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The Unrest Age – On The Footsteps (Trailer)

I want to tell you a story We will leave our footstep here Alexander, take a stand and defend yourself! Never lose hope – that’s what the main thing It will not be a story about heroism I do not like honest people, all people are inclined envy and hatred So, you saved my brother? And there was a Garip between the two pines Don’t be a fool, who will let you leave from here alive? That’s the end to the foreign invaders It will not be a fairy tale of feats In the regions we’ve got the red tape This is a big story of a little man So this day has come A day important for our native land, A day that is important for each of us! Ah, this is that beautiful woman, that witch! So you freak threaten with me? I will burn you alive And then will turn inside out all of your friends! Give us prisoners or you will pay for it! Fire! Fire! Kill them all! Catch them, it’s impermissible that this men walking to taverns! Grab this serf, cut it off! Oh, you’re a dishonest bastard, you don’t want to pay debts? Alexander, what do you say, let’s kill him? Brothers! I want to introduce you a new novice of our order! We will come out on their footstep

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