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The Magic Academy at Henley Hawks

How long do you think it will take until they start getting a ball and sorting some stuff out? I mean, this is a good standoff. I’m enjoying the standoff at the moment. I’m tempted to kick miss Portland when I
just have one at the moment oh yeah I’m dying now Irene I want to
kick the ball to them man I think it’s not a rugby ball they might go ah what’s
this one so eleven one two three four six no just I’m not going to get again Oh nice pass if we kill the night you’re a
comedian cool come around with the coaches thanks for thanks for having us
to my lads would that be normal you guys would run some stuff yourselves and you
come tall with that I was pretty cool what our coaches do you cool with me
asking the coaches some questions so I tell a joke to lighten the mood first
time does Andy Murray go to bed tennis tennis got it I’ll tell you another joke
you’d all get it in a different time period so have you seen the movie et do
you know et short for he’s got little legs take people different times
together just put your hand up when you got it you got it no everyone’s got it
adults has everyone got it yet not everyone some of them are putting their
hands up because they’re not quite sure when I feel I should put the hand up
he’s got a little legs who’s in stature who’s quite sure so what type of stuff
did you guys notice I haven’t what were coaches noticing cool cool hands up if
you would play a lot of your time in the forwards Wow cool that’s pretty exciting
Ozzy Santiago cheese so you don’t play multiple positions yeah that’s pretty
cool I was finding it hard to work out who were forwards I didn’t think it was
that many I’m excited by that what else do people know this cool so who tried
the hill flick try that right I’ll give you another go at it if he can run
towards the coaches heel flick it over and and in some way get it they all do
five piss-ups there it is right now would you be damn
lucky he did it well guarantee do it later cool I love the fact you’re trying
stuff would that be normal that you try stuff yeah that’s good and we spoke
inside about environment I think that’s a good environment way and you can try
stuff just once so when you get it wrong in future what one of the stuff of
people she don’t think we could do is you guys just carry on I coach a lot of
teenage boys often they’re just taking the mickey out of each other I haven’t
noticed that yet yet cool would you would you I mean would you always play
chicken sketch or would you play other versions of the game you play offload
game be cool so someone made this so someone did all
the organizing who was it someone said we’re gonna play with you the tens we’re
going to do we’re gonna play chicken scratch who was it it’s one of them you
two weeks between the air-cool nice I did enjoy fact your organizer can we
tightly change the game so once that you can pass two touches it’s a turnover
yeah exactly what I was thinking you could six or five I’m cool six on five
or six on six brilliant perfect damn I don’t get to join in so just gonna try
something so there’s a couple things I want to try I came up with an idea last
night I’m going to try it so instead of me like always been good well done if I
could what you can give you a fist pump I want you to tell me why you think I’ve
given you a fist pump okay so what do you think I’ve noticed that that’s good
and then if you if you tell me how you’re gonna make it better then you get
second fit I mean a fist pumps good currency around here and Emily ice cream
is cool so I’ve heard that if you get ten fist pumps in the session today max
will buy you all in ice cream okay and a pizza
kind of it and you’ll get he’ll go get it bring it here to you personally just
hey can we split you into two teams they’re gonna try something so well no
if you think that you’re a really good defender bill on this team if you think
you’re really good attack them and you’re clear even even a kick go on this
team some really good defenders you guys might rip the ball hold people up so you
guys are you guys are the good differences and you guys are good
attackers you guys have got a you know pick someone who you think’s a good
attacker come over there turns nice why’d you pick down it’s quick cool so
so it’s going to be the defense against the attack all right comfortable so once
again Pat how many steps you think you should be allowed and then shit sternum
you know it’s one touch so if you had the ball and I touched you you then got
two steps you pass to someone else but if another one of our players touches
you and these guys are really good defenders then my money’s on these guys
because they’re really good defend this all right you guys off to kill the
gunplay you can use whichever board you want whichever if you want to use this
one cool damn I didn’t want to use that one I only tried that only because I saw
I didn’t do this the other day so I didn’t got the kids and he said look if
two teams if you think they’re a really good kick threat go on this team if you
think you’re really good at running fuck Oh on this team and then just to see how
it plays out so I just want to know that if we primed them and so best defenders
here whether they do defend really well on the other team attacks well I’m just
playing around with stuff before honest great pass I shall give you a fist bump please pull this bill choose dude nice
Wow I’m gonna do fist books oh here’s the best job back
he’s the best of German on your team kawaii kawaii who do you think is gonna
