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The Central Park Five Official Trailer #1 (2012) – Ken Burns Documentary Movie HD

>>I want us to remember
what happened that day and be horrified by ourselves. New York in the late 1980s was
a completely schizophrenic, divided city.>>New York is now the
capital of racial violence.>>If I had more bullets, I would have shot them
all again and again.>>Criminality, gang
wars, drug lords. We were supposed to be afraid. It would have been
irrational not to be afraid.>>Last night a woman
jogger was found unconscious and partially clothed
in Central Park. She was beaten and
sexually assaulted.>>A woman jogging
in Central Park. Central Park was holy. It was the crime of the century. [ Music ]>>Five youths were
arrested at 96th Street, all between 14 and
15 years of age.>>They got them.>>You can only imagine
the pressure to have this crime
solved and solved quickly.>>First we was all together,
then they started to put us in different rooms separately.>>”What did you do? Who were you with? Who did you come with?” The tone was very scary. I felt like they might
take us to the back of the precinct and kill us.>>Never go home until
you give up the story.>>I told my son “Go to
the park” that night. I feel guilty.>>I’m telling the guy, “I don’t
know what you’re talking about.” They’re getting a little angry.>>And they like, “You know
you did it, didn’t you?”>>He had been interrogated
for over 24 hours. That amounts to pressure.>>These young men were guilty. It was almost unquestioned.>>The police soon
told the story. They created the story.>>They seized on the
fears of the people. “Wilding,” the bestial
characterization of the black man.>>There’s no DNA match
whatsoever to any of these boys.>>I was going nuts.>>No blood on the kids,
nobody could identify them, but if they confess, they
confess, and that was that.>>A lot of people didn’t do
their jobs: Reporters, police, prosecutors, defense lawyers.>>This was institutional
[indiscernible].>>We falsely convicted them and
we walked away from our crime.>>This is the ultimate siren
that says none of us is safe.

Reader Comments

  1. Thank you for telling there story God Bless all of the young men 🙏🏽 we can never let these Devils do this to our children again 👊🏽

  2. Wrongfully isn’t a crime in usa? I ask besause i live in France and i’m such surprise to watch this after to watch «when they see us »

  3. And lets give all the glory to Ava and Oprah, who did nothing for years. 2012..people..Didn't they do same to the dead black man called Michael Jackson. They used only gossip and zero evidence, top journalism. Now they need to look good for the public..and here we go. I prefer this documentary.

  4. For tha people saying “ who’s here because of when they see us” y’all need to stfu, nobody cares if you here because of the tv shows…just stfu and watch the video 🙄.

  5. YA'LL KEEP FORGETTING THERE WAS 2 OTHER BOYS INTERROGATED!! Because those 2 boys struggled giving the story they wanted. They ERASED THEM FROM THE NARRATIVE. Dont believe me?? Watch Korey's confession he says Steve and Orlando about a billion times in his FALSE AND COERCED confession. Some people still cant handle the truth

  6. meanwhile, the actual criminal and real criminals and criminal activities are going on in the city at that time.

  7. “They we’re guilty, it’s unquestionable.” Later in the video: “ none of there dna matched” bruhhhh

  8. Fiquei emocionada e ao mesmo tempo indignada ,como pode por causa da cor injustiçar alguém as provas estavam lá…até eu q não sou advogada nada percebi q não era coerente as acusações! Mas Deus não dorme 🙏


  10. I would be back in jail rightfully convicted of killing those cops their mothers their new born or big children – and that prosecutor – I would be on some Ghost from Power Cape Fear Robert De Niro time when dealing with these whites FOH

  11. Didn't even get no apologies why you can't replace all their time they miss school they missed a prom they miss being a kid oh my God

  12. who is NOT here after watching after watching "when they see us"…..if not…please like this comment 😉

  13. Jesus passou por isso, foi assassinado sendo inocente. A multidão escolheu o criminoso e crucificou Jesus. Violência e crueldade é natural do ser humano. E eles vão demonstrar isso quando tiverem chance.

  14. America just say you hate black people and go. We all been knew. The fact that you have a president who to this day stands by his statement that these five men should have gotten the death penalty knowing that they were falsely convicted says all we need to know about you and your country.

  15. Just happens to be that the DA judge and lawyers accusing them where so called jews.. cry wolf while they lock up innocent young boys, their best tactic yet and since people who have their eyes open know they started the slave trade its no surprise

  16. This Doc was well executed. I enjoyed Ava Duvernay's Netflix special but, this Doc drove it home with more detail. It was nice to see the words of the men who lived it.

  17. Sorry for what happen to this brothers
    Just remember one tin
    To God eyes every body are iQual
    Whatever who is responsable for this injustice going to pay for
    God blessed this inocente Brothers an they Family

  18. As much as the story is about race, I think we often forget that it's about how much "undeserved" power and trust we give to the police. One of the reasons why those boys told those lies was that they were scared that if they didn't those cops would hurt them and they would have no defense. This is something those cops new beforehand and exploited, and even though the state basically paid them to kind of admit wrong doing, those cops never faced any consequences, because they are massively protected.

    We should have a lot more oversight of the police by people who will be tough on them and ensure that they are respecting people rights as listed in the constitution. This is one of the lessons we still seemed not to have learn from American history when it comes to race, that though the founding fathers were primarily concerned with the threat of tyranny from centralized power in the federal government, state and local governments have also shown that they are just as capable of engaging in tyrannical behavior to their people, when they can get away with it.

  19. I watched the series already, spoil alert it wasn't them… it was a Hispanic dude. Not even black. I hate racism

  20. I felt so sorry for these young men’s and I’m so happy they made it out and alive 😘🙏🏾💕god was by there side

  21. Its amazing to see that people can be judged by their color and not being able to do anything about it

  22. The people responsible for wrongfully convicting these 5 young boys should have been arrested when it was proven that they didn’t do it. Makes me so angry at how they were treated at just 14-16 years of age😭

  23. The story overall is just heartbreaking!! There’s honestly no way to watch the show without crying.. 💔💔💔 I pray for every good person who has been falsely accused of something.

  24. This is gonna b better where can we watch it n what date does it come out Ken burns docs are always good he did one on the jazz music n black panthers that are really good can't wait to watch this

  25. Have any of the jurors come forward and spoken about it? I know they will be breaking the oath but if some jurors from the Michael Jackson case can speak about that, then surely would go the same for Central Park Case.

  26. Bro a lot of us are black and we should be proud of it. Let me tell ya something racism,slavery,
    Stereotypes, all caused from Jealousy, Wanting control,And laziness. So it’s not surprising this happened to these men. And if u ever have kids or someone you know that’s young tell them and warn them

  27. I watched the whole thing and this is so random but there was a picture of baby Raymond with his dad in the beginning that was so stinking cute! He was so adorable

  28. It's amazing to see all these sheeple defending violent gang rapists and elevating them to heroes status. If you look up to these rapists as inspirations you need better heroes

  29. They did it!
    Another rapist coming forward years later does not exonerate them. They were not exonerated. DeBlasio settled their lawsuit to gain Brownie-points with the black people of New York.

  30. Anyone foolish enough to believe that the Central Park 5 were not guilty of the crimes they were convicted of is ignorant as F and probably a Black or Brown Supremacist.

  31. The man that confessed just had sloppy 6ths and if you watch the confession videos you will see the fact they are guilty as fk.

  32. The fact they went through this and no DNA and no evidence matched any of em during the crime scene. And they were still found guilty…..It just hurts, they didn’t deserve this! Karma is gonna bite those who ruined these now Men’s childhood! 💔

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