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THE ROPE 2 / MOVIE / EAAT Роупджампинг

Ladies and Gentlemen, our plane landed at Beijing Capital International Airport. Lately they have closed a terminal, which is right next to the railway station. Therefore it is necessary to get off the next … and go up. We can catch the train. Let’s go to see what’s on the bridge there for us. Two hundred and ten meters. That’s it. And it flies about six and a half seconds, or even seven. We are on the third largest bridge in the whole world! 1 hour later What’s up? Not arrested? Everyone will be executed… …by the death penalty. Thus they are afraid and so on. But it seems to me that this is just a reason to find an excuse. Well, yes, it’s 4-5 of them. Do you see how it sanked from them? Jump or not jump. Re going? Why do they talk so pleased about this !?
Re going? Why do they talk so pleased about this !? It’s a fact we have problems in China. We are not allowed to jump here, they do not understand us, consider us sick. That statement can be true and of course partly is. But… We spent a lot of time, money, energy… And we came here to deal with the police, and everywhere they tell us “No, no and no!”. I am not sure, let’s see what will happen. We will fight. In Aue He there is also a bridge. Forty five. In fact even less, it seems to me about forty meters. Well, it’s better than nothing. And better than what we were offered before. To tell you the truth and as you can see we have bad weather in China. Constantly foggy. You raise your hand, it immediately becomes wet. So the ropes gonna be wet. Well, let’s try to jump right now. Almost everything is ready. I hope finally we gonna jump. Weve already spent a week in China trying to jump, to hang ropes etc. The police arrived, then there was an accident on the bridge. Once we came to the wrong bridge. Another bridge was too low, than they promised us. There were many problems and situations, but despite all the difficulties weve hanged everything. I think that now we will make a couple of cool tricks here. Five! Four! The task now is that a basejumper exits and manages to land on the bridge. Perfectly to give “high five to a ropejumper and at this moment he exits the bridge. Well, there are 200 metres. Here from here. Everything was right now. Give him a kick! Well! Chase, dude! Champion! How beautiful!
Champion! How beautiful! I did it. The best landing! We got where not every tourist can come, I think not every Chinese can get here. And we are met by the natives of this wonderful land wearing national costumes. Nobody has ever done this before. No one in China jumped ropejumping, no one in China knows what is it and how its made Here you can truly achieve harmony with yourself. Very cool, now they will dress me up! I do not know how much happiness will come to me, but apparently it is already close. Now we are in the valley of Getu He. Super beautiful arches, which are also caves. And today we hang ropes in order to jump there. We have achieved our goal. The way you go is not important, the result is important. The guys are hanging the rope for the third day, sometimes we help them. Actually, the fourth one.
The guys are hanging the rope for the third day, sometimes we help them. Actually, the fourth one. It’s already the fourth day. Like a monkey! A bit more! When the ropejumpers jump, we rest. They have to jump at least a little bit. Here, we help pulling. Got your ears on? Come on. Ok, give me high five. So now you can almost jump. We were preparing for this for four days. Five. And now we are just at the stage when the jump should take place. Ready? Ready. Give me high five. Chase, Vitaliy. So whats up? Five. Four. Cries of delight can not be heard. Is he alive? Alive, alive! Everything is fine. Cool, heve survived. My heart bump-bump-bump”, that’s it. Well, okay, right now, he will go down, and everything will be cool. We will jump from here. Your friend is on the exit, and you, damn, have hung up everything. And you think, damn it, is everything well done? Well, it seems all right, but, damn, is everything good or not… I really barely let go of the rope. I was scared not less than Vitaly, I suppose. We need to turn music on here at the exit. Or you can become grey haired. Well, you need to be careful, this is an extreme sport, and really the expedition ends only at home in the bathroom. Everyone at home, everybody is alive, all are well. Before that, we can not say that everything went well. I think so. Today, finally, I’ll jump. I hope it worths after all. Chase! Well done! Survived, all is well. What, let’s go, bro? Climb! Goodbye hard surface underfoot. A nine-hour flight, twenty-eight hours by train, six hours by car, a lot of failures at other sites, problems with the Chinese police. Well and as a result we are here and we jump. Hi guys! It was cool, I put out. It seems to me this is an important feeling. And if you have it in your life, then at least for that it is worth living. You can grow up with the mind, but the main thing is to stay young in the soul. It’s me who said that, it’s Sylvester Stallone said. We are here.. The children made themselves by chance. It’s not my fault! I did not look after the team, it was an accident. Lizard! Where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where, where is the lizard !? Lizard! There is no lizard. Our team is in the USA in the state of California. This is the Sequoia National Park. Today we walk around the relic forests. We do not just walk around, we are trying to find trees suitable for our team to jump. Let’s see what will happen. The base, which is stretched here, it turns you around, and you arrive clearly on the reverse pendulum there. If you climb this and this, pull the base up there, and there … I took the GPS point, let’s go. Oh, have you seen! This whole hitch is a very big problem even if we start to do it, then these branches, and twigs, the rope will constantly cling to all this crap. Well, that is, in general, it will be long. No, it is possible, but not within the framework of this project and not within the framework of our risks in this situation. It is better to jump from one very beautiful object, really beautiful and photogenic, than from two low incomprehensible ones, because, like, you can not do anything else. We are looking for, I think, a triangle, so it was a bit like Pyaterochka. Do you copy? One and a half, well, two