give you a chat someone from this team we’re going in five seconds four three
two one play the ice ye second best it’s closed for okay hold it hold it
I’m gonna bring this team in here so missed him down this end coaches you can
come in as well priming priming the role of the defense didn’t work well I think
you guys are the best defenders Oh give me some ways you get the ball back so
you get interception to get a point for that
well that’s your finger so double touch up you know I’ll give you a point for
that and the other way you can get the ball back
hold it oh thanks mate you could do that and you would you would you have a hold
someone over what so the second guy can come in and get a second touch cool so
I’ll give you points for all that type of stuff
what about like if you would discuss something behaviorally what would it be
or be useful to score so work some kind of rethinking you curious as to what I
think you can score thinking you could score like how good your communication
is so if you’d if I say something and you then do some things if I say push
left and you do it and I think that would be a point lunch in order to uh
and by the way you go and get in an old ski the body and catch this 100 they’re
catchy one-handed turn over break you guys are so honest I love that so there’s a point disappointment two
points hair misting misspell misspell husband make sure you’ve taken them
three points I would have been class cool the main person from each team who
thinks they’re good at pushing the core let’s go loud so you can add up to
choice you know how to do a scrimmage you can do sumo which ones you want to
do strong lay the big fellas you ready crouch best your three-second push fine
set go one two three play I know we won’t I want to see how these guys react this playlist for you had a minute to
get to ten points Craig kick great kick they spoke so he
gave this ball seven points giving the ball kick the ball to them yes 30 seconds to get three points say
points fall turn you’re gonna catch this behind your back to keep it stove it is
careful okay we can largest you guys need a
drink okay loves it only don’t need water there’s so much river space
channel coming coaches what do you think this course scoring system was so the
other team watch it rubbles okay so they’re getting points for getting the
ball back in different ways did you how many people did you tell
okay so that will be pretty typical maybe we’ll go into a tactical game now
I did it change your behavior so did you go friend acceptance and stuff you tried
some stuff there’s some stuff I’m always thinking about with the rule I mean I
should not be a touch should not be a touch
he to get into good habits for me that would be a touch if you were you in sour
sensor area then they’re a touch will probably a full tackle so but I think
it’s good habit so for coaches just some it to observers how good they are at
getting moving their body and stuff and getting into good positions it’ll
prevent injuries it’ll stop concussions because actually you’re managing this
situation better the one that no one did how many opportunities you think you
missed a rip it Lots all rights really I think they would appreciate that
feedback would you guys appreciate the feedback but if you ran in with a ball
in one hand and they ripped it off you that might change your behavior cool
I’m loving your skill level by the way one of the coaches thinking yeah it’s
really it’s really so what I’m going to get you to do is we’re going to play a
game and then just really see how this goes each team is going to go and have a
a bit of a 30-second chat you’re going to decide on how you’re going to defend
okay so you’re going to defend in a fixed way and then the other team of
goddess they get a point if they score but I get 10 points if they work out how
you’re defending in score against it so imagine they’re doing a blitz oh give me
a solution you guys might have sweep so exactly like that so but I want you to
when you’ve scored you’ve got turn around and you got a shower me and
the coaches this is why we did what we did make sense so you guys have got 30
seconds in your teams to come up with a way of defending what uh what are you
guys thinking the defense dream team and they got all the best attackers and they
got a lot of good attackers on the team challenge what’s a blitz 12 14 goes for
the okay cool so so you guys get a blitz but then who so you’re saying the people
are you gonna have a sweeper to cover the edges so you’re the full-back deep
or shallow how war would have your system deep or shallow so you’re gonna
go deep fullback everyone else gonna blitz
you guys got to convince them it’s a drift though do you think you can
convince them that it’s a drift yeah I think they’ll just listen just tell me
lads tell me lads what’s yours what’s yours good cool well waiting to put you
for my deep or shallow shallow cool yeah okay well don’t have a fullback say for
those do you not think you guys are quick enough to get back I like the way
you’re thinking no that’s cool same as we discussed who caught him behind his
back cool we’ll go higher this time turn over play turnout it to church to
another nice ball plus more for sports come dude I saw the touch
that’s not a touch touch a touch this team is pro you can catch e 1 and it
above your head I’ll give you that price I’m feeling
fine cool phrase phrase so do you want to
just possible like no one move school coach is this I mean I didn’t how much
people have been looking off the ball but this would be a pretty typical
