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The Family Goes To A Water Park | Season 15 Ep. 19 | FAMILY GUY

[music playing] [sighs] A water park. Happy anniversary, Lois. Everybody meet back
here in six hours. I can’t wait to get everyone
else’s body water in my mouth. Uh, where’s the slide? Just eat this Starburst. Wow! Lemons, oranges,
cherries, so beautiful! [crash] I don’t think that
was a Starburst. I think that may
have just been acid. Would you like to ride
the Skittles Rainbow now? Is it also acid? My friend, I’m an adult
who works at a water park. If I give you
something, it’s acid.

Reader Comments

  1. For the next season of Family Guy I hope Meg turns into a guy become Ron Griffin. Meg Griffin seems to be the lamest character in Family Guy like nobody likes Meg

  2. For the next season of Family Guy I hope Meg becomes Ron Griffin as a male now to look 100% masculine

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