and a half, well, about two and a half to here. This is our first point, two and a half miles. But, as an option, we found that. Lets go! Yep. Right here like this. We found what we were looking for. Potentially, as I see, we have all chances. Do you switch on mountaineering? Of course. Good job! We are in Yosemite. Here the world’s first jump jump took place. For two days we worked and tried to hang the ropes. But the cyclone came with long-term weather forecasts, it rains, a strong fog. The Rangers did not catch us, the weather gave us a ban. And that’s why we are forced to merge from here and leave. We do not know the weather forecast here, because we do not have any Internet, nothing Vitaly is an idiot! Did they burn? Yes! The weather will improve only on 23d. We need to gather, probably. To gather? Well, in short, get ready then and go away. So, I’m going to the other side, untie. The rest go here and begin to pick the rope. We do not untie. Well, you can take it with you. Not so long ago it was very warm, but now it has become very cold for some reason. No weather, no jumping, only cars. Yesterday it was summer, we sat in shorts and T-shirts, ate donuts. Now winter. What the heck? Snow lied everywhere yesterday, but today it is +15C. The weather here is changing, of course, drastically. And in fact if it works out, we will jump on Mars today. Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Ilona, god job. We got to Utah, it’s Moab. Here it is the arch. This is just an ideal hopping object. I think we will jump here very well. In the USA ropejumping was found. And it was the dream of my whole life to jump in the States. And the guys from the team, too. Weve found strength, opportunities, gathered with spirit and flew here. And here we are. I’m running with my back! The guys are watching a new exit, which Vitaly Golovchin have found. Ilona! Raise your hand! Max, run! Run! Are you fine? Everything is ok! Forbid, the porter, panting… Weve translated as best we could. Im Pasha. Andrey.
Im Pasha. Andrey. Slightly to the right. If this is the rock, you’ll be here. In short, over there it’s coming from the tip, it’s coming. Here it goes… I’ll re-stitch right now. Unrestrained fun occurs, right now everyone will feel it. Got your ears on? How do you like this walk? It’s just it hanged itself from the wind just a little to the left from you. Well some foresters or non-foresters came. Well probably the police guardians. And they said that dudes, you do not have permission, it’s such a request like “Can we jump?”. And we want to jump, but they do not want to. We even tied the strings for eagles. Do you understand? That blind birds do not crash into the rope.. Do not tear it. Thats it! And now, Andrey, what we gonna do? Well we throw everything. Throw. Now everything should go down, or not down… Everything is on”time. Inanity is the most what I love. The meaninglessness of what is happening. Yes, it’s cool! Well we looked at the weather forecast. Today there will be no rain, tomorrow the sun. The day after tomorrow , as long as all predictions show heavy rains. After-the day after tomorrow , too. Yes, if it’s possible today to hang. Today. Well, in general, everything depends on the speed of the one with which we will climb up the mountain with you.
Today. Well, in general, everything depends on the speed of the one with which we will climb up the mountain with you. Well, in a good way, there would be some light object, but we did not seem to find it, so … The main thing is to raise the base. We hang ropes, we go down as we can. Tomorrow evening, at night . Well, then, ten minutes for training, dressing and going out. And today we, at last, will jump from that huge rock with the height of three hundred meters. We have been here for a week now. We were disturbed by the weather, we were hampered by bushes and vegetation. We had to make an ascent to both mountains that are behind me, in order to stretch the ropes and everything to prepare for the jump, which we will do here today. Four. Three. Two. SO AWESOME! Im recording a video Good evening! Congratulations with the first jump, dudes. Thank you mom, thank you to dad. Thank you Sergey Firsov! Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Come here, my sweety! Aw, fun! Vitaly, do you need it? How much rope you need? And when is the end? One, two, three, four… That’s a service! With the opening! You hang like this under the bridge after the jump. The dudes on the top have prepared everything and lift you up on the winch. Now this is the level. Right now we’ll come to the top. It is necessary to have an exit” dog. It will run and look for the exits. On the road… Five. Four. Five. Four. Right now I will you… Like a jellyfish. High, the cliffs narrow, in short, the valley is visible. Dark, light, forest, dark, light, forest. I hang. Four. Ready!? Five. Four. The weather is amazing”, as in “Manikhino in the worst of times. Winter is here. Cat is also wet. Down jacket… Very cold. And I never jump first! Rock-paper-scissors. No! Come on?! No. Ok, Ill play rock-paper-scissors. But I still will not jump first! Sergey, you won. Im f**king scared! Like a cosmonaut. Cobra bent his weight on the winch. Stylish grandpa! Five. Four. My Greenpeace experience tells me that you can do here what you want. Andrey, tripod, tripod, tripod! Do not film, I’ll do that. Put your hand on my knee. I’m like Kennedy. And twitch your legs, as if you … and stop. Let’s go further. We are flying somewhere, but we do not even know where. Why, we do not know why. And I, honestly, do not even remember who am I. I think this is a conspiracy. We were put on a plane, and some kind of crap happened. And I’m sure that we are not going anywhere, but we’re standing in a hangar. And we will go out and a hologram will begin. That is, in short, nothing exists, the whole world is the hologram. These scumbags here, they are eating it. So. It is possible, normally. We will talk with the owner of boats. You can not steal boats in China. Look! I want to wash. Wash.

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  1. Монтаж, сьемка, подача – безумно круто! Абсолютно крутое видео☝️💣 кучу подписчиков вам ребята, и миллионы просмотров!✊

  2. Крутое видео, проникся атмосферой так, будто сам рядом постоял. Даже не подозревал как это круто. Продолжайте жжечь дальше и радовать видосами!

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