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Hey enough fireflies. I’m trying to spell… “f”, no, “i”. Oh my god this is a huge word. “electrician” What is going on guys today. We were back and today it is day three in La I’m wearing the shorts that should be sweats But they’re pretty comfy, look they have this big zipper I’ll never use and I need to record these shoes as much as possible before they get completely dirty And I stopped wearing them no apples that fall and we’re about to get a perfect game We’re going to try we can do it I’m so scared Okay, these are all the letters we’ve got so far. We both have to agree on whatever it is Oh it’s-it’s realistic Yo, are you kidding me? This is so stupid? Do they not even know how to draw? *Laughs* Got my fingers to produce that is the dirtiest car ever makes my challenger look clean oh my God wait This is the same thing, but they forgot the circle So some of you might remember a guy named zach we went to his house in Laguna Beach she’s super super cool and we’re coming Together on a business proposition and this gigantic building is his clothing warehouse because he distributes clothes He’s the owner of the company and we’re going to go in we’re going to meet him. We’re gonna have some lunch I’m freaking starving a two muffins. That’s it. They were all out of stuff in the hotel breakfast, but enough complaining It’s going to be a good day. Hope you guys are all having a great day. Are you having a great day? Yes? Hey guys? Another day yeah, joe you guys are hungry. We can go. I’m starving okay? What is it? I’ll just give you like a quick like walkthrough. We’ll go back to the offices. I’ll just like take you back here Jeeezz Zach: Yeah, if you go there it’s like the best vantage point. Tanner: Guys all those clothes down there is what you see in like Buckle and Zumiez you Know where I shop at Dylan: This place is huge Tanner: Yea it’s freakin ridiculous. Look it even goes into that room There’s a room way down there with that door. There’s like a whole nother one all the American fighters in here He makes all of them yeah, south Florida. They ship them everywhere look how many do that looks sick I love this they literally make all the clothes imagine this being your closet I would I don’t know what I do you have a different outfit every single venue, so the house ruined – his Ex house The one you know I talked about it before here’s a clip if the hotel Wi-Fi will let me download it when we jumped off his roof and stuff his house was literally insane. My profile picture on Instagram was in his house for the longest time Zach: And then there’s a whole like double version of this down in Mexico. Tanner: Oh my gosh I feel like I’m back in gym class with this big thing, remember we used to have to walk with it? Dylan: Oh, yeah walked with it We would have to like, step inside and just had to carry on yeah, and I had to carry it like that Well you can get five yards and drop it. I just go five and just, I’m good. Tanner: Same. Quentin missed this trip Dylan:Yeah Tanner: we saw Arnold and Sylvester yesterday, and now we’re in a giant gym. So this your office? Zach: Yeah, exactly. Tanner: oh this looks like your closet. You had one of these in your closet too. Zach: This is my setup which is yea, the best. Tanner: Yeah. Zach: I just got this desk the best thing I’ve ever had. Tanner: Is the rising and- Zach: yeah Tanner: Not fair. I want one! oh my God I need a little hammock for my feet too this probably wouldn’t fit in my room But look get a shot of me being a businessman. *Laughing* Zach: Being a businessman… Yea press two. Tanner: Two. You just want to be something. I’m the fan mail. This is what I would do all day. Which is purple Oh my God mine’s green probably like this upcoming spring Good thing on your grubby that so you play – fine. I’ll show you this is something. I’m doing For my presiding grandma living auv dies I’ll shirt. Oh Well lose their minds you got what? That guy did look he’s drawing on a shirt with a pin to the fade after a while Yeah, so I don’t go the way out for like 10-15 minutes But lloyd activated by the sun to take it out in the sun And you’re sure changes to a blue color or a red color or a pink color? Level we’re doing without we’re going to for so long or shearing off yeah, so I want to get some more basic stuff. Yeah, yeah Yeah, there are a million different things that can we talk about our name and show them like all that okay? So all the stuff on the walls everything out there And you know all the shoma here like the actual out. Here is dibs dibs is the name of the company We’re making see like divs here. Did there? It’s just the coolest name and the course is just awesome So this isn’t a part of my merch. It’s like it goes in stores, so So whenever you go to the mall this is what you’re going to be able to get and look designs or literally in think I Dream of being able to wear clothes is cool Is this now it’s going to happen you know