. Or riders just don't listen to what the safety measures say. Roller coasters are perfectly safe, especially nowadays. And I also hate how these YT-channels make it look like that are rollercoaster accidents everyday, they make ridiculous thumbnails that aren't even real, and these channels pretend that they know everything about rollercoasters, but they don't, so don't get yourself tricked by these kind of video's.

  5. In fifth grade i had a school field trip in a amusement park and i went in one of those rides that turn upside down and it stopped just when it turned left i was so freaked out the thing was i was facing the ground so it freaked me out even more but it only stopped for about 5 minutes but still so terrifying

  6. Don’t fret about the ride of steel at Darien lake they changed the safety equipment kinda same type of safety equipment but newer


  8. The smiler. One of the best roller coasters I've been on before and after the crash. TOTALLY safe now though. Hours of queue but it's worth it. The mistake was because of some idiot who wasn't watching his screen and if it happened again there are massive bumpers so it won't hurt anyone.

  9. The batman one is wrong….it was the raptor at cedar point sandusky oh. I was there that day so was lebron james. A girls legs hit him she also shattered her legs

  10. Maybe they could use it to brain wash childern from other countrys to lure them in from other countrys like mexico and cubia

  11. sadly, a month after this was filmed there was a roller coaster accident in dreamworld, Australia and 4 people tragically lost their lives. RIP <3

  12. Typical people these days. Watch a video on ride accidents and is scared to go on them. Shit happens sometimes and honestly your more likely to have an accident going down the highway on a bus than dying on a roller coaster. That haunted castle one was just awful at the time. Already spooky enough and then it finally catches fire. It probably was waiting to do so and if not then it would of now tbh. Hopefully people learn from these accidents

  13. 1:14 smiler is a good ride I have been on it and it’s still open just because it crashed once doesn’t mean it’s going to crash again it’s a good ride don’t be scared to go on it I was scared at first but it’s good

  14. *Warning to all coaster enthusiasts like myself*: this is one of the most dumb comment sections you'll come across.

  15. If people are stupid enough to go on these dangerous rides that normally meet no safety standards , more fool them

  16. I’m going to either lego land or Paultons park soon but now I’m worried 😟 but I think these are safe right?

  17. 1:00 nice quick acting Kaitlyn, focusing on the neck cable first and foremost. Saved her own life there… wish you the very best.

  18. You have to understand that you have higher chances dying the way driving to the amusement park then actually riding one of the coasters

  19. Everytime i ride any roller coaster or any ride, the fear doesnt come from the height really but rather the horrifying thought about the cart flying of in mid air.

  20. OMG THE LAST ONE! Haunted Castle my mom told me everything. She said, that when she went on the Ferris wheel, you can see the remains of it. For school, I did an entire article about it. That’s my local Six Flags, and 9 teenagers brought lighters, 8 of them were killed. A girl screamed fire with her group, it was insane. The 8 got trapped in there and it was in Hunchback display. So sad. I can’t believe they didn’t put smoke detectors in there.

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