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The Try Guys Get Kidnapped

[Voice over] Your only question should be if you’re gonna live or die. [Kidnapper] Sit down. Where do we find Ariel and Wesley? [Ned] Oh, come on– [Kidnapper] First, I wanna know if you’ve ever been electrocuted. [Ned] Ah- okay, okay!
[Kidnapper] Things are going to go bad for you real bad. [Zach, yelping]
Oh, fuck! I don’t know! [Keith, surprised and terrified]
Oh my God! [Man] Where’s your phone? [Eugene] It’s dropped outside. [Man] Outside? Why is it not on you? [Eugene] I don’t like the way the phone makes my pants look. *wheezing laugh* [Try Guys Theme Song] [upbeat posh music] [Eugene] *sigh* It’s a beautiful day. [Ned] Today, the Try Guys are gonna get kidnapped! [Coyne] We’re gonna take you through a live kidnapping scenario. You’re gonna learn how to get out of handcuffs like a magician. Zip ties, duct tape, all that good stuff. [Ned] Is it like an escape room? It’s more like a BDSM room. Okay. [Keith] I’ve had a lot of nightmares growing up about being kidnapped. This is one nightmare. I remember that my kidnappers got to me and I just started screaming, “I love you!” [Zach] We are gonna be learning how to escape as a team. [Eugene] The royal family have to get trained in kidnapping situations. Meghan Markle had to go through a kidnapping scenario, like what we were gonna do today, so I’m basically married to Prince Harry Except I’m gonna have a better dress. [Zach] I’m gonna put the nap in kidnap. [Thomas Coyne] Welcome back guys. I’m Thomas Coyne, and I’m gonna be… [in lower tone] … beating the shit out of you today. [all laughing] [Ned] Really? [Keith] We call him Tommy Coyne I don’t know if he’s okay with us calling him Tommy Coyne [Zach] Tommy Coyne! [Thomas Coyne] Thomas Coyne. [Ned] Tommy Coyne is the hardest, baddest man I have ever met. [Zach] He’s, like, a guy that just goes into the woods and, like, bites into raccoons’ necks for sustenance. [Eugene] Who do you think is gonna do the best and the worst? [Tommy Coyne] I would say that I’m gonna do the best job today. *all agree and nod* [Eugene] I’m not scared I’m kind of, like, hard. Nope, that wasn’t the word I wanted to say. [Keith laughing] I meant like hard like I’m, like, tough. I didn’t mean hard like I’m aroused. Stop laughing, Kasiemobi. I didn’t mean it that way. You’re not putting– don’t put that in the video. [Ned] You think that we’re gonna escape today? [Tommy Coyne] I think you’re gonna escape because I’m gonna train you. [Keith] Ned’s probably the better strategist. He plays a lot of board games. Eugene, obviously, he’s the craziest. Me, I can create a distraction, and then we’ll throw Zach to them and the three of us will run away. [Zach] I’ve heard a lot about Stockholm Syndrome. That is when you fall in love with your kidnapper. Now, I’m not saying that’s gonna happen today, but it could happen today. So what is Escapology? [Tommy Coyne] So, what I want you to think of is Harry Houdini, and just like magic, you’re gonna have to use a little bit of misdirection and concealment. We will use a shim. This is made from a hair barrette. [Zach] Can confirm: handcuffs. [Tommy Coyne] I’ve tampered with the seams of my clothing. So, you see it as a string attached in case I drop it. See those teeth? They catch, and now you have to be able to click and push in on the shim at the same time. And it’ll ride the shim and open up. [Eugene] So you’ve to momentarily make it a little tighter. [Tommy Coyne] A little bit tighter. That’s why you want to get it on the first try. [All Try Guys] Whoa! Wow! [Zach] He made it look easy. [Ned] Slide it in here? [Keith] Shit. Ow. Alright, that stabbed me a little bit. [Ned] I think I got it. I think I got it. [All but Ned] Wow! [Zach to Keith] Whoa! Yeah, go go go! [Keith] AAAAHHHH I’m invincible! [Zach] It’s just not something I’ve ever thought or worried about. First thing you do– [Ned] Oh, no.