I go there, and I’m like yeah like this. This is cool There’s not a single thing on here that I wouldn’t wear don’t get some zero step – yeah, I would wear the girl stuff okay zack, and I have been texting back and forth deciding on what like the best is on 2D, and Yeah, like this is like can I get down a blanket it’s going to be a while It’s still in the making but it’s so beautiful I love all the stuff right after you buy your tenth of our marquee over you give you some dudes from the mall That’s it. Yeah, but no more designs. I’m not showing you guys anymore because you gotta wait, you got to see this Cries whenever it launches, this is Natasha. I hope you sit down. Yeah. Tell me how it is nominees in their dessert Okay, you can go now tonight. I swear the back break means, okay that feels good on my neck. Thanks does it all I feel good my leg and That’s mad before we go, we Work out then boy. I will I’m gone Always more than me you got it you got it. No. I don’t think I do oh my God Let me do the four Chambers way heavier than the gym class won’t try to with that with it. Oh I totally winning no way We’re now in a very very kind of very sketchy barbecue place So I miss my upload yesterday by two hours because I forgot about the time change not going to make that mistake again I set my alarm for one now quinton. Text me and he said people on his livestream We’re wondering if I was going to upload and I was like yeah, it’s not three yet. Why are you freaking out? And I realized my fault. It actually is my fault advice. Oh Great. Thank you for the lunch or my pleasure, okay? We’re back in the factory for just a little bit. There’s paint everywhere I’m very scared right now nothing, and I’ll pray like the first one. I got mine hostage Yeah, I get the first year I call this They’re going to have a logo on the front This is the back of it, and it’s going to have a logo right right there, but I’ll put it on still so hot It’s like a charm Now we’re off to zach business partners house his name is Courtney, and I’ve heard some things you guys just wait It’s going to be insane well guys here it is. Oh wait. That’s the Guest house This is the whole property by the way now. This is this house. It’s literally insane Oh, here’s one of his cars. Maybe that one that one there might be like you know ten others There’s one of his pool house is pretty sure that’s three-story the first something on my easy. Well, what is that? I think it’s from my Starbucks drink unbelievable, okay What and this is like all where’s the book we pulled it pull out? What wine cellar area done. Oh, this is the down This is a this is a defeater. Just like your oh wow hey say you’ve got a few more chairs than me There’s a car in the audio in this room can we get on our are you seeing? all these gargoyles in the corner That’s cliff jumping in their backyard. Oh My God I need to change the title of my balling my dream house video to buying a house This is the hot tub right this okay goes into this gigantic pool So big so now this guy’s technically my friend right exactly well. Thank you guys There’s a cave. There’s a cave in this house like crazy stuff. Yeah, this is beers out here already. Oh My gosh, it’s a good jumping point. Are you kidding? Yeah jump off in earlier? TPD. No helpers could play without a 2-foot. What was that wow your own locker room? If you’re that change yep, you brought out this lab I feel like I’ve been part of the Caribbean right now. They built all this like had it specially done Dungeon Outdoor kitchen better than our neighbor TV. Yeah for TV is one two three four. It’s the other slide Melon we just set up a dirt bike track out here that like a full Orchard and gardens out here back there my type of you. Give you insane guys their yard just keeps going going on That way you can hit the bar. I wish all of you guys doing here with us during this is obviously room We extended our trip done. I say that I don’t know Yeah, we’re originally leaving two days from now, but never thank to Wednesday, so we have basically the whole week It’s a hotel Wow which I live you know Okay, here is the production. We’re doing our doing our first foot with a digital. I’m going to run under my friend right here Goodbye beautiful pool. I will see you again. Someday. That’s a promise so we were wondering if they had any trampolines. They actually do whoa Plus got to take the world’s first dibs shirt, and dry it off soaked right now light Camera action okay guys. We’re back at the hotel. I have one bar on my camera So we have to end the vlog now today was such an awesome day. I was like here We have a business day blah blah It was a business day, but also it was probably the most fun day so far So I hope you guys enjoyed this video And thank you so much for watching don’t forgive you like insurance if you enjoyed subscribe union also you guys know What peace out? You came in looking like that. You just made

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