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The owner has a naughty monkey to go out to play, he picks up everything,LOL

Do you want to drink beer? Hey, don’t drink it. I’m going home. Open your mouth.

Reader Comments

  1. Look how hard they brushing his teeth and look at the little bath tub and little amount of water to bathed this big baby monkey na real foolishness boi stupes

  2. Повезло обезьянке с хозяйкой!!!! Отличное настроение.!приплясывает !!!

  3. I would tie his wrists and ankles together. Let him hang there for 12 hours then everytime after that, when I'd show him the ties he'd be real obedient

  4. Must show you naughty baby monkey glass very is dangerous. You must break bottle and cut baby monkey throat and show baby monkey glass is so is dangerous!!

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