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The V Sit – Home Workouts – Exercises by Kelly Marshall

Okay, so this exercise – the V Sit with a reach up to the side option is all about the core muscles – these deep core muscles and especially these obliques – these side abdominals. The way you set up for this, you want to be on something that’s cushioned on the floor and bring your feet in towards you, and together and then really pull your tummy muscles in to get ready and try and lift your feet off the floor. So what you’re adopting is a static V Sit position. Now in this position, you need to set your posture. You need to pull your shoulders back as far as you can – keeping your chest open. Then essentially this is part 1, you just hold. If you’re okay with this position, you can then extend it by having your arms up and you can take it to one side and this is the reach up and over part which really emphasises your obliques a littler bit more. It’s a little bit harder – reach up and to the side all the time addressing your posture. Keep your chest up and your tummy in. You’re trying to do this if possible for 10-15 reps or as many as you feel you can manage.

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