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  1. The like to dislike ratio is already making me question how accurate the game of the year was.

  2. This years was kinda boring.
    Not because I didn’t got smash and Yada Yada, it’s just…well, so…bland and generic in comparison of 2017 and 2018.

  3. I'm not even completely mad because no smash dlc, Nintendo just did fuck all. No more heroes 3 got only "2020" as a release date and that was like the only game

  4. I for one am glad to see an Original IP win the Awards, Also I think the Sekiro team really deserved it, Maybe an unpopular opinion but hey, Congrats anyways!!!

  5. 2:14:03 & 3:18:29 are the best things in the entire show. They SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN. The game awards should be about existing games getting the recognition they deserve, not a glorified series of ads intermediated by nonsense victories and undeserved loss. The people should be able to judge these games, not some secret council that thinks they know better than everyone.

  6. I refused to watch the game awards cause..I don’t want to. I called my friends dumb for watching it, and they cussed me out and laughed. Who’s laughing now?!

  7. Super Smash Bros Ultimate:

    becomes the best selling fighting game in less than a year

    gets nominated for GOTY

    gets snubbed by some wack Weaboo game nobody talks about

    Yeah okay…

  8. Geoff Keighley said sonic would appear in the game awards with an announcement and instead he lies to us and gives us nothing except a waste 4 hours of our time

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