picture off the ball so how long was the bill here for roughly how many seconds 0.25 cool nice what would you guys do do
while the ball is here you’re now just all gradually working your way back I
like it this would be really typical so defense stay where you are if you guys
have those let 0.25 seconds again what would you do way that was good so what
I’m going to do now is if two people on the bounds take the ball standing still
it’s a turnover cool so you have to think about your depth off the ball
right now that’s what everyone close their eyes for you end up if you would
do a bad garlic bread for max that you’d know how the opposition of defending no one yet you think that Blitzen cool
how many people have you told does that make sense so is it your team do the
rest you think he’s right cool he’s right he’s right let’s play
you got garlic breads so your chicken dippers garlic bread pizza and and free
ice cream treat decision okay so I’m gonna check so you guys are now allowed
to pick one of these guys to play on your team did you want one of these team
coming on your team who are you on that team why’d you pick very nice two for
each team please we’ll go for the well I’ll tell you what said you say let’s go
two against one and you got to hold your body position see we can do it you think
you can do it against them let’s give it a go do you guys know what you’re doing
coach find sack well you do anything you do different
due to anything you’re thinking yeah yeah yeah never get bit lower Clayface all the way back to where they
were she won’t reproach order to go that pass
through the pass yep anything you do differently anything he
fingered what puffy to a person by anyone wants to replay can call for swim
done instead I carefree next go win right Coffey chat and replay children replay
Ward you what do you thinking about you would do differently anything else you
might do that would be helpful anyone thinking of other stuff did you
speak to him where are your hands plate they call still attach files it’s
double touch so those are the next cool wings like that joy replay and see if
you can do that again so you can engage to tacklers you’re going to try and pass
the ball back your back to someone else and see if it’s humanly possible flight it’s to standing still no ice every
comrades what type of stuff for you guys thinking what type of things you notice
you know what’s useful if you guys were really good at depth you’d be the only
under-15 team in the country that’s good at it I just don’t think even up until
18 people don’t really understand and the and often the forwards get in the
way of it depth I think they were the only team in the country so I was at
Saints on coaching and under-16 team on Monday night and it’s exactly the same
people that off the ball just standing watching the game so be mindful again
yes so the numbers here so it will be even more pronounced if there was more
people so the people further away just generally watching the game so we can
probably do a few more kind of freezes was doing a freeze useful for your
church to show it go hi there and the replays useful
cool so I think generally if we sound lucky as a coach what we mean is let’s
do a replay because we often say unlucky and we could do it both ways so if it
goes if something goes really well then let’s see if we could do it again if so
it doesn’t go so well let’s give you another opportunity well it would that
be useful so if anyone wants to replay you guys just shout for it
and what about different star points so jumping contests scrimmaging stuff with
up is that interesting ways cool pour me on the back job if you guys
could could restart and give me some creative ones that you’ve not thought of
that I’ve never thought of Oh dead touch and so Jessie we can do it it’s a decent
is that good enough it’s not dead enough yeah a couple then put the ball whose
place come off and he won’t let anyone throw it in the air for you so you gonna
see a pole like it’s a clay pigeon you right-handed cool off you left off you
left if you miss this if you miss this you lose everything from the pizza shop
and no one’s looking everything on the ice creams you ready well back to zero feet of winsome stuff
for a second no eyelids I’ve seen I coached in the tendency of the day and
then I was down Ross a parking neck coach you started she was looking and
they just put down a ball there to people chest you gotta push you the
person off the ball simple way to introduce it it might be first three to
get a line outs and we’ll just throw the ball in and then type stuff for three
months Chrome’s too much it was all that type of stuff what I want you to do now
is he’s gonna find this someone on the opposite team we call that he’s already
he’s already moved back on of that team he’s he’s already left you
how you guys feeling about that so find something opposite team I’m going to
join it with these guys a bit just conversation so my Pete my name is rusty
grifter nice to meet you that’s my magic Academy name what’s your
name Monty correct so I’m trying to work on
my kicking so I’m going to kick with my left foot and right foot to score what
are you trying to work on cool so we’ll play this game will not feel and
obviously team’s first want to kick to school with their left and right it
doesn’t have to tell the joke cool y’all good joke so kick to another player who
then scores or kick to yourself and score make sense wait because everyone
grab someone on the on the other team and just have a similar conversation and
I’m around the super strength or something they want to get better
