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This Water Ride Will Get You Seriously SOAKED!

– [Chris] Oh you are so tall enough! (Parker screaming) (upbeat music) (playful music) Good morning, everyone! Today we’re going to Universal’s
Islands of Adventure, which is in Orlando, Florida. I’m pretty excited about
it, I like this park a lot. First stop is sunscreening up, everyone looks like a mime, oh are you trapped in a box? How did you get trapped in this, oh are you pulling an invisible rope? What is this?
(laughing) Oh, this guy, he’s a
robot, he’s a mime robot, Look at this little mime, he says nothing. Oh, you’re a (laughing),
oh very good tightrope, I believe you’re actually on it. (laughing) You plannin’ out the day, Bailey? Ready to go? Where to first? – Seuss Landing! (cheerful music) – Every Who down in Whoville
likes us miss a lot, but the Grinch will not live just north of Whoville then not! – So this area here is
called If I Ran The Zoo, it’s a really good place if you have little kids that wanna run around, they can get wet in there,
so be careful about that, but if they just wanna run around and have a good time,
let loose a little bit, a lot of times little kids end up in the stroller most of the day, that’s a really good way to do it. (upbeat music) Did you make it? – [Woman] Did you bring any snacks? – [Chris] Was that fun? Watch out, that’s wet, okay! Did you get all wet? – Yes!
– Yeah? (playful music) – Prison! – [Chris] You got imprisoned? Did you speak without a rhyme and now you’re doing time? Hey, what’re you doin’, you takin’ a nap under the elephant? – [Woman] How did you
even get under there? – This is the Cat in the Hat ride. It’s a pretty good ride for little kids if they were tall enough to go on it. Duncan is not tall enough to go on it. You have to be 36″ to go on the ride. Even with an adult, so
Duncan can’t go on it, so I’m gonna hang out with Duncan outside of the ride, which I can
feel is very air conditioned. I bet Jessica and the bigger
kids are really enjoying that. But we’re gonna go for a walk and see what we can find around here. (playful music) Oh my goodness, look
Duncan, it’s the Lorax! He speaks for the trees! Can you say Lorax? – Lorax. – [Chris] Lorax, that’s right! And there’s the Wunstler’s House and look at all these stumps! Oh no! Somebody chopped down
all the Truffula Trees! Should we go find out what happened? – Trees! – [Chris] They’re trees? Some of the Truffula Trees are grown back – Trees! – Trees! I love reading that book to the kids. If you haven’t read it,
you should check it out. It’s called The Lorax, it’s awesome. Haven’t seen the movie, but
the book is really good. I love all the little
weird references here, like this one’s really obscure, a zamp in the lamp, and that’s from a book called There’s A Wocket in my Pocket. Is there a Zelf on the Shelf? Have you talked to him yourself? (babbling) Yeah, so there’s a book
called The Sneetches, and it’s actually got several different stories in it, one of the stories is about the Zax, and they built a highway over the Zax, and they
built a roller coaster over these two Zax that
are just standing there, they won’t move, they won’t budge. But that’s like a really short, like three-page story,
and they made a whole little like section about it. I love it, I love all the detail that went into this land here. Another thing that’s kind of interesting is lands like this, like
Toon Town in California, they get painted with these really bright colors and then they fade, and they don’t look as good as they did when they first opened, but here they kinda look like the books, ’cause the books used an old-style of printing, which is a little more faded. So even though a lot of the paint isn’t as bright and vibrant as it used to be, it still kinda works. There’s Horton the Elephant
saving all the Whos on Whoville. They’re too tiny to see, but they’re on that very top
clover there he’s holding. Oh, and look, there’s a
little Mayor of Whoville shouting “We are here, we are here!” You see him? Oh, I’ve never noticed
