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The Chronicles of Riddick – I Bow to No Man Scene (3/10) | Movieclips

This is your one chance. Take the Lord Marshal’s offer and bow. I bow to no man. He’s not a man. He’s the holy Half-Dead who has seen the Underverse. Look, I’m not with everyone here. But I will take a piece of him. A piece you will have. [Crowd gasps during fight] [Lord Marshal] Stop him! Irgun. One of my best. If you say so. What do you think of this blade? I think it’s a half-gram heavy on the back end. In our faith, you keep what you kill. Are you familiar to me? Have we met… on some distant field? You think I’d remember. You’d think I would too.

Reader Comments

  1. Never actually seen this scene. The scene I've seen is when he weighs the not he thrusts the knife back at him saying not my faith and then Lord Marshall says take him

  2. He pulls knife out soaked in blood and walks up it is soaked in blood then hands him a perfectly clean knife to spin and say it is a half gram heavy. I wish they would of just kept the blood on it.

  3. "He's not a man. He's a holy half dead who's seen the underverse." I always wonder what went through Karl Urban's mind when he saw that line in the script.

  4. DVD version: (kills Irgum with one strike to the chest)
    Lord Marshal : "stop him!. What do you think of this blade?"
    Riddick: "half gram heavy on the back end."
    Marshal: "Process him"
    (Riddick kicks assses all around him)
    Vako's wife: "perhaps, the breather would do it if he's asked politely…"

  5. HEY, Hollywood companies, gaming producers, you should take this to heart – i bow to NO man. You would make better movies/games, and more money, its really hard to grasp for you is it? ;]

  6. "What do you think of this knife?"
    "I am Groot."
    "My best warrior."
    "I am Groot."
    "Have we met on some distant field?"
    "I am Groot."
    "You'd think I would, too…"

  7. I usually think Vin Diseal should have been one of the most iconic action movie actor since A Schwarzenegger but they are Stuck with the Rock giving him all the roles.

  8. He's like "you really should just me leave. I don't buy your BS, but I also don't care to interrupt your little kneeling ceremony either. So… I'm just gonna slide out the back…"

  9. Were they having a moment at the end? Gazing into each others souls… both holding that phallic knife… whispering poetic innuendos.

  10. "You'd think I'd remember". Good line, but surely it ought to have been "Would you be talking to me if we had?". Let's face it: if the Lord Marshal had fought Riddick before, he wouldn't be here to ask stupid questions.

  11. 🍿
    Ça y est ça recommence…
    Mais qui a rajouté une pièce dans la machine à suggestion…

    Cool it…😉

    Bon Sens et équilibre.

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