coaches feel free you listen I’ve used this a lot when often when sessions have
gone completely awry and I’m thinking they actually need some focus here so I
do you think and people have transferred it to the classroom so I’ve seen
teachers now who get them just to write and there and the kid who’s struggling
to concentrate on lesson has written I’m going to concentrate put it on the
whiteboard and lo and behold he concentrates
now this is useful for us as well because especially we don’t know the
kids you might start to understand what they’re trying to work
and it’s often in sync so whatever give me give me some examples of
conversations so what have you guys been to Bert nice I mean we’re all going to
be kicking now it is exciting isn’t it what can we like saracens so both how
many kicks only scores of kicks just one many as possible so whoever gets the
most one of you guys hopefully it’s not kicked as well as kicks isn’t it is they
were just excited about kicking okay cool let’s go let’s go tell me so what
did you guys talk about so catchy okay would you put number
passes how off the weak answer you left-handed right-handed you’re not sure
okay cool sweet so you guys are trying to look at
effective passes off great awesome so should we play a game us rock paper
scissors I’ve heard you to the best first a tip
whoever loses starting their team starts to scores down one now first four – is
anyone worn off I’m gonna join it with you guys so I’m going to run around get
my steps up I didn’t notice he didn’t notice it’s all born knock on knock on
Doc on our ball a ball hand right hand right hand right how you doing on your challenge what’s
your challenge thank you good tell you to teach each other
okay all right we’re all right hey spore great no ice how would you like was
there useful speed you could focus on so you made your line break there so that
was pretty cool how you feeling about that so I was Gary did someone stop me
get my second score who who went number I could sweep what was of you don’t do
that again dude so we could do that and you you could just be having
conversations with each other all the time about it at like scenario so start
to suppose down type stuff useful yeah I was down in Devon the other day and the
lads played a game and just said whichever team loses won’t be a
meaningful consequence and they said her losing team we’re going to promise to
watch a Medel with their parents this week so who would enjoy doing that lads
who would think that was cool finger sit with your parents and watch Emmerdale you have to make them watch it well but
once again let’s make it meaningful rather than just dishing out physical
punishments out there going out of fashion actually just give them some
meaningful stuff make it playful in South Africa the lads were the best
kicker gets to I’m not suggesting this text the losers girlfriend that make you
smile you excited about our way you know you never yeah you’re walking
into here turn the play to the play turn and burn what did you guys notice was any stuff
that was different cool so we’re definitely getting that
now what about defensively stuff you noticed yeah hi Percy work didn’t it
high pressure high press cool high price I mean I just did that with my hands and
it works what else what else what else anything else we’re moving in on our
toes yeah brilliant so who is person who’s on their toes
whoever suppose she was on those kind of people who were on his toe ha are you on
your toes only high price on your toes well I’ve read any other stuff and the
other stuff you noticed in defense there was it was Ethan was Ethan’s defense
like give him some feedback on his defense yeah well you guys seems quickly
was quick what did you guys notice it was good she made fast I thought you a
class what do you think that’s for what you do with this promise for really real
quick in defense it’s also was awesome would it surprise you if some of our
players were walking for that last five minutes for the whole time which players think it was I mean it was
one obviously you’ve handed up but you still got a chicken drumsticks so I mean
it was one says he was Regulus I thought you had your hands in your pockets you
were just looking disinterested when you and I said you do you think they’ve
noticed you like they’re not even looking so but once again do you think
that would be useful in a game to start to understand who are the people that
are people to pick off in defense think it will be good did you do lots of
training that looks like that then you’ll just become really good
promise Wow one of you guys are brilliant in the moment so you’re really
skillful I guess the challenge is you play against a team and they’re doing
something and often people then just talk about it after the game I said oh
we should have done that I didn’t realize he was walking she would do when
they round of that so let’s do something in attack so a way of trying to score
you guys are going to come up with a way of trying to score you go to have a
conversation with half the coaches will go here and we’ll have a conversation if
whoever it destroys that way wins the game what we’re thinking lads given our
strengths as a team versus them so I’ll call I like a second touch so
maybe when people are passed they go and get a second touch and it’s in the build
of disco cool not who who should we try and annoying that team is there someone
you think who’s so much orange boots so if you if you can annoy him and get him
really aggravated in this can then the game’s finished we wouldn’t again that
