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The Complete Zone of the Enders Timeline! Lore explained.

When looking at his Work you can see
that Hideo Kojima and shuyo murata are no strangers when it comes to strange plots
and complicated timelines that together with the beautiful designs that yoji shinkawa created for the zone of the enders franchise you can kinda see why this
franchise turned into a cult hit being a zoe fan and seeing there are no videos
about the zoe universe in deph i decided to create my own. this will use mostly oficial material distributed by Konami since I plan on creating my own
video talking about possible theories for zone of the enders 3 that being said
let’s get this video started in the year 2014 earth starts having problems
regarding population energy and environment in the same year the
International transport concept is announced in 2020 the fervor for space
exploration is reignited as a result of the completion of the first lunar
foothold two years after that the l1 Mars Catcher outpost construction was completed.and the lunar mars driver was first used 2027 humanity
successfully launches an anchor satellite satellite into orbit construction on the
orbital transfer begins in the next few years the international project Mars
colonization concept would be made public. together with the discovery of a
flatland on the Jupiter’s moon Callisto further sparks interest in space travel 2045
the orbital transport project is completed and with that humanity is propelled into
a full-scale space age Nereidum universal technology (Nut)
precipitates space development projects with the first generation lev with
that humanity could easily mine in lunar resources escavation facilities three
years later – construction of the l4 and l5 space colonies begins finally in the
year 2052 – terraforming in Mars begins that also comes with the early
foundation of Bahram worldwide generation of nuclear fusion is given
its first priority eleven years later the United Nations
announces that fossil fuel has dried up 2067
Metatron the main resource used in the Zoe universe is found on Callisto
in one of Jupiter’s moons a few years later emigration start for the colonies
on l4 and l5 with the fast development that levs faced they can now be used for
working on zero-g in the next following years humanity constructs permanent
foothold on the Martians moons Phobos and Deimos together with the use of
Metatron for eletric purposes revolutionizes the industry. in the next
year’s humanity would discover spacial compressing phenomena of Metatron
together with application of the urenbeck catapult that made traveling trought
solar system a relatively easy and quick task. in the year 2111
marked the construction of the permanent marked the Construction of the permanent foothold Antilia is begun on the Jupiter moon Europa L5.