[Eugene] Oh, shit. [Zach] Farts. [Eugene] Damn it! [Tommy Coyne] You got the four of you walking down the street. Three of you never thought or worried about it. One guy has. He’s the least likely one now because he’s gonna be more aware. [Keith] You look so stupid right now. [Zach] Thank you. [Coyne] Once you walk out at the airport with some beat-up old Samsonite, or you walk out of the airport with the Louis Vuitton bag. Which one is that unlicensed cabbie gonna pull up to first? [Zach] You put the cuffs on backwards from where I want ’em you know. [Keith] Mmph, well you don’t get to choose. [Zach] No, I don’t think you do. [Eugene] Uh-oh [Ned] We’re hearing clicks over here [Keith] Me and Ned are great at this, who knows? You know why? Marriage. We have something to fight for. [Zach] Eugene, dare I say, we’re gonna die in here. [Ned clapping] [Zach] Oh! [Everyone] Slender wrists! Slender wrists! Yay! [Zach] Chicken Little this, motherfucker! Look at that! My sweat lubed up the… [Keith] (laughing) He just slipped the other one off. [Tommy Coyne] Zip ties; It’s very difficult to defeat the mechanism. So you have to defeat the strap itself. I have to find a way through it. [Keith] We’re gonna eat our way out? I’m gonna crush this [Tommy Coyne] So you may have seen a lot of videos where they say go ahead and slam your hands down to break those. If you do that with this style of cuff, you’re gonna tourniquet your wrist. This is Kevlar string. Why we do Kevlar? Because it’s heat and friction resistant. So I’ll have to do this one on the ground. [Keith] Okay. Exciting foreplay! [Zach] Wow, this is fun!
[Keith] It’s like a bicycle class, it’s spinning- WOAH! [Zach] What?! [Keith] Holy shit, do you see that? [Ned] That took like-
[Zach] Powpowpow! Tommy Coyne!] [Ned]- five seconds! [Zach] Have either of you ever been in a situation where you had to use these skills? [Justin] I got into a cab that I shouldn’t have got in. We were going in circles and we were passing the same place multiple times and he kept changing where he wanted to take us and getting on the phone. And eventually I put a knife to his throat. [Tommy Coyne] I’m the “run guy.” He’s the “stabby guy”. And you can have this along your bootlace Long stroke, long stroke. You have to use a lot of pressure because it bats up against your skin. [Try Guys encouraging Zach inaudibly] You’re almost out, Zach! That’s my boy, that’s my BOY! [Tommy Coyne] Duct tape same thing. You’re not it’s not like you’re gonna unwind the tape, right? So you’re gonna have to find a way through the restraints. So, I need to get it in place.
[Try Guys] Oh… [Try Guys] Wow! Hey! WOW! [Ned] And you want to do like a twisting [mumbling] There you go… [Ned] Like a twisting Yay! Give me a hug [Keith] It’s stuck in my teeth.
