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This Is How Jumping Should Have Worked in Skyrim – Skyrim Mods – Week 236

Fellas it’s been over a month since the last Skyrim video, I mean Fallout 4 is great and everything. It’s shiny, it’s new, but I have a special place in my heart for Skyrim I want you all to just be brutally honest here for a second and tell me, leave down below Do you think I am a bitch? Because I want to know- I’m kidding, don’t answer that Do you like Skyrim or Fallout more? I have a feeling you guys are gonna say Skyrim Just because – This started as a Skyrim channel but I don’t know, maybe you guys will surprise me. Roll the intro MXR, What the fuck is this !? Is that, Vanilla Oldrim !? You’re goddamn right it is Jimmy I want to apologize beforehand for what I’m about to subject your eyes to Vanilla Oldrim Is not an easy thing to look at. I know okay ! I know. Let me explain. A couple days ago, I ran across a mod that allowed you to Jump While Sprinting ! For Special Edition. In that mod’s comment section Were people saying “I can’t wait until the day we can jump and attack !” Then I thought to myself These modding newbies don’t even know that a mod like that already exists BUT For oldrim. So I went back to oldrim, downloaded the mod, and low and behold it didn’t work with FNIS. Now I know how to uninstall FNIS, But my mod organizer’s filled of fuckery. So after spending hours, I just decided to reinstall Skyrim Vanilla. Just so I can show you guys This Mod. This is: Skyrim Behavior Organizer So I turned the mod on, and immediately began punching the air and jumping at the same time. The mod also allows you to Run in place and throw hands as fast as Mayweather What’s that? That’s a bug? Oh, oh it’s okay, that’s fine I only spent three hours getting this to work. And not only could I throw jabs in the air, I could cast spells. I could shoot arrows. I could jump off the top of the college of winterhold while casting Firestorm “I have many important things on my mind” I could finally be like Link from Super Smash Bros Melee Ok, that’s a child. I could finally be a FaZe member and 360 no-scope off the cliff of Solitude It just felt so natural, I mean Why land then swing? When you can land and swing at the same time? I mean higher ground is a real advantage Obi-Wan proved that IT’S OVER ANAKIN! I HAVE THE HIGH GROUND! I mean, check this out right, watch as I sprint into a jump, into a swing in one motion Goddammit. Fuck you And finally, this mod also allows you swing weapons in water, because why the hell not Bethesda, what is with all these rules? It’s so unimmersive Of course you still can’t fire a bow and arrow in water, or cast spells But there was no reason why you couldn’t swing a sword and tell those slaughterfish to fuck off Which brings us to the next mod Better Jumping! The mod that allows you to run and jump at the same time. Which again begs the question Why wasn’t this possible? If real life were like Skyrim, Michael Jordan would never be able to do this It’s just so unimmersive I don’t know how else to say it. But the beauty of this mod is it’s actually very customizable. For example you can make sprint jumps Higher than normal jumps. Nope, nope, higher This is what I say to the rules. I jump right out of the boundaries. Don’t worry guys, I’m ba– Okay Never mind. I’m not back. And guess what, You can even Double jump That’s right. You thought you were playing Skyrim. No, fuck you, this is Super Mario. You can even triple jump. You can quad- You can.. Now I’m not saying you should do this, but you should do this, at least once It’s fucking hilarious I mean the denizens of Skyrim have never known true fear, Until they’ve witnessed the Dragonborn Take actual flight But no no no – wait wait wait You haven’t played Skyrim yet Until you’ve stalked your prey Like a fucking vulture Imagine the fear as they look up Surprise Motherfuckers Guys, I have a weakness. I’m not afraid to admit it anymore I love, LOVE moist towelettes. And World of Warcraft And so you know when my boy John Skyrim releases another World of Warcraft artifact In Skyrim! I cannot resist. I say fuck it to every weapon mod, I’m downloading this shit. This is the Lion Heart. Now I don’t know if this is an actual shield in World of Warcraft. I’m assuming It’s based off of the Stormwind mascot Which he’s done a killer job at turning it into a shield, in the style of World of Warcraft, in Skyrim But it fits in Skyrim because he added some runes on the side And that’s.. that’s all it takes guys. Now a lot of people complain about the size. “It’s too small!”, they exclaim. Okay I’m kidding, they actually complained that it was too big. Sure, I can’t see shit when I’m blocking, but my god is