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The Highest XP th9 Player in the history of Clash of Clans

Hello guys welcome to my channel. I’m featuring a brand new clash of clans video in this video I’m going to feature a townhall 9 player having the highest Xp in the history of Clash of clans being a th 9 player so guys let’s check him out Let’s go to social and search player #YPCR29LQ L:Q This is the guy Bhushan he is a th 9 player First let’s visit his base. Then I’m gonna show his profile achievements and all Currently the Giant surprise event is going on So the barbarian king is getting a little massage from the Barbarian king sorry from the *giant* He is a active players, so let’s see his achievements i wanna see his donations WTfffffffffff He has given over 500k + donations Till now he has *destroyed* six Eagle artilleries. That’s awesome Man i give a salute to this guy see this guy is still mad on donations You can see I think he jump from clan to clan and gives giant donation to clan mates You can see Giants giants and all with giants in and haste for spells donations Wow Plus he has 1000+ war stars yeah, I Am still on 100 Xp. That sucks My townhall 8 is not Max till now What I am going to do he is in 322 Xp, and I am still on 100 xp So thank you guys for watching keep a like on this video and subscribe to my channel for more videos like this bye peace

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