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The Bold Type Season 4 Spring Finale | Sneak Peek: Kat and Adena Confront RJ | Freeform

Can we speak privately? Something’s come up at Scarlet magazine that could use your attention. Actually, no. I’m in the middle of something. Well, it won’t take long. Whatever you need to say, you can say it here. Okay. RJ, we know that you’re the one who blocked our piece on conversion therapy. And we know you did it to protect Senator Jackson of Alabama. Supporting a man who tells kids like Travis to change who they are — it’s wrong and you know it. You know what’s wrong? The two of you barging in on my lunch. We know you donated to a PAC supporting the senator. And it’s not gonna look very good for you when the public finds out. And you know this, how? Do not say another word.

Reader Comments

  1. Would be great if we in the U.K. could see the full episodes!! 🙁 come on Amazon UK bring it back. Please🙏🙂

  2. Adena is going to get fired newest one in already causing trouble.. She will be fired.. Maybe..She might even just leave. Not want to work with or under these kinds of restrictions.

  3. sooo the spring finale is tomorrow night, but when will the rest of the 8 episodes of the season be coming back on??????

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