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The Demonic Goatman’s Bridge

– [Ryan] Dude, I’m, (chuckles nervously) I’m so nervous. – [Shane] How can you be nervous with a beautiful sunset like that? – [Ryan] Because I know
what’s underneath it. – [Shane] Nighttime, darkness. – [Ryan] Demons. (spooky music) I hate demons. – [Shane] Hey, it’s the bridge. – [Ryan] Yeah, I can see that. There it is. (spooky music) Ready? – [Shane] Yeah. – You go first. (suspenseful music) Goddammit. – [Shane] I’m on. (suspenseful music) How are you feeling? You did it. (suspenseful music) Well, here we are. It’s very sturdy. – There’s some pretty shady things that have happened to people around here. – Very sturdy. – So now that we’re on the bridge, I guess I should tell you why
this bridge is what it is. – Tell me. – Can you even look just
a little bit worried? Or do you have to, never mind, don’t do that. (crow cawing) (thunder) This week on Buzzfeed Unsolved, we investigate Old Alton Bridge, AKA the Goatman’s Bridge as part of our ongoing investigation
into the question, Are ghosts real? However, tonight, this bridge and the woods that lie beyond it are said to harbor something
much more sinister. – Demons! – Yeah, it’s a demon. As I’ve stated before, I will only do one demonic investigation per season, so behold! This season’s sacrifice. – Do you even like sitting on this bridge? Do you not– – No, I don’t like it so if we
could just get it over with. – You’ve got a glazed look in your eye. – Yeah, I’m fuckin’ nervous, man. I feel like I’m gonna vomit. (Shane laughs) – I love it. – [Ryan] In 1884, Old Alton Bridge was built in Denton, Texas to connect the town of Alton to Denton. Alton was a tiny town
that originally consisted of one person when it
was established in 1848. It was chosen as the legal
center of Denton County. After the county seat was moved to Denton, residents of Alton moved to other towns. And Alton eventually disappeared. Today, the bridge is no longer
usable for vehicle crossing. But lucky for us, the bridge is available for pedestrian crossing. – You know what, Ryan? I’m not trying to scare you, but I got a bad feeling about this one. – Shut up. – I do. – It’s okay, I came prepared. – What are you prepared with? – Oh, you’ll see, man. – Why are you unbuttoning your pants? – Don’t worry about it. – We’re in public right n- what are you doing?! – Shut up! – Oh, Ryan. – What? – You’ve outdone yourself. – You know, I thought
this was gonna be funny. But now I’m actually happy that I have it. It’s holy water inside here– – I assumed it was holy water. – Like I could be like, Hey, Shane, look over at those bushes! And then a demon sneaking up on me, be like, Hey Shane, look
over there in the bushes, Don’t try, demon! Fuckin’ pull it out like that. – Ooh, that’s spooky.
– Yeah, right? Obviously we did travel
all the way down to Texas to observe a simple old bridge. What brings us to Old Alton bridge is the meaning of it’s
nickname, the Goatman’s Bridge. There are several
legends of bridges acting as gateways to another realm. And perhaps this bridge
is one of those gateways. This bridge and the surrounding woods are said to harbor a dark entity. A demon that is half-goat and half-man. The Goatman is said to have quote, “Glowing empty eyes”, end
quote, and goat-like horns. The reason for this entity’s
existence has many iterations. One common story is that Satanists have carried out rituals on the bridge, that opened the door for this demon and perhaps others. – I am whole other coin. – Which coin would that be? – Just like a chill-ass wheat
back penny or something. – [Ryan] Another popular story is that a successful
African American goat farmer was hung on this bridge by angry Klansmen, returning from the dead as the Goatman. However, this version of
the story is impossible, as there’s no historical record of this goat farmer even existing. And furthermore, demons
are preternatural beings, and therefore, not human. – If these places you’re going claim to have spiritual attachments, I would do nothing to invite them to somehow show themselves
or taunt them in any way. – Like, for instance, if
something happens to me tonight. I’ll go back to him to get a blessing, to cleanse myself. – You’re gonna need to cleanse yourself. – [Ryan] But tonight, we’re not here to find out why this demon exists. Our goal tonight is to
make contact and hopefully capture evidence of this
elusive and dangerous demon to prove that it’s real. We can only hope that evidence
doesn’t come at a great cost. – [Shane] Any demons here? Got any demons out tonight? Any horny boys, or whatever they– – Horny boys? – They got horns! – Let your presence be known. Say something. Why are you on this bridge? You ask questions. – Why are you on this bridge? (wheeze) Goatman! You feel that? You feel the Goatman energy? – [Ryan] I don’t like
when you say his name. – [Shane] Feel some goat vibes? You may not like this, I’m
gonna try and agitate it. I’m just gonna go– – You do what you gotta do. And I’ll do what I gotta do. – I’m just gonna be as
crude as possible here. Fuck you, Goatman! – Holy shit, dude!
