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Thomas and Friends Season 22 Full Episode Compilation

RosIe is Red. hello Edward
there seems to be more mail than usual tonight
a lot more that’s because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day what’s
that it’s when people send cards or flowers or give gifts to the ones they
love and who’s that oh that’s Cupid he represents love and affection why’s he
got a bow and arrow well when he shoot you with his arrow you’re supposed to
fall in love fall in love after getting shot with an arrow that’s silly I mean
that’s just beautiful the next morning down at the docks
diesel was up to his old tricks Rosie water yet do it
it wasn’t Rosie’s fault diesel shunted her is that right Thomas
or are you just sticking up for Rosie because she’s your favorite no Thomas is
sticking up for me because he’s my friend
Oh Thomas and Rosie sitting in a tree kis s ing well here we are sitting in a
tree oh wow palm trees well this isn’t so bad
yeah this is kind of nice man I wish this dream sequence would never end huh what a lovely dream what later on at
the washdown hey Thomas I just wanted to say thank you for sticking up for me
down at the docks I didn’t stick up for you at the docks hey everybody look at
Rosie she thinks something happened when it didn’t
haha silly Rosie we should probably move Thomas that’s
not very nice well actually Henrietta I agree with Tom quiet Toby yes dear Thomas I need you to go to Ofsted Castle
and pick up some very important passengers you’ll take them to
Vicarstown where you’ll meet Rosie but I don’t wanna meet Rosie you will do as
you are told no yes no yes no very well fine I’ll meet Rosie good Rosie it’s very important you take those
trucks to Vicarstown where you’ll meet Thomas Thomas no by my order no yes no
yes no very well okay I’ll do it very good mother let’s go for lunch come on
come on what’s the hurry Rosie I don’t want to
bump it to Thomas he was so rude to me this morning Thomas was rude and I
thought he really liked you good thing I wasn’t hauling dynamite hello slow little Tank Engine you’ll be
pleased to know rosie is running along right behind me Thomas what are you
doing I don’t want to see Rosie first you’re rude to Rosie now you’re avoiding
her oh you know Henrietta I actually agree with Tom be quiet Toby yes dear
that evening at knapford station oh I’m very nervous Rosie could you turn around
please now where is Thomas now I just need
topham ah my dear lady hot hi Rosie oh hi Thomas I’m sorry I was rude to you
I do like you Rosie but no more than the rest of the engines Thomas I feel the
same way besides I kind of like someone else I know I know
Billy, right no Ryan really Ryan why Ryan he’s just so original My dear lady hot roses red thomas is
blue and my dear lady hat I love food perhaps I’m not expressing myself
properly ahem whiff is quite dirty James is quite neat
and My dear lady hat I love to eat try changing your tactic Sir Topham Hatt
very well videos mean Charlie is funny you wanted a kitten instead here’s a
monkey Oh Sir Topham he’s beautiful special delivery for Sir Topham Hatt dennis is lazy harvey is handy you keep
the chimp I’ll take the candy hey I’ve got one rosy Nia is orange henry is
green don’t forget to subscribe that would be me go away Ryan the waterwheel
is this it yes Thomas this is the one okay if you say so it’s Thomas hello Thomas what’s wrong
with you today you don’t look very happy that’s because
I’ve been given a silly job look what they’ve given me to take to to Z Kwan oh
wow that’s their new waterwheel that’s really important the old water wheel A
to Z Quan is broken and they need it to bring water to the paddy fields but it
doesn’t look strong enough to be a proper water wheel I pass a water wheel
every day back on Sodor it’s big and it’s made of wood and it looks really
soft but I don’t know what this water wheel is made of it’s not heavy at all
it’s made from Spinjitzu Thomas spin Jitsu Spinjitzu is strong
and tough but light enough to float on water it can be used to destroy almost
anything and it comes from the elements all around us Wow look up ahead Thomas
they’re using Spinjitzu to destroy that building and look over here Thomas
they’re using Spinjitzu to destroy a forest Wow
can anything be made out of Spinjitzu Hey look at me I’m made from Spinjitzu