that before, that’s cool. Went inside to escape the heat in the Cat in the Hat store, there he is. Look at all that stuff he’s doing! He’s got a rake and a
cake and a milk on a dish. Look at this! It’s so cute, you wanna touch his hair? Oh, does he have blue hair? How cute is that? What is that? A hat? Yeah, he’s got a hat on! That’s cool. Oh, they got stuff for Bailey,
Jacob, Parker, and Duncan! Thing 4, you’re number four! Oh, someday! What do you think, Duncan? Someday? (babbling) That one’s fun. That’s the Cat in the Hat
with Thing 1 and Thing 2. Oh, you love them. A ball? You like the ball? You wanna bounce it? ‘Kay, throw it Wow, can you put it back in the basket? Put it back in there. Almost! Aw, good job! Hey Parker, how was the ride? – Good! (dramatic music) – We are leaving Seuss Landing and going to The Lost Continent, which has lots of rocks and statues of faces, like this
one that’s puking water up here, or drooling ’cause
he’s very, very hungry ’cause it smells good
and like food over here. Alright, the kids are gonna go into this with Jessica, I’m
gonna stay out with Duncan. I’m gonna try and get us
reservations at this restaurant. Okay, this should work out perfectly. The ride takes about 40 minutes, Our reservation’s in 45 minutes, so we’ll be eating at
the Mythos Restaurant, which has really good reviews, so I’m excited to try out their food. I love the entrance to this attraction that the kids are going to right now, ’cause it’s, it’s really well themed, really beautiful, check it out. (upbeat music) ♪ Sha la la, la ah ♪ ♪ La ah ah ah ♪ ♪ La ah ah ♪ ♪ La ah ah ♪ ♪ La ah ah ♪ ♪ La ah ah ♪ ♪ La ah ah ♪ ♪ La ah ah ♪ ♪ La ah ah ♪ ♪ La ah ah ♪ ♪ La ah ah ♪ ♪ La ah ah ♪ ♪ La ah ah ♪ ♪ La ah ah ♪ – [Chris] This place is so cool. Hey, how was the Poseidon’s Fury? – It was really cool. – [Chris] How was Poseidon’s Fury? – It was good. – Look what they do to the butter here. The view at this restaurant is amazing. It looks out over the lagoon, and you can see all the different islands of Islands of Adventure. There’s Jurassic Park,
they’re actually doing a bunch of construction out here, Toon Lagoon, Superhero
Island with the Hulk, there’s Seuss Landing, so from this spot you can actually see all the islands of Islands of Adventure,
except for Harry Potter World, it’s behind us, it’s
behind this big thing here. We’ll see that in a little bit. You can see it from here? You can see it?
– Right around there! – Oh yeah, – Oh, there it is, you can see it’s little spire
sticking out right there. So that’s so cool, and you get a view of all of this while you’re eating your food at this restaurant. And I’ve always wondered
about this restaurant, because from the other side you can see over here, and this is just a big like cliff face, and there’s like a cave and you can kinda see that there’s something there, but you’re not quite sure what it is, and now we know,
and we’re gonna eat in it. (upbeat music) I was so hungry, I forgot to show the food before I ate most of it, mine’s like a vegan chicken pasta dish. Jess got a salmon dish,
looks like she liked it. Bailey got Pad Thai, Jacob got fish tacos, and these two guys got grilled cheese. (upbeat music) – What we offer is one
of Leonardo da Vinci’s devices to mint every
metal in the shop here. (bell rings) Prepare your tolls as the hammer is slipping down and strike! It’s 15 tons of pressure upon that, and so that was rather 40 times right, about 8,000 pounds of pressure, have a look at the low side, and the scallion on the other. (upbeat regal music) In honor of the most
noble young Master Jacob, Moomeshelogeladah! (gong rings) A little delighting huzzah! Huzzah!
(clapping) yes, and we’re clapping, woohoo! Thank you, m’lady (gears grinding) The higher the hammer goes,
the harder the hammer hits! (bell chimes) Prepare yourselves as the
hammer’s coming down, strike! Let’s have a look now! Nice. Oh, will you show that? – [Jessica] Wow, Jacob. – Do you like?
– You like it? (clapping) – Very good!