[Ned] It’s stuck in your teeth! I’m so sorry, Ned. [Ned] I don’t want your sloppy seconds! [Tommy Coyne] And then once you’re successful with that we’re gonna do the live kidnapping and interrogation [Ned] How does a kidnapping happen? [Tommy Coyne] So let’s say that one of you as a single guy. So then we’ll have a nice good-looking lady at the corner of the bar. So she’ll give you enough looks Things like that and smiles to make it to make you feel like I got to go over there now, and then she eventually works you back into the room. And instead of revealing her naked body, she reveals me with a machine gun in the bathroom [Keith] Equally arousing. [Tommy Coyne] So you guys ready to go live [Keith] I guess we have no choice. Like this is a real thing, right? People get kidnapped. We’ve seen stories all across the world and in Liam Neeson movies, [Tommy Coyne] it will require working together as a team. [Eugene] This is dark shit, y’all. [Zach] Is it weird that I’m excited? [Tommy Coyne] However the skills we taught you If you remember your training you will survive [Zach] It’s like going on a rollercoaster, you know? This is the only time that like this is gonna happen in my lif– Oh god! [Tommy Coyne] A lot of times in South America you’re dealing with ransom kidnappers. Go get the ransom and then give you away. Why? Because that makes sure the next guy pays too. [Ned] We’ll give you anything you want — [Tommy Coyne] In the Middle East, perhaps, they have a different motivation, right? So that affects your methodology, whether you’re gonna make a run for it fight back right away or not [Kidnapper] GET UP! [Tommy Coyne] So, don’t be afraid to run, don’t be afraid to look silly. If you think anything at all is gonna happen just take off [Zach] Hi Ned, how’d you do? I? [Ned] Made about 50 feet. [Zach] That’s good. That’s pretty far. [Kidnapper] Get down. Get down. Get down. Eenie, meenie, minie, mo. [All but Ned] NED! Ned! NED NO! [Keith] He’s got a baby, take me! [Kidnapper] You answer me truthfully and honestly, the first time things are gonna go real easy for you. [Ned] Okay, okay. [Kidnapper] if you don’t answer me truthfully You make me ask the questions multiple times. Or, I think you’re lying to me [Keith] Things are gonna go bad for you real bad. You’re never gonna get away with this. My dad is a very powerful man. Ohhh when my dad finds out about this, Miss Donald Habersberger is gonna get in here. [Kidnapper] Who are you here with? [Ned] Who am I here with? [Kidnapper] Who are you here with? It was a simple question. Who are you here with? [Ned] Uh, oh the Try Guys. [Kidnapper] Nay. Say, who are the Try Guys? [Ned] Uh, Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, Eugene Lee Yang. [Kidnapper] I think you’re fucking with us. [Zach] Hey, so I’ve got a lot of tape. What do you guys got? [Keith] I got the– plastic.
[Zach] Okay. [Eugene] I’m handcuffed pretty tight. [Tommy Coyne] Okay, so we will dress our seams with this little J hook small items like this, we want to have attached to string that is attached to us in case we drop it. [Keith] Unzip my pants [Zach] you got it [Keith] I got a little blade. I want you to put it right in there – it is a blade in there. It’s just under – [Zach] Oh, yeah. So here’s the thing. I don’t know about you guys, I’m sweating like crazy, feel this. [Keith] I know, I can see your hands. I can see them, don’t touch me. I think I can maybe just slip out of this. I’m sweating so much. [Keith] No way.
[Zach] Yeah. [Keith] Wow. [Zach] Look how wet I am. [Keith] Zach’s panic is the best– it is the secret weapon. [Zach] Okay- You gotta keep it a secret.
[Eugene] But you gotta keep it a secret, yeah. [Kidnapper] What’s your address? Don’t quit Give me an address.
[Ned] Nope, no [Kidnapper] Give me an address.
[Ned] No, no [Kidnapper] Give me your phone number! What’s your address?! [Ned] I don’t have any money anymore. [Eugene] I know– Hey wait guys, it sounds like- it sounds like they’re torturing Ned. [Ned whimpering] No, not my dick! Not my dick! I just had a baby. I just had a baby, man. I just had a baby. [Eugene] Ned is truly disturbed by things that have real-life consequence. [Kidnapper] What’s his name? [Ned stuttering] He’s tw- uh, Wesley [Kidnapper] Wesley. Yeah, he’s two m- [Kidnapper] What about Wesley’s mom? [Ned] Ariel [Kidnapper] Ariel? Where do we find Ariel and Wesley? [Ned] Oh, come on, I – NO no no no no no no no no [Eugene] If it’s a real-life situation that might affect him one day like kidnapping. He, he’s gonna hate this. [Ned] No no no no
[Kidnapper] – Where’s the money? [Ned] Not my dick! [Kidnapper] Who’s got the money.
[Ned]- Right now, probably… Keith! Probably Keith! [Eugene] So Zack, you know we had to do then. So when they’re about to torture you have to slip out and kill them. [Kidnapper] Do I bring in the next guy?
[Other kidnapper]- Yeah, we’re done with ‘im. He’s done. [Ned] Hey guys [Kidnapper] Why’s this off? [Eugene] Uh, it fell off.
[Kidnapper] Oh We got a little trickster here. That’s cool. [Zach] Don’t be a trickster, Eugene, just play along.