– Is that good? – I thought you were
gonna build your way up. – No, no, no. Just right out of the gate. Why build up? – If you don’t believe, then there’s nothing for you to be afraid of, right? You could be as big a prick as you want. I’ll stand over here. – Goatman, I’m dancing on your bridge! It’s my bridge now! (Ryan laughing) You hear that? You want me off this bridge, you’re gonna have to kill me. – Holy shit! – You’re gonna have to throw
me off this bridge yourself! – He did throw somebody
off the bridge once. – Look at the way I dance on it. I disrespect your bridge, Goatman. – He’s takin’ names right now. – You hear that Goatman? – Me and Ryan Bergara own your bridge! – No, don’t loop me into your shit. Stop looping me, I hate when you do this– – [Shane] Well then tell him! Tell him you’re not part of this. – I’m not part of his little charade. – [Shane] You’re talkin’ to Goatman now. – I see what you’ve done. – It’s Goatman entrapment. Goatman? – I’m not with him. – They’re gonna put my name in graffiti. Children will come here
and tell tales of me! – [Ryan] People have
reported a growling voice, telling them to quote,
“get off the bridge”. End quote. One person said that after he
and his friend heard the voice he ran off the bridge
while his friend stayed. He then reportedly watched his friend get dragged towards the
railing of the bridge and flipped into the water below. People have reported hearing hooves following them across the bridge, as if they were being chased off. It’s said that the Goatman can be conjured by knocking three times on the bridge. All right, Goatman. Goddammit. – Talking to the Goatman. Opening up a line of communication. Father Thomas would be very disappointed. – Shut the fuck up. I’m gonna murder you. (laughing) I’m gonna knock on your bridge. (knocking) It’s said when you do that,
you can see his glowing eyes. – Oh, what a load of horse shit. – Someone said they saw
him standing on the… (suspenseful music) All right, idiot. It’s your turn. (stammering) I have my
hand ready on my pistol. Oh, skip the theatrics
and just go into it. – Hey Goatman. (three quick knocks) You know, if you want me off your bridge, you’re gonna have to throw me off. – All right. We’ll come back for you. Let’s go into the woods. – Ooh. We’ll be back, Goatman. After all, this is our bridge now. – Okay. – That’s how you get ’em. – I don’t, no that’s not how you get them. Shut up. – You gotta admit, that’s an effective– – No it’s not an effective technique. It’s a way to get killed. – [Shane] He’s probably
getting upset though. – [Ryan] This is a serious thing! Perhaps more foreboding than the bridge is the woods that lies beyond it. It is rumored that for nearly a century, people have disappeared near the bridge or in the surrounding woods. In addition to the Goatman, people have reported seeing
the ghostly figure of a woman and hearing a woman’s voice or laughter. There has also been
sightings of strange lights. Jesus Christ, dude. – [Shane] When’s the last time
you walked into a dark wood? – [Ryan] Never. – [Shane] Never gone camping or anything? – [Ryan] Sure, but I haven’t gone into a demonic woods before. This is so much scarier than
hunting fuckin’ Sasquatch. Hello? Is there anything out here? – [Shane] (loudly) Hello? – [Ryan] People usually feel
overcome with emotion in here. Like a violent emotion. – Do you feel that? – No. – Okay, good.
– Not yet at least. – [Shane] Give me a heads up
if you start to feel murderous. I would appreciate that. – [Ryan] These woods are rumored to be the sight of Satanic rituals, attempting to conjure demonic entities. One paranormal investigator
claimed to find animal remains that were possible evidence
of sacrificial rituals. In fact, one local policeman
told us that pet stores around the area stopped selling cats due to the amount of sacrificed cats being found in these woods. – I got a lot of limbs that are very– – No you’re like one of
those car wash blowy things that’s out front, just wiggling around. – That’s fair, but if
you see that in a fight, if you see this in the middle of the night in the woods comin’ toward ya, that’s scary. – No it’s not I’d be like, that guy is
whacked out of his mind. – You would not, you would run away. – I guess. – (funny voice) Heyo. Welcome to my woods. (gibberish in funny voice) (laughing) – Is there anybody out here? – Any cultists? Anyone doing, up to no good out here? – (chuckling) Anyone
cutting a cat’s head off? Jesus fucking Christ. One of these, we’re gonna die. – [Shane] You think so? – Yeah. – You hearing something over there? – Yeah. Oh shit! There’s somethin’ over there. I don’t know what it is,
but the bushes are moving. – [Shane] The bush just moved. Hello?