– Here you go, dear. – Thank you very much indeed, now don’t go spending that
all in one place, now. – [Chris] What d’you say? – Thank you! – [Shop Owner] Oh, thank
you very much as well! (exciting music) – We are going into Hogsmeade now, just so that we can get to Jurassic Park, but I love this part of the park. It somehow feels slightly cooler, even though it’s the same temperature. I think that’s ’cause of all the snow. (ethereal music) ‘Kay, now we’re going from one movie scored by John Williams to another. (upbeat music) (upbeat adventure music) – So Jacob had really wanted to see the Jurassic Park Discovery Center, and they just, they’re closing right now, and he’s in line for the ride, and he doesn’t realize
they’re closing early, so I’m gonna film a little bit for him. And this is the coolest area. (dramatic adventure music) I’m so sorry you didn’t get to see it, Jakie, I love you. Good boy, good staying hydrated. (cheering) – Whoa! Bailey! – Bailey and the other bigger kids are on the Jurassic Park ride now with Christopher, but
Duncan is having trouble coming to terms (laughs) with that, and he’s running around just yelling, “Bailey” everywhere, ’cause he clearly wants his sister, and I keep telling him she’s on the ride, but (laughs) he just keeps looking for her. – Bailey! (upbeat adventure music) – Whoa! I wanna get on that ride! I totally wanna do it! I never been on this ride – [Chris] You get pretty wet on it. – I wanna go on it! I don’t know how tall I,
I don’t know the height, so I wanna go see how high I am, and I wanna see if I can
go on the (mumbles) or not! – [Chris] Let’s see, are you tall enough? Oh, you are so tall enough! (Parker screaming) – It’s my first time! – Yeah! – [Chris] Jake’s switchin’ into his Crocs. It’s happenin’, no soggy socks for you. – Woo, let’s do this! – It was so fun! – I didn’t get wet at all, but. – [Jessica] Ah, don’t hug me! – [Chris] He didn’t
get wet, he got soaked! – Just a little mist. (laughing) – [Chris] Is that funny? Are we all wet? – [Parker] I’m soaked! – This is the coldest I’ve
been in Florida so far. – [Parker] Me too! – I cannot believe how
wet you get on this ride. It’s ridiculous. First thing it does is just
splashes you in the face. – Yeah! – [Chris] Yeah! – Wait, on the ride, no. – [Chris] Yeah, you didn’t
get splashed in the face? – No, not on the ride, not on the line. – No, but on the ride, as
soon as you get in the log, it goes down a little hill,
and then it’s just like here’s two waves, one on
both sides, enjoy that. – Yeah! – Anyway, we’re gonna–
– I’m freezing cold. – [Chris] You’re freezing cold? – I hope I go get Momma. – [Chris] You hope you don’t get what? – I hope I get my new
Grinch clothes soon so I can get warm and into it. – That’s a good idea, Parker really wants to get a Grinch onesie, so Jacob got his coin, Parker’s getting Grinch onesie, and I dunno what Bailey wants, but we’re getting little souvenirs that are also like packable. (playful music) – [Chris] Special effects! Good special effects. – Let’s go on the tallest ride. (playful music) – One thing about this park
that’s kinda interesting is right at the time that
it says it’s gonna close, all the stores close except
for this Trading Post one, which is right near the
entrance to the park. It stays open an extra hour, and if you didn’t get
that last-minute souvenir, you can come here and get it. This is all the Harry
Potter stuff over here? – Yeah, I mean it’s a wand in there. – [Chris] Ooh, that’s a cool wand holder. It’s like a little part of
Harry Potter right here. And then they have Seuss Landing stuff, got Jurassic Park stuff
here, Jurassic World. Hey Jake, how’s it goin’? – [Jake] Great, Dad. – [Chris] Oh, and I see
the most dangerous of all the dinosaurs, the velociraptor! (upbeat dance music) Is that funny? – Yes. – [Chris] He’s funny. Are you a velociraptor? (upbeat dance music)
(laughing) And then a bunch of stuff
from Superhero Island. – So Parker has had his heart set on a Grinch onesie, like
pajama all day long, and he initially saw it
at the Seuss Landing area, and we were like we’ll
just come back later, because we don’t wanna have
a whole bulk of a pajama that we’re carrying
around, but then we went around the whole park
and didn’t see it again, and it got to closing time,
and since the stores closed, we couldn’t get over there in time, and we tried to come to this store, because we heard that it might be here, and when I asked somebody for it, they didn’t have it, but they were so sweet and they’ve gone completely above and beyond, because
I think this little guy was makin’ some kind of sad faces. I think they saw his cute little face, and they couldn’t resist it, and now one of the employees is
setting up a transfer so they can transfer that
merchandise over to this store, and she’s running and getting it for him. You’re very loved, mister. Mwah, mwah, mwah. Can you be a Grinch for me? – A Grinch, don’t rush
me, Christmas a lot. – Alright, now we need it with the suit. – I’m the Grinch who stole Christmas, who didn’t like Christmas, and didn’t want Christmas
to have a good cheer. – [Chris] Hey, looks cozy, is it cozy? Oh, it’s cozy! Are you gonna sleep in this tonight? – Uh huh! – Oh boy, I like your little hair tuft. Hi, let’s talk about
what we learned today. We learned how to properly
apply mime make-up. I mean, sunscreen, sunscreen. We learned the best place to take a nap, and finally, we learned what
the most dangerous dinosaur on the dance floor is. Thanks for watchin’ everybody,
we’ll see ya next time. (laughing) – And so one thing I’m super excited about is seeing the Lion King show. – Ooh! – What? This is a big moment, he’s
gonna meet Donald Duck! (cheering) – [Chris] Oh my goodness! (yells) What happened to the tracks? – I don’t know! – Where are we gonna go? We’re going backward! It’s the best ride. (upbeat music)

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