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The Bosses: Doublelift vs Bjergsen | 2019 LCS Spring Finals Tease

When we beat TL the second time this split when I was giving Peter a hug after the game I whispered in his ear: “See you in the Final.” What a clash of titans to see those two guys meet on stage in a final. Unfortunately there can only be one greatest, so… we’re gonna be fighting for that. I don’t think just one more trophy will solidify who’s by far the best player of all time in LCS. The way I see it is, as long as LCS exists me and him will be playing either
with or against each other for more trophies. I don’t think that one of us is gonna quit and especially, I don’t think anyone’s gonna quit when they’re behind. I’m not looking out for, “Oh, how many wins is he getting?” “Is he catching up to me?” In the end I’m just focused on myself and this trophy is another thing that I want. Every time I play against him no matter what team he’s on,
how weak they might look it’s always gonna be a competitive match
because he’s in that team and he fuels the fire in his teammates. My teammates are very calm and really, really rational. And me… I’m super hot and cold but when I’m hot, I’m— I’m really hot. I’m like 1v5 hot. Doublelift looking to find the kill onto that assassin. Can he do it? Oh! The shutdown! And his best and worst is like this. On his bad day, he’s still better than… eight out of ten mid laners in LCS. When I play against him, a lot of it is me looking to kill him and take him down and to see if I can kinda get in his head a little bit. Look at this, just flashes right in onto Doublelift… absolutely deletes him. I think because we play different lanes it’s hard to see him as my direct opponent. But I always think of the team he’s on as the greatest opponent. TSM can always win just ’cause they have him. He’s TP-ing in very far behind. It’s Bjergsen on clean up duty! When they need him most,
the former MVP comes through. This Final personally matters a lot to me. It was… painful watching the Finals from the sidelines up in the booth. It is really scary to play against a Bjergsen and TSM that didn’t make Worlds last year. It’s like… the starving wolf, you know they’re gonna be pretty ravenous for it. Right now there’s only one thing on my mind and it’s Team Liquid and taking them down first. We both know this is
the most important thing ever to us— in the whole world, like, nothing is more important. Not a relationship nothing else, not like, friendships, or time or freedom, or fun. It’s just this. It’s competition. That’s… that’s what we want. I knew that if I made it to the Final Doublelift was gonna be the guy
on the other side of the stage.

Reader Comments

  1. Where did the 17 year old skinny insecure hatdly understandable bjergsen went?
    I am so glad to see him with such confidence.He became a Legend for Na

  2. Random question, but has anybody any idea which jacket / brand of the jacket that Bjergsen is wearing? Nice vid as well 😀

  3. i wonder how it feels for Jensen someone that feels like his nemesis was bjergeson to only have him acknowledge double lift as his hin nemesis

  4. I enjoy that the hype wasn't just trashtalk. They didn't force some heated storyline. Nice to just see both sides acknowledge the threat of the other player

  5. do we not remember what happened last time they 1v1'd? Lol bjergsen might not be the best mid laner overall, but he is easily one of the best 1v1 duelist.

  6. Love both of them, wp on TL for the win, nice series; hearing DL respect someone so much in an opponent team, gives me the chills.

  7. Bjergsen doesnt look like a nerd anymore with that beard, more like a dad or something. If he were a bit tougher he would look scary to be honest.

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