Terraforming would only be completed in two thousand one hundred
and thirty shortly after a bacterial disaster would put the whole earth block
in quarantine in the following years antilia would be fully colonized to
the discord that would mark the beginning of the series main theme begins when earth
start making xenophobe and racist comments about people who lived in Mars
aswell as social and political problems with that the people on Mars
started being called by this word: Enders after all of the Xenophobic and
racist comments received by earth bahram rebels against the unsf allegedly
seeking the independence of Mars however the truth about bahram is much
darker than initially revealed seeking full dominance rather than liberance committing
war crimes killing civilians along the way comiting non etical experiments with metatron and leaving a trail of destruction and madness where it stands
interestingly enought bahram comes from the word who appears
to be based of the Persian language name for Mars
Bahram as a name can also mean smiting of resistance or victorious in the same
language together with nut they start working on the very first orbital frame
prototype Idolo. spoiler warning if you didn’t play the games or watch the movie
or never watch the TV show and are planning into doing that in the future I
recommend you close in this video since now I will delve into the movies and
games you have been warned! so let’s talk about the first movie idolo in idolo we have a sense of the size of this world the conflicts the people who
only want to live in peace the tension between factions and the side effects
that the war between planets would cause and most importantly the effects of war
and what a new technology can cause in the human mind. we see the story of
lavans and his soon-to-be wife Dolores being included in the creation of this
giant steel and Metatron monster that would soon ruin their lives due to
metatron poisoning zone of the enders: idolo really shows in how subtle writing works
for the series as well as working as a prequel for the main game in the end
of the movie we see something that will become very very common on the zone of
the enders franchise references to Evangelion
with lavans being unable to cope with dolores death and being
manipulated by metatron the situation ends up being very reminiscent of the
one that Gendo had in Evangelion once again sending him into a maniacal
crusade against earth in the tv/daily series zone of the enders
Dolores shortly after the end of the movie after idolo is destroyed radium lavans
was put into treatment and the wreckage of Idolo was later salvaged by Bahram for
the production of the orbital frames Isis and haythor I would like to add that the
story of Idolo is really interesting since in the old Egyptian mythology osiris was quartered into 16 parts a similar event event happened in zoe
when like I said Idolo gets destroyed his orbital frame was the strongest of
them all and the first one to be manufactured taking whole squads in
minutes the whole frame was made of Metatron so after its destruction
Bahram used its components to make other orbital frames the coincidences would end
here but the name that they gave to the orbital frames pretty much gives
this away being Isis and Hathor which has the phrase system osiris inprinted on its forehead when i was young i always assumed zone of the enders was 100% based
of the Egyptian mythos because the tendency the game has to name every
orbital frame after an Egyptian god as well as enemies but that doesn’t seem to
be the case zone of the enders seems to be a fusion between Greek and Egyptian
mythologies the birth of Aphrodite for example consisting in the goddess being
born when Kronos castrated his father Uranus with sickle and casted his genetalia
into the sea from where Aphrodite appeared from where Aphrodite appeared amidst the resulting foam. that would also be in line with the position of the cockpits cockpits being located near the genital
area another good observation is that Lloyd the pilot of inhert doesn’t have
the cockpit near his genital area since his passed his reproduction phase being an
elder.this would further lend credit to this theory the whole fuselage was turned
into countless orbital frames and in the original story seth quartered osiris
scattered his body all over Egypt and that also happens in zone of the enders
since the orbital frame technology ends up on unsf force hands (earth) and in the original myth isis finds all the pieces
of osiris and revived him that can also be seen as on zone of the enders when Isis
defeats osiris (Hathor) since the zone of the enders storyline
is loosely based around the Egyptian and Greek mythology like Evangelion inspired
by Judaism I wonder what could happen in the future game we never got to see seth,
Horus in their orbital frame version so I think he could be very interesting
since zone of the enders is basicaly Hideo kojima version of Eva and gundam
it’s interesting to see how deep Zoe deal with parallel themes connected to
Evangelion and even gundam eva deals with motherhood while zone of the enders deals
with fatherhood Eva deals with Judaism while zone of the enders deals with Egyptian and
Greek myths but alright! let’s go back to the timeline and finish this thing in
the year 2168 the protagonist from the second game dingo was delivering
Metatron when he has an encounter with Nohman (Ridley hardiman) one of the leaders of bahram
that generates an immense conflict and dingo is apparently the only one to survive
but manages to get the delivery to its destination and the cargo is later used
to build the orbital frames jehuty and anubis on the space colony Antilia
dingo hides on Callisto as an ice miner. in the year 2172 this is the year that zone of the enders Dolores takes place following
the story of James links and his family when dr. links sent him the orbital
frame Dolores After the Antilia raid, Bahram under general General Rutger Tyusha together with radium (lavans) mobilizes to seize control of the earth orbital elevator and
make it crash into the earth causing a catastrophe that could have killed
millions his plans do not go like they had
planned however because both ended up being defeated by Dolores after that the
dolores uses her space distortion programs to make the elevator stable again
sacrificing herself for the greater good
dolores would mysteriously return in the last episode with a new body.
in the same year the UNSF occupies Antilia trought force with bahram launching
a full-scale attack in December bahram successfully defeats the unsf and takes
anubis but loses jehuty to coincidental pilot and colony resident
Leo stenbuck Jehuty is subsequently taken on board of the atlantis.
january 18 of the next year Leo Stenbuck the protagonist from the
first game is promoted into the unsf as a special task corporeal and begins
training alongside Rock thunderheat has gifted a lev named vic viper at the
end of its training but While this happens Bahram inflates sentiments of martian
independence by playing upon B.I.S activities in the year 2174 Dingo
egret stumbles upon jehuty faces off agains bahram together with Ken and leo project aumaan is activatred by Nohman but Dingo manages to defeat and kill
him through the ensuing explosion activates anyway Dingo efforts to keep
the damage to a minimum and the explosion ends up only destroying Phobos
and with that Mars subsequently gains independence from Earth and that is the
end of the current Zoe timeline you might have noticed that i excluded a
great part of the events from the game first of Mars
it was a tactical RPG set in the zoe universe released exclusively to the Game
Boy Advance however it was not created by kjp nor it
was included in the HD collection who has created by the gaming division of
sunrise the same company that made the TV show and animes for the series. the
game features a decision system it greatly influences the outcome of the
story and that on itself creates problems into its canonicity status is our own
version of the eternal debate that the Metal Gear community faced with
portable ops and its canonicity status so I think that’s it for the video I hope
to see you next time!

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  1. Congratulations for your first YouTube video, the Zone Of The Enders franchise really needs fans like you to create content on this platform: about the feedback the pictures displayed have a blinking effect at the end (not sure if it was intentional)

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