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Stop! Ops New videos every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 14h00 UTC We’re gonna have a lot of fun! There is this kid of child who wants to play on a toy because another child is already playing. Let me play at this toy? But I got here first. Now it’s my turn. Stop! Let me play Stop this It’s my turn! Stop! I arrived shortly. Let me play I’m still playing. You must wait your turn. I’m going to play a little You must wait your turn! I’m just going to play a little Let me kid you! There is the kind of kid who always bragging. Look how I know how to ride this toy! See how good I am at it. Without hands! I do like this! Look did you see? There is a kind child who is afraid of all the toy rides! Can I push you? Okay. But do not push me too high. Push me just a little. Do not rock me much. Just rock me a little. This is getting too loud! No more pushing! Hey It’s too high! Stop! Stop! I’LL FALL OFF TO THE GROUND! Please! I’m going to fall on the floor I’m going to call my mother! Stop mother! MOTHER! [child crying] Excuse me There is a child that is already big but wants to play in the small playground! Ihh [rodeo style] Hey, this toy is cool! Does the rubber band take my weight? You’re too big for this toy! Let me jump a little [losing balance] Dad, do you want to play around here for a while? this is heavy This toy is good Wait for me Cast: Luiza, Ivan and Patricia

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