the back of this shield ridiculous If we’re gonna make a shield this large, the back of it better be pleasant to look at and my god it is. Now in the vanilla game, you can see your shield taking the arrows, but for some reason you still take damage This shield completely deflects all arrow damage and reduces magical damage by 40% While at the very same time even recovering your health while you’re blocking so this shield really rewards you for being a turtle and bashing with this is also a guaranteed knocked down sometimes dramatic ragdoll It’s beautiful, and it encourages a brand new play style The legend Neeson Tanaka, had released a mod called the Amazing World Of Bikini Armor. It opened my eyes To a whole new world. It was a congregation, of all of his work, and I got started filming it And then I realized, I would be selling this man short There was no way I could properly introduce ten different armors, all with at least two dozen variations, in two minutes So I decided I will honor this now retired modder, by giving them all the individual mod reviews they deserve And it’s not because I want the slootiness to live on, right Okay, maybe it is. And today we start with the ebony bikini. You know, at least this guy admits that these are bikinis and not armors *claps* First of all, I’ve always hated the ebony armor. I don’t know why, but when this mod first came out I said “Nope, nope, ain’t gonna do it. Don’t care it if you slootify it, It’s still the ebony armor I don’t want to see it”, but then when I put this on I was like, “Wait a minute..Is this really the ebony armor? The same one in the vanilla game?” and the answer’s obviously no I mean, do you see the titties? The point is, this isn’t just some parts cut away to reveal some skin. The gauntlets, the gloves have changed. If you compare them to the vanilla, I really like this one a lot more. I like that it’s a lot darker. It feels so much more stealthy and dangerous. There’s even a blind mask as in, “Bitch I was raised in the dark, like Bane” and surprisingly, my favorite nisetanaka armor so far. Mainly because I had no idea the ebony armor could actually look that good Standing stones in the vanilla game are pretty beneficial but pretty boring at the same time. At least not as interesting as something Enai Siaion would come up with. The man who’s pretty much made every great spell mod imaginable for Skyrim. Well he’s here to make them more interesting, and have a bigger impact on how you’ll play your characters. This is Andromeda. A mod that changes the way all standing stones behave They will now give two new abilities. For example, if you activate the atronach stone, your magicka will no longer regenerate. They told me to activate the atronach stone, good things will happen they said. I’m kidding, but every time something dies around you, you will recover a lot of magicka so things are gonna have to die at a pretty frequent rate But, there’s a but to that. In the second ability, as long as you actually have Magicka remaining, spells are 25% more effective and cost half as much. Not so bad now is it? But, there’s a but to that but. I forgot to mention that if you found all the standing stones in the game, every standing stone will give you one unlockable ability. The atronach will give you “The Valor From Within”, which will allow you to paralyze a living target and suck all their magicka But, there’s a but to that but, which is a but to that other but, which is Jessica’s butt. Aha ha I’m kidding, there are no more buts So, you can imagine how much that would change your choice of gear, what perks you would put into, how you play the entire game, just by your choice of standing stone And of course the magical effects are outstanding for example the lady stone will summon a cool-looking lunar familiar every time you get into combat and it’ll even mark all targets which are capable of killing you in the next blow. The lover will periodically give you gifts, and even resurrect you if you die once every 15 minutes. The special power will allow you to secretly kiss and bond to a partner, in which when you’re in a pinch you can summon at a moment’s notice All the stones are so much fun and have such a huge impact that you’re definitely not going to want to ignore them on your next playthrough. And that is it for this week guys. Hope you enjoyed all the mods featured in this episode Thank you so much for watching, and I’ll see you all in the next one. 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  1. Skyrim is a better game in terms of experience and exploration, but the animation is so cringe even with mods it's impossible to play for me. So I'm going to go with Fallout.

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