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  1. This is the correct metaphor
    This shows even if sales are down it can jump back up but if you dont catch it while it lasts it will plummet

  2. This is vat19 they sale stuff that isn't always theirs

    I think it good and bad they steal ideas but they also help other places with production increase

  3. It sound all fun until you hold on to the yellow bit for 7 seconds and the thing snaps back almost breaking your finger

  4. I had one of these but it was a little different it just looked like a half circle flip it inside out wait a couple seconds then it pops up

  5. I used to have one of those but i threw it against the wall inside the bus and it went out the window

  6. 0:37 Sales will immediately fall back down, but it'll rise again.

    *Throw the toy up, and catch it in mid air

    With quick thinking, the sales will raise, and retain as the thinking is quick enough to prevent the sales from dropping.

  7. I watched idubbz video on the popper toy and i remembered i had a similar toy which is called "zeebeez". So…. i ended up here

  8. I say when the sales go down they bounce right back up then down then it is in your hands to make the sales go down again or keep the sales steady this is based of the metaphor o/ {-}

  9. Here's a funny thing about the zee bee, if you cut out the center shaft bit, you can launch airsoft pellets at about 85 fps by holding the outer rim when firing. To fire you flip it like you would normally, then load pellet into the hole, then push to initiate the pop like it was dropped, it should fling the pellet at about 85 fps.

  10. Yaaaaayyyy if you buy this product you will get FIRED, YIPEE and it doesn’t even need a bottle opener that’s how cool it is

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