I’m so strong and so light I can do anything Thomas you’d better stop daydreaming and
deliver that water wheel the villagers need it Thomas right I’ll take a
shortcut and then though I didn’t quite realize
it there was trouble hello Thomas where are you off to in
such a rush oh hi young Bao I’m taking this water
wheel to Zhu Zhi Kuan it’s very important what water wheel Thomas you
need to get it back great you are young now good luck Thomas Oh No spider-sense tingling I chased the
waterwheel all over the railway yard I’ve got to stop that waterwheel finally I’ve got to catch that water wheel oh no
it’s gone at least it didn’t cause any damage later on A to Z quad hey Thomas
where’s the water wheel I lost the water wheel I tried to take a
shortcut and if the look the water wheel what’s it doing
it must have found its friends the Lightning wheel and the ice wheel Wow
look how happy they are Wow Spinjitzu can do anything
Thomas’s animal art it was Christmas eat and get was really cold hello zookeeper jack it’s everything
okay not really Thomas the boiler and the animals winter house is broken down
shuttle an a diesel generator we need that boiler to keep the animals warm
especially the ones that come from hot places like Kilimanjaro and three van
antapuram I can’t believe you pronounce that hmm there must be some other way to
keep the animals warm I just thought of a great way for the
animals to get their exercise well they’re supposed to be another boiler on
the way Emily went to collect it from Brendam docks hours ago but I’m still
waiting I’m on my way to Brendam docks I can find out what happened meanwhile
at Brendam docks but the ship carrying the boiler should have been here by now
oh my god your boiler right here it’s the weather Emily there’s nothing we can
do but sit and wait I don’t think that boilers gonna get here till after
Christmas Oh guys it’s right here someone just needs to unload me
Christmas but those animals need to be kept warm now then you should unload me
Thomas did the zookeeper send you here yes was he holding a monkey yeah he was
holding a monkey how weird is that could someone unload this boiler please
you two are taking up too much space Emily you stay here and wait for that
boiler boots right here guys Thomas you got someplace better to be
okay cranky that Thomas sure is helpful to you Emily
you’re right Carly he is say did you notice you two look rather similar what meanwhile at knapford station just a
little hiya sir you’ve almost got it Sir Topham Hatt I
love decorating Christmas Thomas the Tank Engine what are you playing at
sorry sir but it’s an emergency the boilers broken down at the Animal
Park and the animals urgently need a place to stay
oh no this is terrible news but where is a warm place for the animals to stay how
about the ironworks the smelters yard is hot sir topham hatt oh oh what about the
volcano wait I know the animals can stay in my oven Sir Topham Hatt you’re not
trying to eat the animals are you very well what about the Chocolate Factory
Hey look at this it’s a chocolate mousse what about the Steamworks fine take them
to the Steamworks Thomas yes sir Sir Topham Hatt Oh Christmas tree
I wish the animals could have stayed with us at Tidmouth sheds I’m glad
they’re not do you know what kind of mess they make well I could clean up for
them good thing you’ve got a snowplow so Thomas loaded up the freight cars and
had it got to the Animal Park you can load up the animals zookeeper jack thank
you so much Thomas we’ll hold them up two by two so the animals were loaded
two by two into Thomas’s train um maybe we should keep the lions and tigers
separate good idea Thomas oh no we’ll never make it through that
tunnel huh time for Plan B the bad weather made it difficult to travel
hold on Rebecca the tunnels blocked ahead Rebecca look out for deep
snowdrifts ahead thomas thomas continued on oh no I’m stuck the animals are
getting really cold Thomas well we put them in open freight cars in the middle
of winter how could they possibly be cold wait I have an idea when I was in
India I came off the rails and an elephant helped me get back on the
tracks hey what what’s going on stop at you to
stop it oh it’s not working maybe we should let the Lions out well how would
that help it’s working it’s working winter on at Tidmouth sheds oh I do hope