[Kidnapper] – Alright, Eugene. We got something special for you. Get up.
[Eugene] – Oh shit! [Kidnapper] So Eugene, [Eugene] Was that Axe body spray? [Kidnapper] Yeah. [Eugene] So that’s really bad, actually [Kidnapper] It’s real disgusting, isn’t it?
[Eugene]- Yeah. [Kidnapper] Purest form of torture.
[Eugene] – Yeah [Ned] Are they coming back? [Zach] No. [Ned] Keith! Keith!
[Keith]- I gotta shift, but I can’t see. [Kidnapper] What your parents names? [Eugene] They’re Koreans so it’s hard to pronounce. [Kidnapper] I’M WAITING [Eugene] Jae Hong and Min-yong! They do have cash, yes. [Kidnapper] They do? Okay, good. What about your friends? [Eugene] Unfortunately, all my friends are also tied up there. I’m not a very friendly person. [Ned] Zach no! Don’t, don’t! [Eugene] Once I assess that they were kind of looking for money, Ned, I felt bad because he’s paying so much for his baby. So I was like, well Zach! Zach has loving parents and his parents talk to him on the phone a lot [Kidnapper] Who’s got the most money? [Eugene] Oh, Zach, for sure. He’s from you know, the Jewish area of New York. [Kidnapper] Oh, okay. So you don’t like Jews? [Eugene] – Oh, no, I love Jews.
[Kidnapper] – So I’m Jewish. [Eugene] I love Jews. It’s cut from the same cloth, Asian, Jewish same thing. Oh, no more Axe body spray. Really, Zach could probably pay the most from them, that’s just what I’m saying. just from my you know, personal background.
[Kidnapper] -Okay, so Zach. Zach [Eugene] But I can help, I can help. [Kidnapper] Zach. WE NEED ZACH!
– WHO IS ZACH! [Eugene] He’s the- he’s the smaller one with the glasses that dropped [Kidnapper] You guys don’t hesitate to give each other up, huh? So, apparently, this group leader is Zach. [Zach]- WHAT?!
[Kidnapper] – Zach’s the one with all the cash. Yeah, face the wall. Sit down. [Zach]- What are you talking about?! [Kidnapper] So on your feet, Zachy. [Zach] – They have never- I’ll do that. That’s fine They have never called me a leader once yeah I just want it to be on the record that I am the leader. I am of the leader the Try Guys. Thank you. I’m the number one.
[Kidnapper] You see what this is? This is bear mace. Have you ever been bear maced?
[Zach] I have not seen bear mace, no. I can guess though that it’s mace, but but bear strength. [Kidnapper] Oh, don’t breathe this in. [Zach] Oh, it’s cologne. [Ned] Just try and take our masks off. [Keith] It did work but it was super gross. [Zach] I have– I have sensitive skin. I eat out all my meals, all my yells burn I hope you watch our videos but like nobody loves me. That’s kind of my shtick [Kidnapper] Who has the money? [Zach] YouTube is this game where you need to constantly escalate, you don’t release as much as other YouTube channels, so we– [Kidnapper] So what are you talking about? [Zach] YouTube. We’re independent now. We used to work very big company. We don’t, we’re just independent [Kidnapper] – So, you guys do have a lot of money!
[Zach] – No! We DID No no no, we USED TO have money. No, no, no, no [Kidnapper] SHUT UP! You just like to run your mouth and just babble out a lot of bullshit, don’t you? [Zach] I don’t know how I think when I’m nervous [Kidnapper] How do you talk when you’re in pain?
[Zach] UHHHH pretty much the same. [Kidnapper] Alright, put him up, let’s electrocute him. [Zach] No no no [Kidnapper] So who has all the money [Zach] NO! YOUTUBE! YOUTUBE! MR. YOUTUBE! BILL YOU- AHHH [Kidnapper] What’s the matter with you?! [Zach] Oh uh so many things [Keith] Let me just say you have a wonderful operation, you are running a great job, this is– [Kidnapper] I’ll remember that when we’re torturing you and about to cut your head off your body. You’re Keith. You’re Keith right? [Keith] Zach! Zach, has the most money You’re Keith right?
