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The PERFECT Home Ab Exercise (5 REASONS WHY!!)

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  1. Tried this exercise today and man did it burn. Not many reps before I had to rest. 
    But I'm working on it.

  2. Hey Jeff DAT work out for abs its good I'm a boy who 15 old i starting working on my abs its starting good..and my name its Neil vidot..if you Dont no me look at Facebook you will see me ..

  3. Why would you train abs everyday if it's a muscle wouldn't it be better to give it a day of rest?

  4. I did this exercise, but my back was sore not my abs. what am I doing wrong? Am I lifting too much of my body off of the floor and causing my lower back to contract?

  5. Hi Jeff, this is absolutely the best abs exercise for home without equipments necessary. I say this because I live no where near any gym, you're offering the best solution here. I've developed much better abs definition after following your workouts, but I'm only able to show a 4 pack at best no matter how hard I train. Is it genetic that my lower abs isn't as visible as I would like them to appear? Thx so much!

  6. Can you guys have Jeff talk about the punching abs theory. The fact that people talk about and the technology and technique of punching abs to develop in define abs. It's it fact? Or is it bullshit?

  7. Bruce Lee did something similar without the rotation. He called this "the flag" so first part is "the flag" add rotation "the flag in the wind" that is for another great excercise!

  8. That's a quarterway dragon flag, so something with 'Dragon' in the name. Uh, little late to the party – has a name been invented ? Pretty good exercise !

  9. Hey Jeff which name did you pick for this exercise?
    Leave your comments champ it's your channel… and we're your guests.
    Much respect

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