the animals are okay what on earth are those things
it’s the animals they’ve come to stay with us oh the indignity it’s an
emergency Gordon these animals are freezing our boilers can keep them warm
it’s my Christmas wish come true the next morning Sir Topham Hatt arrived
merry Christmas everyone hmm what’s that smell Merry Christmas
sir lions tigers monkeys oh my I couldn’t make it to the Steamworks sir
so I had to bring the animals back here but Thomas where are the rest of the
animals they’re inside the cat I tried to tell them this is what life is like
in Africa this is an outrage now what am I going to eat for Christmas dinner what
Rebecca does looking good James I know you still look splendid James Percy you
derailed me anytime Rebecca causing train derailment is just something I do
and you do it very well Percy so kind and so helpful I’m glad
he’s my friend Oh No a fire what should i do what
should I do a fire I’ll save you I’m a hero where’s the
fire it’s right in front of you ah so it is Hey look the roof is on fire
you know you’re lucky I’m here fires can be very dangerous you should never try
to fight a fire by yourself you should leave fire fighting to the
trained professionals professionals like me Flynn shouldn’t you be putting out
the fire right you are here I go ready to save the day
water cannons ready aim my hosts burnt down is the fire out there’s nothing left to
burn you’re welcome I’m a hero Wow Flynn that was amazing you are amazing
I’m a really red fire engine Wow a construction site hey it’s a steam
shovel now that’s amazing oh why yes it is amazing it’s amazing for digging and
for playing my favorite game what’s in my shovel I love games how do you play
well you just have to guess what’s in my shovel um okay I’ll guess a 17th century
pirate hey how on earth did you know that I
read the script where on earth did you find a pirate Oh words is digging for
treasure and he was guarding it send him to Davy Jones locker what an incredibly
ridiculous game I love it well I like her she’s fun this is a your fault bill no bill this
is your fault oh hi Rebecca
hello you too oh my what a mess however will it get cleaned up oh what
an engine with a crane how cool is that oh it’s great fun I just think the
trains up toss them to the side no Harvey no we’ll be good we’ll be good bill
what happened welcome Stanley so you see Rebecca the tracks being cleared in no
time Wow Harvey you clear the track in no
time I wish I had all those incredible things the other engines had then I’d be
the coolest engine around but there’s nothing special about me nothing at all well Percy you look incredible
thanks Emily I got all blinged out at the Steamworks those guys can do
anything hmm the Steamworks later on at the
Steamworks Victor could I get a crane or something
no and maybe a steam shovel no and a bell no and a water cannon no I heard
Percy said you could do anything we can Rebecca I just don’t want to oh okay sorry to bother you Victor hello
Rebecca how’s it going today well I’m really quite sad Thomas I think I’d feel
better if I just had someone to talk to that’s nice oh I wonder what’s wrong
with Rebecca what are you back to guess what’s in my shovel No thank you Marion
you seem sad Rebecca what’s wrong it’s just there’s nothing special about me
Flynn’s a hero that watches houses burned down Harvey’s got a crane that
can derail trains from far away and you have a steam shovel that can dig very
silly things but Who am I I’m just a steamy a steamy
among Steamies you’re more than that Rebecca you don’t have magnets for
couplers you’ve got a tiny tender and you’re not made from wood at all I’m
made from wood go away Ryan yes sir and more than that Rebecca you see the good
in everyone no matter how many crashes accidents and derailments we have you
keep thinking we’re all unique and special you do do that Rebecca out of my
way squirt wow you crash Thomas really fast I’ve never seen anyone cause an
accident so quickly is that so well maybe I’ll just derail you last see you
later ladies you see you just made Vinnie feel wonderful about himself I
did didn’t I hurray for you so how about another game
of guess what’s in my shovel um okay let me think is it spider-man sword
fighting a monkey you’re right again this channel is getting weirder by the
season you’re telling me

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