I’m Keith. [Kidnapper] Okay, so Zach, he’s that the leader?
[Keith] – Yeah [Kidnapper] – Right?
[Keith] – Yes [Kidnapper] – and then Eugene
[Keith] – Yes, and then Ned and then me I’m the weakest.
[Kidnapper]- And then we have you. [Keith] I’m the low totem pole. [Kidnapper] Zach and Eugene said that between the two of them, they could pay all your guys’ ransom. [Keith] Between Zach and Eugene?
[Kidnapper] Yeah, their families would ransom all you guys out, is that–? [Keith] I think you only need Zach. [Eugene] We agreed that, you were the one with the most money. [Zach] Well I told them my shtick is that no one loves me. [Ned] – We love you. [Zach] – Okay, so then you pay my fucking ransom [Keith] Oh my god, you’re cutting my dick part of my pants [Zach] Interrogation 101: you give them nothing, dude. [Kidnapper] – We have your left testicle — [Keith] No! I don’t want my nuts, I don’t want my nuts, I don’t want my nuts zapped! [Ned] Go get help. [Zach] I don’t have my glasses. I can’t go anywhere. [Eugene] Well, can you try to sneak out. [Keith] If that’s all you want, if all you want is money, I can make sure you get money. [Kidnapper] Oh, you got out of your restraints, huh, Zach? [Zach] No. [Kidnapper] That’s funny. I remember taping you behind your back. Stand up. Hands out in front of you. ARMS OUT IN FRONT OF YOU. [Zach] Okay. [Kidnapper] Down, down, down, now put your arms out in front of you. Do not move until I come back. [Zach] This is exercise. [Kidnapper] Get up, Eugene. Sit down like you’re in a chair Don’t move. [Ned] Okay. Guys, guys. I think this is our chance [Keith] Yeah, pinch your knees on this… There we go. [Kidnapper, distant] Shut up! You guys shouldn’t be talking, you got nothing to talk about! I come up there you’re not gonna like it. [Ned] Let’s try it one more time, one more time. Got to do the C, the C grip Okay, I’m gonna push in both end on three.
[Eugene] – Okay, push em in [Ned] One, two, three. That’s it, push back, push back, push back, we got it, we got it, we got it! Okay, now do me, do me, do me.
[Zach] It’s so hard when I can’t see. [Ned] We did it, okay, okay. Yes! [Kidnapper] Can one of you you go check on them? [Zach] I’m gonna keep this as a souvenir! [Kidnapper] On the fucking ground [Ned] Well, let’s just run till we find like a Starbucks *all agree* I’d like a caramel macchiato, please! So yeah, even though this was a simulation, it was still really scary. [Justin] Personally I liked when he took off. I mean, that could have been the difference between us getting him and not. A couple of them throwing each other under the bus. [Tommy Coyne] We weren’t asking those guys for anything top secret, we could go through their phones their wallets get that information Complying was probably better than just trying to be silent. [Zach] I’m really proud of myself. I escaped my bondage, I didn’t rat anyone out and I annoyed my captors relentlessly. [Justin] I think we would have killed Zach [Tommy Coyne] As a as a sign of–
[Justin] – I think so. [Zach] I would like the record to state that the Try Guys called me their leader. [Justin] I got to a point where I was like, you know what I want to kill this guy right now. [Keith] I think kidnapping is something everyone has an innate fear of. And even just this base knowledge makes me a little less afraid. [Tommy Coyne] We’re not trying to make you paranoid, we’re trying to make you prepared. Before you merge lanes in the freeway you check your blind spot. And it’s the same thing in your daily life, just take those same little measures of awareness and preparedness and then you don’t have to be paranoid because you know, you’re ready. [Ned] Someone get me out of this handcuff. [Try Guys end card] [Keith] At one point, Eugene and Ned took off my hood using their dicks. They insisted on humping my face I understand Stockholm Syndrome. Can I actually stay with you guys? [Justin] You sure can!
[Keith] – Great! I’m gonna join the allegiance of villains and I’m gonna kidnap I don’t know, fucking, fucking Team Ten or whatever. *all laugh*

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