way as well what are you thinking about what type of where’s he gonna do it yeah
cool any other stuff we can do yeah and there’s no rat farm the rough night so
you do what you want I hope this game lasts long because I want to see much I
want to see that let’s go lads you guys can you guys cool with the rainbow cool let’s play let’s play
come on only Charlie Chan coaches umi-chan what’s in this game will make
you better what do you think the downside of
through the leg touches cool so you places legs come towards me run into me
as you would well everyone does that wherever you looked down you’ll actually
cannonball into your hands a bit quite rare
you run into me what do the support please do so imagine you in the to
support players either side so on either side what would you guys do in a game of
chicken scratch so you go nine you’d actually run away it’s proved it’s
possibly the reason why you would need to play more offload stuff because your
support play would be your would be limb is it a limiting factor at the moment
you think so I think you’d notice that people are taking it in and losing
support players it’s possibly because you play in that game in times I think I
would then start to introduce trucks in this game if there was more people and
then just give you a vote so Mike alright you got two rocks to school if I
give you ten works to score would you play differently to to why cool so you’ve now start to think about
why you would have worked this time why we would have a ruck or through the legs
incident as opposed to it just being the default does that make sense and just
then vary the numbers two or three or four or whatever it might be how’d you how’d you find it how’d you
find the game notes is anyone anyone getting again – improperly did anyone
get in team at Maidan is just war four decks back on it do you get anyone –
anyone ever going to try to get him what you do what you did um nice we were our
challengers we won the game if we put you off the game so if we made you
really angry we won the game no you won so you want some chicken
dippers what plea under if you think you will benefit from that in training a bit
more as a player I know the players trying to put you off put you off your
game anyone could what’s his super strength or too good at good at kicking
good it brings a bit of physicality and that that will be pretty typical for
someone who’s bringing that kind of energy then actually they’re often the
player there but that might get agitated at times I want to get out give me some
give it give him some love what’s his super strength no you what are you guys
you guys tell him what you good at catching or kick in what else how much
fun is it on the wing when it’s wet yeah nice what what’s the big fella get out
what type of stuff see you no good at looking nice
oh what a super spent well how would you make him better be
honest with him is that right is that right he’s better yeah but you’re right-handed
on you yeah cool you don’t know one tell him how many people here a left-handed
you know lightly cool who do you think’s I send it will
that be useful to know which hand people use you’re left-handed where you have to
probe a practiced cool well that would be so the best players will be
recognizing those type of cues there will be some cues to look for any other
ways you’d make them better so I’m hearing you’re left-handed passing I’m
hearing like a times you don’t necessarily focus on you passing a full
place really is a hard skill how often you practice passing at full pace
against defenders when you’re running with it because you’re often playing
nine cool so you you list a few not getting so it’s cold you’ll be really
skillful now and tend to get lots of touches just don’t get to practice might
be that or it might be off the ball stuff so that’s why it’s useful to play
in different positions if you play ten you get to understand what a nine and if
you play twelve years and some pretenders and all that stuff I think
you would all be aware of each other’s strengths and what you need to get
better at coaches put you hand up if you’d have been a better player if you
know knew then what you know now as a coach all of us to have you guys
thinking that you are and by the way for you rue you were rocking it today
actually thinking about how you can make each other better you’ll all become
better players so maybe thinking about how can I make other people better at
the stuff I’m good at so how can I make people better at rookie and how can I
support them how can I support people perhaps with passing from the base stuff
will be useful our coaches do we give them a labs a klappa for you syllabus
careful if you could give a free piece of advice
to coaches visit some coaches here well what would it be
make it fun yep yeah the Sunday mornings there has to be exactly two hours those
isn’t it because is that the designated babysitting time cool well I agree often
it doesn’t it’s a nothing like the game it’s not the tempo of the game the game
is actually stop go again stop it’s quite a lot of that going on
it would be useful to individualize stuff here how I mean what what I would
have noticed and so speaking someone like Sam vesti says amnesties said
throughout his career he spent 90% of his time being in a team preparing to be
in the team and 10% of his time getting better individually I think if all of
you feel better at your passing and and other people got better at other stuff
then I think you’d be a better team significantly cool thanks IDEs thanks
lads appreciate your time have fun

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