– Hello? (suspenseful music) Hello? Oh, God. – [Shane] I did see that bush move. – [Ryan] What’s that? Did you hear the scream? – [Shane] A scream? – [Ryan] God, my mind’s starting to melt. Hello? – [Shane] Who’s out here? What if we just… Make it seem like we’re in on it? – [Ryan] What do you mean? – [Shane] We’re here for the cult stuff! – Oh I see what you’re doing. – We saw the ad on Craigslist. – No? It feels weird to even joke. I’m so fuckin’ scared right now. – Are you really? – They wouldn’t be hiding
in the bushes would they? – Oh sure they would. They’re cultists, Ryan. – [Ryan] I feel like I’m
scanning like a madman right now. My eyes… – [Shane] I keep collecting
spider webs on my face. And now I’m just sort of used to them. I’m just letting them accumulate. – [Ryan] Well you are just a
giant stick walkin’ around. – [Shane] That’s true. Oh this looks fun. This odd collection of branches. Looks like a witch lair or something. – Well there’s spirits in here. But they obviously are overshadowed by the demon. – Or the demons like to
tell them to quiet down? Is that how that works? There’s like a hierarchy? – What was that? Who’s out there? – [Shane] Is someone over there? – [Ryan] No, I’m serious, I
heard something over there. – [Shane] Put that cat down! – [Ryan] I heard something over there. I don’t know what it was. – [Shane] Hello? – [Ryan] Whoa, careful, dude. Oh shit. – [Shane] You can’t be doing
occult stuff like this. – [Ryan] (shakily) Dude,
you’re fuckin’ crazy. Hold on. – [Shane] We heard some
spooky movement over here. Who’s over here? Take your cloak off. – [Ryan] (frightened) You need to chill. You need to chill out. Hello? (shrieks) – Hey, man. It’s a plant. We kicked Goatman off the bridge! It’s our now. Goatman, are you out here in the- well he’s out here in the woods ’cause he’s not tending to his bridge. Clearly. That’s why, finders keepers and all that. What’s over here? You think they’re just all around us? – [Ryan] Right now I’m just picturing being surrounded by cultists right now and it’s freaking me the fuck out. Hello? – [Shane] Hey, if there’s
cultists out there– – [Ryan] (whispering) Shut the fuck up! – I gotta let you know,
my pal has a water gun. – It’s holy water! I don’t like this. I don’t like this one bit. – We are hearing noise from
all sides at this point. It’s very Blair Witch. – [Ryan] Yeah, let’s leave. Multiple investigators have
picked up on the name Steve through EBP and spirit box sessions. Perhaps the moniker that the Goatman or another demon is going by. – Yeah, it doesn’t really
strike fear into the heart. – No, my dad’s name is Steve. Overall, this Goatman
entity and/or the possible other entities that lie within these woods and around this bridge are said to be extremely dangerous and physical with those
who encounter them. People have reported being
thrown, dragged, and struck. Multiple people have claimed
to be scratched three times, a reportedly common
occurrence in demonic attacks, that is symbolic for
mocking the Holy Trinity. People have also claimed to be overcome with intense feelings of
aggression and violence. In one instance, an
investigator had envisioned murdering her entire
team of investigators. – This is your new favorite thing. Spirit box? – Yeah. – Spirit boxing? You haven’t used this
on a demon yet though. – I have not. – Are you more concerned about that? – A little bit more concerned, yeah. – This is directly
against what Father Thomas would have told you– – Yeah, you’re probably right. It’s gonna be loud. (loud static) – This is what the spirit box, it’s scanning through all the different radio channels around at a high rate. Every two-tenths of a second, they’re scanning a new channel and produces white noise. So conceivably, spirits could use that to communicate with us. Or a demon in this case.
