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The Home Stretch | Fit with Four Seasons

so you’re really opening up the right
hip flexor Your turn Ryan one of my favorite stretching
routines is actually done on an adjustable bench just like this and
you’ll find this in all the hotel gyms so I want you to have a seat on the
bench facing that way right on the crevice okay so will your butt force you
right on the crevice put your left leg all the way up the bench and so
immediately we’ve got a hamstring stretch because the bench is inclined
you feel that hamstring stretch and I want your spine tall so don’t think
about pulling the bench down hinging from the bench push your chest up here
that’s better okay making sure there’s not too much of a gap under here
contract your quad to bring that back down and feel that stretch and don’t
force it let it happen on its own so you’ve got that nice stretch in the
hamstring when we’re done holding that stretch for 20 to 30 seconds slight bend
in the knee I’m gonna pull the knee towards me drag your foot along so
that’s right over here the bottom of the foot is parallel to the side of the
bench and you’re gonna feel a stretch in your left glute hip area again hinging
from the hip tall spine push your chest up here we don’t know push our chest
down we want to push that chest up there’s no rounding of the spine how
tall can thats find me there we go and you feel that nice stretch through the
left glute hip area next the other foot coming so bottom of
the feet together in the center of the bench pulling it into you and I like
exactly how you’re putting your forearms are perpendicular or parallel sorry to
your shins and you’re using your elbows to push down the knees to really
forcefully stretch the adductors or the groin muscle and the last thing we’re
gonna do is that hip flexor stretch left foot all the way forward right knee in
the crevice and slowly let that right hip flexor release yep
contract the right glute and you’re gonna feel the right hip flexor right
through here slowly open don’t force it hold it let
it release on its own 20 to 30 seconds and you’ve got a perfect hip flexor or
iliopsoas stretch good job so I’m not gonna stop you and I’m just gonna let
you know when you’re done doing this I’m gonna suggest you do the same on both
sides you can go through this whole routine once even twice especially after
you get off a flight and don’t force it let it slowly open and really squeeze
that left glute there we go so there’s something called reciprocal
inhibition when our body contracts one muscle it releases the opposite muscle
and so because your glutes are responsible for hip extension your hip
flexor obviously does hip flexion so to make the hip flexor relaxed you have to
contract the hip extensors and that’s what that glute is and that’s why we
squeeze that glute holding it try not to bounce feel it release slowly releasing
and we’ll go back the other direction have a seat all the way back on the
bench now we’ll put our right leg all the way up the bench feel that release
tall spine this legs actually more flexible than the other one
yeah not too much of a gap underneath here contract the quads tall spine and
just feel it lengthen feel that hamstring stretch and relax hold it we’re then going to
put a bend in the knee let that neat travel laterally and bring that foot
down so it’s parallel to the side of the bench tall spine push that chest right
up here awesome feel that release through the right hip
area all through the glute and relax good job

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