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Tiny House Water Park Hotel

Well for the purposes of this (snaps fingers) hey guys this is Bob the tiny house
builder and today is a really special day we just delivered the very first
tiny house to this all-natural Lagoon that’s behind me this is an actual water
park that uses no chemicals to clean and filter the water not only does this
waterfall look cool as a feature but it also serves a very vital function it’s
adding oxygen back into the water as the water falls over some of the other
really cool features about this pond or lagoon is we have this really cool River
also a 0 to infinity Beach that goes all the way down to almost 10 feet
underneath the waterfall is actually a really cool grotto where you can
actually walk underneath the waterfall or even jump through it so it’s a really funny story on how this whole thing came about I got an email back in February it
was about one-line long and I really didn’t think much of it when I made the
phone call and I started to talk with the dells organization and they
described to me other projects that they had done and really tried to explain how
this whole water park thing was gonna come together at the end of the
conversation it was you really just got to come out and see it so after coming
out here seeing what they were doing visiting some of their restaurants in
town getting an idea for the style and vibe of what they were trying to portray
that’s how we came up with the exterior with the very dark wood and the copper
and although the outside looks really cool it’s nothing compared to the inside
so let’s go take a look so this is by far my favorite tiny house
that I’ve ever designed and had the pleasure of building one of the reasons
I think is because just all of the different features everything is an
element of surprise when you think something is one thing it actually turns
into something else or when you thought something was going to be bland and
boring you’re greeted by this beautiful kitchen and just the overall setting of
this place is so classy so let’s go check out this loft because it’s super
it’s really cool come on. So as you come up into the loft area you’ll see that
we’ve got a large queen-size bed up here plenty of room for two adults or a
couple of kids you know depending on who’s going to stay we wanted to make
sure we had a lot of accommodations and a nice large egress window brings in a
ton of light and just a really nice place to hang out let’s go check out
this bathroom so when designing the bathroom it was really important that we
had a space that didn’t feel claustrophobic we realized that the
people that are gonna stay in these homes you know they’re they have bigger
homes so we don’t want them to feel uncomfortable so we definitely designed
a very spacious bathroom plenty of places to set things a large vanity a
regular-sized toilet a large 4-foot shower but one of the things that’s also
really cool is we we didn’t want to waste any space and we also wanted the
guest everything they touch we want something to happen right so we made
this really cool pullout storage so I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been
in a shower and then I don’t have a towel so with this we wanted to make
sure those towels were really accessible and right next to you so it’s pretty
much it for the bathroom but let’s go check out the family room there’s a lot
more of this convertible stuff there so if you thought that cool feature in the
bathroom was something interesting wait do you see the stuff in this family room
take this couch for example right now it’s a couch but to turn it into a bed
only takes a snap of a finger pretty simple actually you know take all the
cushions off flip it but the benefit is you’ve got a full-size queen mattress
here so put it away so one of the other thing that’s really cool about this
house is this really fancy hutch the hutch is really cool just because TV
comes up out of the top the front flips open you got a nice table and then the
TV will go back down the kitchen it was so exciting for me because we got to do
something really high-end fine detail and this wasn’t a lot of space to work
with the budget for the kitchen we were able to accomplish a lot more we wanted
to make you feel like you were still at home and incorporate all those same kind
of features that you would find in your normal house so we installed a nice
sized microwave a full-size refrigerator a two burner top
we made a very custom cabinet that has some really cool copper hardware we
wanted to do something very special for the shelving so we ended up using the
same bamboo countertops that we used in both the kitchen and the bathroom to
create the shelving the two lower shelves are truly floating the bar
that’s in the middle of them actually supports both of them and we ended up
just putting a little bit of silicone behind the shelves just to help with
vibration but the way that they’re designed they truly do balance
themselves then the LED backlighting really sets off the herringbone
backsplash that we were able to incorporate into this kitchen as well
well listen guys I really hope you enjoyed this tour of this very cool tiny
house and awesome resort that you can now stay at for more information about
how to rent this house please click the link in the description below also
please remember to Like comment and share this video and I hope you have a
great day you

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  1. It is exciting to see the positive evolution of style in tiny homes in your video . Very well done. It's also great they can be moved. That lagoon was less than naturally attractive.

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