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The Most Dangerous Stretch of Water in the World: The Strid at Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire

Behind me is a bit of water called the Strid. There are a couple of Strids in Britain, but this is the one on the River Wharfe, at
Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire. And I reckon it is the most dangerous stretch
of water anywhere on Earth. Now that’s a bold claim, I know. There are certainly rivers that have taken
more lives, and there are rapids and waterfalls that few
boats could ever sail. But generally, you can see them coming. This is just an innocent looking stream in
the middle of some woods. You could jump over it. People occasionally
do. But if you miss that jump, it’ll kill you. This is what the river looks like about a
hundred metres upstream. Same river. All that water went down. Thanks to the local geology, the river basically
turns on its side, gouging out passages and tunnels in the rocks
below. Those banks are actually overhangs: there isn’t any riverbed just below the surface, it’s a deep, boiling mass of fast and deadly
currents. There are claims that falling in has a 100%
fatality rate. There’s no way to confirm that, of course, because “local person doesn’t die in river”
doesn’t make the news, but it has claimed a lot of lives: there are even tales from the 12th century
of a young boy, set to be the future king of Scotland, who died trying to jump across those waters. And anything, or anyone, that falls in might not come out in any recognisable form: it could just get pulverised against the rocks
underwater over and over and over again. I’d try and put a camera in, but then I’d have to get close to the edge. And the edge isn’t sharp, it just curves towards
the water and it’s covered in slippery moss. Besides, the water is opaque and brown with
peat stain, you’d see nothing. Is it survivable? Maybe, with a lot of equipment
and a lot of luck. And you’ll find occasional testimony from
foolhardy people who’ve swum in the calmer pools at the bottom
on drier days — but that’s also where a young child drowned
back in 2010. That’s why it’s so dangerous. It looks safe, it looks tempting, and it’ll kill you. [Translating these subtitles? Add your name here!]

Reader Comments

  1. Moral of the story is. Don't be a moron, don't try jump the river and you will be guaranteed survival.

  2. To be fair when the Scottish king tried to jump over it,there was a mince put& bottle of buckfast on the other side.

  3. In summer you see many teenagers attempting to jump the strid. Bolton abbey is one of my favourite places to walk. It always surprises me how many people swim in the waters of Bolton Abbey. When there is a much safer inland swimming point close by at Burnsill.

  4. Iโ€™ve capsized my kayak and that stretch and made it out hundreds of times as itโ€™s my nearest river, good for barbel fishing too

  5. Why are all videos recorded in England so gloomy, cloudy, and just so dark and oppressive regarding the sky?๐Ÿค”

  6. Maybe someone can try jumping into it inside a barrel like they do at the Niagara Falls . Maybe they will survive.

  7. Something Tom Scott might not know:
    There are hundreds if not thousands of rivers on the planet that do just what this does, turn on it's side with undercuts and potholes that will kill you that are significantly more dangerous. Not diminishing the danger here but it is not unique or most dangerous stretch of river in the world.

  8. its also highly aerated, air is less dense than water, making the water less dense. makes it harder to stay afloat in, and easier for you to sink in.

  9. Iโ€™ve seen scarier baths ๐Ÿ› ๐Ÿ› ๐Ÿ›๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

  10. So throwing in a Hero 7 in a plastic ball that can roll along the riverbed while live streaming is impossible because… mossy rocks?

  11. Never seen something like this but the way the water swirls at 1:00 is something I HAVE seen. Terrifying looking at it in such an innocent seaming stream

  12. Was there the other month and I'm abit of a risk taker but when I was there I had no plans on getting in. Looks very calm on the vid but in RL it looks deadly at a certain location cos the water just looks to go round in a whirl pool fashion u can even see deep holes in the rock bed where the stones have carved into it on the heavy rain days.

  13. Christ! Falling and drowning isnt even the worst thing. Simply getting any of that cruddy fucken water in your eyes and mouth horrifies me. Thankfully theres plenty of pubs in that part of the world, I'll stick to their cruddy liquid.

  14. Wow! This genuinely surprised me. The water looked so calm and tranquil like the half meter deep streams I grew up playing around and swimming in. Its amazing how something with such deadly potential can seem so mundane and well, safe. I would love to see this strid drained and mapped with a 3d scanner so we could see how deep it truly goes and what may have settled to the bottom.

  15. I bet the air bubbles would reduce your buoyancy, as people float as your body is lighter than water. But when the water is saturated with air bubbles, the body might be less dense than water and sink. With all those current and rocks would be interesting!

  16. Reminds me of a youtube video (forgot whose) which showed two streets and asked which is safer. And it was the one that was narrower, had more obstacles (visual, like trees) and less pavement. Because people would drive a lot more carefully. where as on the other street people would be more reckless. and that recently city planners are reverting back to these types of roads.

  17. We need a little submarine to go down there and explore all the caves, and map out the bottom. I want to know how deep it is especially the narrow sections.

  18. Surely it would now be possible to re-direct the stream further up, all be temporary, then while there is no water running into that area, mabee try and drain some of it, and see how far it really goes, and mabee what's down there, in relative safety? I say relative, because no body of water is ever 100% safe, so some major equipment would have to be used to explore there. Or, better still…leave it as it is, and let nature weed out the unfortunate victims of showing off and underestimating the rapids underneath. It is a shame that people have to die before things get done…why can't it be fenced off? Or at least decent warning signs.

  19. Go swimming with ropes anchored into the rocks attached to you with a harness & a crew on top. Use 3 ropes 2 up stream for side to side stability & one down stream for length stability so you don't bounce around. Use a weight to pull yourself down so the current doesn't swing you about with the ropes slowly lowering you in. That would be cool.

  20. There are literally thousands of rivers just like that where 99% of the dangers are hidden and from the surface looks calm.

  21. just throw in a stone with a rope there are special gym weights that can really easily be attached with a rope then you can measure the depth, or even easier a fishing rod with weight

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