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THE PAINFUL PLAYGROUND | Mountain Biking ‘A River Runs Through It’ in Whistler

Still in Whistler today, we’re going to do “River Runs Through It” It actually already rode earlier today, but the gimbal was messing up, so I had to go to my backup gimbal So now this is going to be a much better hopefully So it was the EVO SS gimbal that started to feel kind of crunchy today. It was fine in the park yesterday, so who knows I don’t expect anything that I use and abuse to last more than six months And that gimbal has been probably ten months now so far. So I think it’s I think it’s definitely been worth its weight in gold, and I can just send it into EVO and They’ll be able to repair it. I’m using the Zheyun Rider-M right now Just a few people here Ups and downs Think I did it the other direction when I did this. It’s gonna be interesting ah Just stalled myself out. Good to get your confidence destroyed within the first three minutes of the ride. Uhhh, so skinny. Try my best to look ahead, and not straight down. Oh there we go. Oh Fantastic. What the fuck? Speed is my friend. Wedged in You gotta get your wheel super wide here haha That is fun! nice Thank you I know you guys are dying to know what I think about the bike. Is it better than the Bronson, is it better than the SB6. I just need more time Nothing’s really jumping out at me So far I’ve ridden a decent amount I am enjoying the medium size of the bike being able to throw it around a little more. I’m pretty comfortable. I’m not hitting my knee on the headset or anything the SB6 was the same way So I may be doing more medium bikes now. Part of me hopes that one day I’ll be an expert enough to talk about head angles and different pivot styles and VPP versus DW Link But part of me doesn’t want to be that smart. I just I feel like it’s all gobbledygook bullshit Just get out on the bike and ride it. Feel it out for yourself. Especially on your local trails. I know you guys care what I think and I know you aren’t able to demo a bike because you don’t have a shop that sells it in your town and all that shit. This is pretty tough to set up for, hahaha ah Shit. Goddamn this trail is treacherous, I just fucking tripped! So here’s what I have to say If one company was so much better than the rest everybody would be on that bike. And every other bike company would go out of business So it’s just like cars Some car is super fast some are cheaper Some look great Just do what makes you happy don’t worry about what everyone else on the internet thinks haha Wow You can feel the cool air coming off of it. A “no flow” trail Still pretty fun though, the challenge reversing Direction I love the sound! Yeah Haha, those are some awesome berms, just know you can hit it full speed Look at that water! Jeez, right up against the trail ah God that was a tough one coming through here…back…wheel Just use the lean… That was awesome. I just hit my toe on something awful the second he landed… I wasn’t able to… celebrate that. double teeter-totter I had to get a little bit of confidence before this is over. Ooo that was ugly… I can hear people playing at the lake? We’re very close to the end. very cool Gotta come to the lake after the ride check it out Another good hard day in whistler. Thanks for watching you guys see on the trail

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