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The Aqua Racer Waterslide on Norwegian Bliss

OK, I’m climbing the stairs up to the top of the
Aqua racer slide here on the Norwegian Bliss. There it is let’s take a
look at it before we go. Looks good! Fun! OK! Any trick to it?
No. Not really. There we go. Use the hand railing. Watch for the head on there. OK! Push yourself! And… off we go! Woo Hoo! Yee hah!

Reader Comments

  1. Way top go Jim!!!
    I must admit that I nearly lost my lunch at the clear part of the tube though. (EEK)

  2. Aren't the Aqua Racer slides fun? My husband and I loved it on the Escape – we rode it on repeat one of our sea days … that and the ropes/zipline course. Love Norwegian!

  3. Any rules/restrictions for using a camera on the slide or whether it needs to be strapped down? On the Getaway, they had a sign that doesn't allow cameras, but it was never enforced.

  4. JZ, you do a great job of showing the little kid in us all…something we must all get back to.
    Your radiant reports must have rubbed off from nuclear work

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