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The ORIGINAL Jump Rope Glitch! | The Talkatoo Glitch in Super Mario Odyssey

So what is the Talkatoo glitch? Well, it’s a camera locking glitch that
was discovered by MilsTailsPrower shortly after the release of the game The glitch is triggered whenever an object
hits Talkatoo immediately after you talk to him. This means the trick can easily be done with with either seeds or Cappy Capppy being the easier option of the two. Once this is done correctly the camera will
lock shortly after you finish talking with shortly after you finishing talking with Talkatoo as long as they remain on the screen. If you get Talkatoo off of the screen quickly after activating the glitch you can
prevent the camera from locking. This will cause the camera to act normally until you bring Talkatoo back on screen. Doing this you can lock the game into some
pretty interesting camera angles. In this state you can move mario about normally but if you bring him off screen it can be quiet easy to lose track of him If you’d like to deactivate the camera lock you can do so by warping,
entering a completely new area or talking to someone else If you talk to another npc while in this glitch it will actually trigger Talkatoo’s dialogue to appear before the new NPC’s But that’s not the only oddity caused by
this glitch there’s a few other neat interactions and side effects you can mess with most of them being visual glitches For example throwing cappy at the same time the camera locks will cancel Mario’s running animation and make it look like he’s standing In this state mario can continue to move around giving the appearance that he’s sliding across the floor This animation will persist until he jumps Another one of these animations glitches occurs when Mario is holding onto a pole
when the camera locks This will cause Mario to start the walking animation
until he moves again The next interesting interaction is that this
camera lock continues as Mario captures enemies and enters rooms that are still considered a part of the main map This lets us see things from a perspective
we wouldn’t normally be able to. One of my favorites is how the game interacts
when you enter new donks concert hall and continues to show the city but lit up in a
completely different way Another cool side effect is what happens when
Mario ground pounds at the same time the camera locks not only does it cancel the ground pound animation and replace it with the Mario idle animation like in some of the other glitches it actually causes Mario to levitate in mid air, This is where the jump rope glitch comes into play. Back in late November of 2017 people began using this levitation trick to break the rope leader boards Max scores quickly filled the leaderboards because of how easy the glitch was to perform It was simple, just perform the levitation
after starting jump rope since the game will never register
Mario as being on the ground you’d be able to rack up points with no effort for as long as you want Really all it took to get max score was a
willingness to wait. This is what eventually caused Nintendo to
patch the glitch in the 1.2.0 version of the game on February 21st, 2018. This means the glitch is only currently possible
on versions 1.0.0, 1.0.1, and 1.1.0 The glitch continues to not be possible on
the games newest version, 1.3.0 If you’re curious what version of the game
you’re on you can check this by going to the home menu and pressing plus when Super
Mario Odyssey is selected. The games version will be visible right under
the title One of my favorite parts
of glitches in video games is trying to figure out why they work
the way they do. So why does the Talkatoo glitch work? Well it’s very likely that the camera lock
is a result of the game thinking we’re talking with Talkatoo This would explain why the camera
is restricted like it would normally be when talking to an NPC and also partly explain why Talkatoo’s dialogue appears when we start talking with someone else This also supports why doing so can cancel the glitch. Another quirk with mario odyssey is you can’t
start a conversation with an NPC if they aren’t visible on screen this would explain why the camera lock
only triggers when we’re looking at Talkatoo and why we can delay the
lock from occurring by looking away. All the weird animations that we can cause are likely the games attempt at switching Mario’s animation back to the idle standing
animation he has when talking to someone Unfortunately this is sometimes done incorrectly since we aren’t actually talking to anyone or in situations we’re supposed to
be able talk to people in The animation changes are probably what causes
the levitation exploit with this glitch Once mario begins a ground pound he’s stuck in
the air until the initial air stall part of the ground pound animation completes This animation never finishes if the game
changes his animation to the idle stand animation So Mario is stuck in that initial part of
the ground pound where he isn’t moving until you cancel it by pressing X or Y to change
his state to diving The fact that we can only leave this state
by diving supports this The game clearly thinks Mario is still performing
a ground pound but it doesn’t have any means to change
the part of the ground pound he’s in This means the only way we can leave this state is to change our ground pound
into a dive. And that’s all there is to know about the
talkatoo glitch! Have any questions about it? I’d be glad to answer, just leave a comment
down below and I’ll try my best to give you my thoughts
when I have time. Thanks again for watching If you enjoyed the
video feel free to like and subscribe I’ll see you guys next time.

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