– Or a demon. – And if it’s saying more than one word, it’s pretty possible for it
to be radio interference– – You got yourself a demon, hands down. I’m, look, I’m in on this. It’s fun. I’ll go along with this. Fun gimmick. – It’s not a gimmick. All right. Is there anybody here with us? (static) – Is there a Goatman out here? (twitch in static) – What the fuck was that? – It sounded like a demon. – What the fuck was that? – Is there a demon here?
– It happened again! – Can you speak to us? Is there a Goatman here? (static) – That sounded like Goatman, but. – Say your name. – Is Steve here? – [Spirit Box] Bridge. – I hear “bridge”. – [Spirit Box] Steve. – And I heard Steve. Based on the response from the spirit box, we’ll end our investigation by returning to the apparent epicenter
of the activity, the bridge. Once there, we’ll perform a ritual that I have never done before in my life. – Ouija? I’ve done it before. It’s a blast. – I’m sure you did it as a party trick, like a little parlor trick. You just went down,
had a couple brewskies, thought it’d be fun to
play with the Ouija board. It’s not a toy. – It is a toy. – It’s made by a toy company. – They do sell it at Toys R Us. – True, true. But it’s not a toy. I’m just saying, I’m
scared to use a Ouija board in the comfort of my own home. I never thought the first time I would ever use a Ouija
board would be here. – On a demon bridge. – On a demon bridge. I’m about to die for the Internet. This is a doorway we’re opening. We’re calling for all the
everything to come here, is what we’re doing. So protect yourself. I’m gonna do a salt circle around us. – You’ve really thought this out. – I wanted to be as safe as I could. Wasn’t gonna go into this like an idiot. – This is great. I love it. Is there a technique here? – You just rest your hands on it and you kinda let your
energy flow through it. And then we’ll start to move. Granted, every time I’ve seen
someone do this on YouTube, they’re like (funny voice) Whoa! – Yikes! – Yeah. I just don’t know how that’s gonna happen unless something comes out. Should we just say our
names in the beginning? – Yeah. – This is Shane. So, S-H-A-N-E. And I’m Ryan. – Very swift. I don’t think we’re gonna
see movement like that again. – Is there anybody out here? – If you put salt around us, doesn’t that mean like, Goatman can’t get to the Ouija board? – It would trap him in here with us. – What if he was outside
of it when you did it? – I don’t know! Do you want me to blow the salt away? – Give him a little entrance. (blows) – Wait, you blow it by you. (blows) (wheeze) It’s some tough salt. – There’s your front door, Steve. (Ryan laughs) Come on in. – [Ryan] What’s your name? No. Are you moving it there? – I’m not moving it. I’m just sittin’. – [Ryan] If it goes to Steve, I’m gonna fuckin’, first I’m gonna think it’s really funny. – Your hands are shaking. – I know (stammering). – Hey, you demon fuck! – Jesus Christ! Dropped onto the the quorum, didn’t you? – I wanted to catch him off guard. – Well, we have an S. – We got an S. If you can’t spell your name, then this bridge is officially mine. They’ll tell legends of me here. People will come here and
talk about math, facts. – For a second there, I
thought it was going towards G, but it looks like it’s F. – Fuck you. (Ryan laughs) – All right. This is your last chance, demon. If you’re here, tell us your name. And again, you know the deal. – [Ryan] I guess. If you don’t tell us your name, then it’s gonna be Shane’s bridge. You know what? Fuck it, throw myself in there. If you don’t tell us your name, it’s me and Shane’s bridge. – It’s our bridge now. – Oh God, I feel like I’ve
gone to the dark side. Well. – My bridge. Ouija boards suck. – We gotta close it. We gotta close it. (both) G-O-O-D-B-Y-E. – [Shane] (funny voice) Goodbye. – Goodbye. Well, it’s time to close this up. Let’s close shop. – You’re not gonna say mean
things to it on your way out? – Now I feel like I’ve
conquered it a little bit, but, here, let me try
saying goodbye to it. How ’bout that? – Just gloat a little bit. This is a win for you. – [Ryan] Well, demons. It’s been fun. But sayonara. – As we snuff these candles, so, too, do we snuff you from this mortal world. You fuckin’ wimp. – Jesus Christ, sir. Nobody knows why the Goatman and surrounding entities haunt this area. And even though we never had
a face-to-face encounter, I don’t doubt its existence. Either way, we’ve once
again opened the door for a dark entity to enter our lives. There’s a small faction of my mind that is definitely
disappointed we never saw him. But I’d be lying if I
said I wasn’t relieved. Regardless, whether or
not the Goatman’s bridge is truly infested will remain unsolved. (dramatic music)

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